The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 12: Encounter with Wei Rufeng Again (Part 2)

A hand lifted the curtain of the carriage, revealing a handsome face. Those eyes and brows were once the joy in Han Yan’s heart every night, but now, they seem to be filled with endless bitterness and desolation.

Wei Rufeng, finally, in this life, Han Yan saw him. Such a twist of fate, could it be a destined tragedy? Han Yan lowered her head; it was this person, the one who allowed her sister to plot her murder. The gentle and kind man she once loved had a terrifying heart beneath that handsome appearance.

Ji Lan also didn’t expect the person in the carriage to be of such high status. She stood still for a moment, but the fault was on the other side. To apologize, she had to lower her head, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Shuhong walked to her side and bowed to the person in the carriage. “This common girl didn’t know it was the young master’s carriage. We collided with the young master. It’s our fault. I apologize on behalf of my sister. I hope the young master can forgive her. Please spare her.”

Wei Rufeng frowned, but when he turned his head, he met a pair of clear eyes filled with resentment and grievance, helpless and eventually turning into deep despair, firmly focused on him.

Wei Rufeng was taken aback, realizing that the gaze came from a maid-dressed young girl. The girl’s appearance was ordinary, and after a brief thought, he confirmed that he didn’t know her. Why would this unfamiliar girl show such an expression to him? Puzzled, he heard his coachman reprimanding the girl who collided with him in a coarse manner. “Such an ill-mannered girl, the young master didn’t speak, and she must have angered him.”

Wei Rufeng frowned. It was just a street away; why cause so much trouble? Annoyed, he said, “It’s okay; you can go.” When he looked outside again, the girl in the crowd was already gone. Feeling frustrated, he put down the curtain and ordered, “Let’s go.”

The coachman had already sensed his displeasure in his tone and hastily drove the carriage away. Shuhong breathed a sigh of relief and scolded Jilan, “Why couldn’t you control yourself? Just by looking at the carriage, you could tell the person inside is wealthy and noble. You rushed over without thinking, causing trouble for the young lady. What will you do now?”

Jilan pouted in grievance, “But the pastries were all shattered. The carriage was recklessly speeding. Can the young master be so unreasonable? Clearly, they were at fault first.”

Shuhong shook her head, “Still thinking about pastries, what about the young lady?”

Han Yan walked out of the crowd. It seemed Wei Rufeng had noticed her, and feeling at a loss, she hid behind a tall woman. Meeting Wei Rufeng in such a situation was something she never expected. She wasn’t prepared yet; seeing him like this stirred many emotions in her. Afraid that Wei Rufeng would notice her, she hid behind the tall woman.

Shuhong noticed Han Yan’s pale face and anxiously said, “Is the young lady frightened?” Then she reproached herself, “It’s all because of this servant’s negligence. If we had been more careful, we could have avoided this.”

Jilan disagreed, “How can it be your fault? Clearly, it’s that arrogant young master bullying people.”

Han Yan smirked inwardly. They say you can judge a person by those around them. The coachman’s arrogance showed Wei Rufeng’s character. How could a person like him, who allowed his coachman to act so arrogantly, be good? When Shuhong apologized, he didn’t decline, showing his arrogance. How could I be deceived by his appearance back then?

Looking around at the crowd, many young ladies were gazing with admiration at the departing carriage, their eyes clearly expressing infatuation. Yes, that kind of infatuated expression had once appeared on her face as well. Adolescent emotions, seeing someone handsome and elegant, a secret crush blossoming. Moreover, according to Zhuang Yushan’s words, this young master was a noble and virtuous man. Back then, she believed it without doubt, thinking there couldn’t be anyone as good as him.

Han Yan’s eyes dimmed, shaking off these thoughts. “Don’t mention this matter; let’s hurry back to the residence. Don’t mention it to outsiders.”

Jilan and Shuhong nodded firmly.

Just back at the residence, climbing through the dog hole into their yard, before changing clothes, they saw Chen Mama hurrying over. Seeing Han Yan, she was startled, then relieved. “Miss, where did you go? I searched Qingqiu Courtyard everywhere, quietly inquired, heard that no one left the residence today, and thought there might be an intruder in the yard. If I couldn’t find you, I would have to inform the master.”

Han Yan smiled, “Mama, no need to worry. If you inform Father, it might lead to unnecessary trouble.” Besides, Zhuang Shiyang wouldn’t genuinely care about her life or death. If Concubine. Zhou and her daughter added fuel to the fire, this matter might not be so easily resolved.

Only now did Chen Mama notice her clothes. “Miss, why…?” Like she remembered something, she exclaimed, “Miss, you left the residence?”

Han Yan nodded, “It’s a long story. I’ll go change my clothes first.”

After Han Yan changed her clothes, she sat down and told Chen Mama the whole story, omitting the part about Wei Rufeng. After hearing the details, Chen Mama couldn’t help but scold, “Miss, you’re really too reckless. Going out like this boldly, if someone informs the master and it turns out to be a misunderstanding, it’s inevitable that you’ll be punished. People outside don’t know the details. If there’s any mistake, and you’re bullied, what will we do?”

Han Yan consoled her, “With Jilan and Shuhong accompanying me, and dressing up as a maid, who would notice me? Mama, don’t worry. If such a thing happens in the future, just be at ease. Don’t bother Father if unnecessary.”

Chen Mama opened her mouth, “In the future? Miss, are you going to leave the residence again?”

Han Yan shrugged, “I have to meet Ming’er and see Senior Yang. Besides, if I want to practice martial arts in a women’s academy in the future, I might have to go secretly.”

“Miss really wants to learn martial arts?” Chen Mama looked at her, “Young ladies have always been delicate. Miss, why put yourself through hardship?”

Han Yan fiddled with the charcoal in the brazier, “Times have changed. With no one protecting us in this residence, we can only be more cautious and protect ourselves.” Chen Mama couldn’t help but shed a tear, feeling indescribable emotions. She hugged Han Yan, “Miss, you’ve suffered.”

Han Yan nestled in Chen Mama’s embrace, feeling the warmth, and unconsciously stretched. “Not suffering.” Compared to her mother and her past self, this couldn’t be considered suffering.

The current situation was stable, but with the addition of Concubine Zhou and her daughter, the residence would soon become chaotic.

“Jilan,” Han Yan called.

Jilan quickly put down the needle and thread and walked over.

“You’re familiar with the people in Concubine Mei’s courtyard, right?” Han Yan remembered that before her mother’s passing, Jilan always inquired about the affairs in Concubine Mei’s courtyard. Any news was known to them firsthand.

“Miss said I’m familiar, so I’m familiar,” Jilan smiled.

Han Yan waved her hand, “Then go and have tea and chat with the maids in Concubine Mei’s courtyard. Tell them that Concubine Zhou has entered the residence, and the master is very fond of her. He intends to elevate her to furen.”

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