The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 10: Apprenticeship to the Number One Scholar (2)

Xiao Li originally felt a bit sorry for the recent incident. He didn’t expect to encounter Yun Ni and her group here, making the situation awkward, which was not his intention. Seeing that Han Yan intended to ease the atmosphere, he quickly added, “That is the legitimate son of the Left Chancellor, and he is also practices martial arts in the martial arts school.”

The legitimate son of the Left Chancellor? Something flashed in her mind, and Han Yan remembered that due to her marriage to Wei Rufeng in her previous life, Zhuang Shiyang informed her about various court relationships. Although she wasn’t particularly interested in such matters, she did have some impression of the Left Chancellor.

The Left Chancellor, He Lian Wuming, had a legitimate son named He Lian Yu, born with extraordinary looks and charm, capturing the hearts of countless young ladies in the capital. He Lian Yu, a young and flamboyant character, was both loved and hated. He seemed to be an unconventional figure.

This person must be someone who doesn’t adhere to etiquette, and Han Yan was surprised that he was also practicing martial arts in the martial arts school. It seemed that Shun Chang Martial Arts School was more remarkable than she had imagined.

The martial arts school was vast, and decorated with simplicity and neatness. Black and white dominated the architecture, with blue tiles and gray walls, exuding a somewhat rigid atmosphere. Passing through a flower bed and rounding a few corners, Han Yan suddenly felt the surroundings brightening as they entered an open area. In the distance, sounds of practicing and sparring could be heard, indicating the presence of martial arts disciples.

Han Yan kept her gaze straight ahead, following Xiao Li into a corridor. After a few turns, they ascended a high flight of stairs, leading to a large hall.

Xiao Li guided Han Yan and the others into the hall and respectfully said, “Master, these young ladies have come to seek a master.”

Han Yan looked towards the person sitting in the middle of the high seat. It was an elderly man with white hair and a rosy complexion, sitting upright with closed eyes. In his left hand, he held an iron knot. Despite the chilly early winter weather, the man only wore a brown single garment, appearing spirited and imposing.

Upon hearing Xiao Li’s words, the old man suddenly opened his eyes, and his gaze shot directly towards Han Yan.

Han Yan lowered her head slightly, meeting the old man’s gaze without flinching, and respectfully greeted, “Commoner Girl pays respects to Master Yang.”

Yang Qi narrowed his eyes, having lived for so many years, he had seen numerous people. While there were daring women, very few could remain so calm under his gaze. What was even more surprising was that this young lady appeared to be just a little girl who had not yet reached adolescence.

Out of curiosity, Yang Qi finally spoke after a while, “I am no longer a person of the court. The title ‘Master’ is something I may not live up to.”

Han Yan replied gracefully, “This Commoner Girl has been presumptuous, Senior Yang.”

Yang Qi squinted his eyes, showing a hint of imperceptible surprise. It seemed that this young lady was quite clever. He played with the iron knot in his hand and asked, “You said you came to seek a master?”

Han Yan respectfully confirmed, “Yes.”

“For whom are you seeking?” Yang Qi could see clearly that among the three people in front of him, the other two were respectful to Han Yan. He, with his keen judgment, concluded that Han Yan was their master. As for the disguises they wore, it was merely to avoid revealing their true identities. Han Yan’s calm and composed demeanour didn’t seem like that of a girl from a humble background. It appeared that she came from a wealthy and noble family.

“Commoner Girl ventures to seek a master for herself,” Han Yan replied.

This statement stunned both Ji Lan and Shu Hong, and even Yang Qi felt surprised. He suddenly turned serious and said, “Are you joking with me? How can a woman seek martial arts training?”

However, just as Xiao Li was secretly sweating over the girl who always smiled so brightly in the hall, a clear and smiling voice suddenly rang out, “Does Master Yang’s martial arts school have a rule against accepting female disciples?”

Yang Qi was startled and looked up. The girl in front of him had bright eyes and no trace of fear, as if facing an old friend. Without waiting for Yang Qi to speak, she continued, “This Commoner Girl has heard that Shun Chang Martial Arts School stands out among the rest, boasting the title of the best martial arts school. Commoner girl believes that the reason for its prosperity lies in its uniqueness. Shun Chang Martial Arts School’s uniqueness lies in its absolute fairness.”

“As everyone knows, whether from a humble background or a noble family, all martial arts disciples must practice together in this school. Even giving the opportunity to those from humble backgrounds. This Commoner Girl thinks that the reason Shun Chang Martial Arts School has thrived is because it is different from other martial arts schools. The uniqueness of Shun Chang Martial Arts School lies in its absolute fairness.”

“Everyone knows that Shun Chang Martial Arts School treats disciples equally, regardless of their background. Miss believes that the person who established this rule must be a person of integrity and noble character.”

“If the poor and the rich can be treated fairly, why not men and women? Does Master Yang also believe that the identity of a woman is inferior to that of a disciple from a humble background? Then, how will the current Empress and Empress Dowager handle themselves?”

Even though it was absurd, it was true. If Master Yang did not agree to women learning martial arts, it would mean that, in his eyes, women were inferior to humble disciples. However, the Empress and Empress Dowager were the most respected women in the world. In that case, it would be a great disrespect to the royal family. Yang Qi suddenly realized that he couldn’t refute this argument!

After a moment of silence, Yang Qi suddenly burst into hearty laughter. “What a sharp-tongued girl!”

Han Yan maintained her previous posture and said, “This Commoner Girl just wants to find a martial arts teacher for herself. If it offends Master, it’s commoner’s fault. Please forgive me, Master.”

Yang Qi stared at the little girl in front of him. She was only in her teens, but she could withstand her own pressure and talk eloquently. Her attitude was neither humble nor arrogant, and she was able to advance and retreat appropriately. He knows how to intimidate, but also knows how to speak softly and in a low voice. He is really wise. This intelligence and calmness will definitely become more outstanding as time goes by. If this girl was a boy, I would have wanted to have a little apprentice, but it would be a pity. He sighed, “You speak reasonably. Unfortunately, this martial arts school of mine is only for male disciples. If you want to find a master, you’ll have to practice here with many other men. It’s not appropriate. If someone with malicious intent finds out and spreads the news, it will damage our reputation.”

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