The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 11: Encounter with Wei Rufeng Again (Part 1)

The words were sincere and heartfelt, but no matter how bold Han Yan was, she wouldn’t dare to stay with a group of men every day. If this were to spread, not only would she lose face, but the entire Zhuang family would as well.

Yang Qi did not lie either. The disciples in the Shun Chang Martial Arts Hall were all men. Even Yunni, the princess, only occasionally visited due to her relationship with Yang Qi. The teachers in the hall taught her some basic moves as a joke. Han Yan was the first woman to seek education seriously.

“I’m not here to make things difficult for Senior,” Han Yan calmly said. “I’m just presenting an idea. As you know, rarity adds value, and it’s good to seize opportunities in everything. Shun Chang Martial Arts Hall’s uniqueness lies in treating everyone equally. What if there’s another martial arts hall that treats everyone equally, but exclusively accepts female disciples? You should also know that not only men come from humble backgrounds; some women do too.”

Yang Qi’s eyes flashed, staring at HanYan. “Are you trying to threaten me?”

“I wouldn’t dare,” Han Yan replied calmly. “Just making a hypothetical suggestion. As you know, women learn martial arts for self-defense, so the martial arts teachers in the hall don’t need to have exceptionally high skills. Using a martial arts prodigy like you might be overkill. We just need a qualified martial arts teacher. However, there will be only one martial arts hall for women in the capital, and it must be quite lively.”

Han Yan glanced at Yang Qi from the corner of her eye and added the final straw, “Once the women’s martial arts hall is established, your unique position will be gone. In the capital, the one thing that’s not lacking is wealthy families. Someone will surely understand my suggestion.”

Yang Qi angrily asked, “What do you really want to do?”

Shu Hong and Ji Lan were afraid that the fierce old man in the middle would hurt their young lady, so they quickly turned sideways and protected Han Yan behind them without revealing any traces. .

Han Yan stared at Yang Qi and said, “Today, I came here not urgently seeking a martial arts teacher. I just have a suggestion for the senior. If it’s possible to build a martial arts hall exclusively for women, it would be perfect. With the senior’s reputation, the nobles and officials would not hesitate to join.”

Yang Qi’s heart stirred. In fact, he had thought about this in his early years, but it had passed through his mind. He was proud and preferred to be unique in everything. If another family built a martial arts hall exclusively for women, he would lose his uniqueness, which would be regrettable. If he built one himself, there would be risks, but if successful, he could gain a good reputation, achieving both fame and fortune.

“Your proposal is bold,” Yang Qi said, calming his emotions slightly. “But it’s not a bad idea. What do you want in return?”

This young girl clearly came prepared. There’s no free lunch in the world; she must be seeking something.

Han Yan’s heart filled with joy, and she whispered, “It’s simple. After the women’s martial arts hall is established, my sister wants to join and learn martial arts.”

Yang Qi found it strange, “Is it that simple?”

Han Yan shook her head, “There’s also my brother. After joining the hall, he wishes for Senior to personally instruct him.”

Yang Qi chuckled, “Absurd! I’ve only accepted one disciple in my life. What qualifications does your brother have to become my disciple?”

Han Yan knew she set high expectations. Even in the capital, with so many nobles, Yang Qi had never taught them. What made her brother so special that the top martial artist would take notice?

She sighed, “It’s not about being strong. It’s just a necessity. My brother’s martial arts training can’t be disclosed to outsiders. The martial arts hall requires disciples to train within, but my brother can’t enter. So, I hope Senior can teach him privately.”

After saying this, Han Yan became melancholic. The martial arts teacher in the Shun Chang Martial Arts Hall was the best, but her brother could only practice privately. It was truly distressing.

Unexpectedly, after a brief silence, Han Yan heard Yang Qi’s calm voice, “Bring him here. I’ll see if he’s qualified for my guidance.”

Han Yan was stunned, immediately overjoyed, “Does this mean Senior agreed?”

“Not exactly. Even if he’s qualified, I won’t acknowledge him as my disciple. I just dislike owing favors. This is my response to the idea you presented,” Yang Qi said, his iron-like demeanor inexplicably softened.

Han Yan, grateful yet excited, bowed deeply, “Thank you, Senior Yang.”

After leaving Shun Chang Martial Arts School, perhaps because things went smoother than expected, Hanyan’s mood became extremely good, and a smile appeared on her face.

Jilan couldn’t help but ask, “Miss, do you really want to go to the martial arts school?”

Hanyan touched her nose, “Learning martial arts for self-defense, gaining more skills is always a good thing.” In her previous life, confined to the inner chambers, she only learned poetry and embroidery. People considered a woman’s talent to be in reciting poetry and doing needlework, but these skills were like embroidered pillows—bright on the outside but filled with straw, not practical. Martial arts, on the other hand, were real skills, much more useful than those in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting.

Evening was approaching, and street vendors were packing up to go home. The night market would begin shortly.

The dazzling night market, a sight she could only see when her mother was alive during festivals. The beautiful lanterns fascinated her, and she longed to leave the Marquis Mansion, which imprisoned her youth, and explore this vast world, enjoying its splendors.

Shuhong bought some exquisite pastries. Earlier, at Shun Chang Martial Arts School, Hanyan instructed Jilan to secretly give money to a servant boy to pass it on to Yang Qi. Although she provided an idea for Yang Qi, he also agreed to teach Ming Ge martial arts. Her plan to join the martial arts school was a separate consideration. Hanyan kept things clear. With the remaining silver, Shuhong bought some pastries, intending to keep them as snacks for Miss later in the evening.

Just as she finished packing the pastries into her handkerchief, before Jilan could tidy up, they heard the sudden neigh of a horse. Immediately after, a coarse voice exclaimed, “Get out of the way! Can’t you see the carriage?!”

Hanyan pulled Jilan aside, and just as they stopped, a yellow wooden carriage narrowly brushed past them and came to a halt a few steps ahead. Jilan, twisted by Hanyan’s pull, dropped the pastries from her hands. Being spirited, she stepped forward and angrily said, “How can you recklessly charge through the street? What if you hit someone?”

The coachman, a rough man dressed in fine silk, sneered at Jilan’s questioning. “Collision? Where did this unruly girl come from? Colliding with the young master and still shouting loudly here!”

The young master? Hanyan was stunned, and then she heard a familiar voice, “What’s going on?”

A crowd had gathered around, and Hanyan felt as if her entire body’s blood had frozen. Memories from her past life overwhelmed her, and she stood there motionless, unable to move.

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