The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 9: Apprenticeship to the Number One Scholar (1) 

The young boy tilted his head and thought for a moment, “No, but…”

“Since there’s none, young sir, please lead the way.” Han Yan didn’t want to waste time talking with him, as it could attract unnecessary attention.

The young boy hesitated for a while before reluctantly saying, “Follow me.”

Han Yan smiled, “Young sir, rest assured. When we meet the master, just say that my sisters insisted on coming in.”

The young boy blushed. This girl was quite clever, instantly understanding his concerns. The master had a strict and peculiar temperament. If he saw the young boy bringing in a few girls to the martial arts academy, who knew how he would be punished. Unable to resist stealing a glance at Han Yan, he met her smiling eyes, blushing even more, and continued to lead the way while hurrying along.

Ji Lan whispered, “Miss, do we really have to go in? The martial arts academy is full of men.”

“No need to worry,” Han Yan replied. “It’s just like the Imperial College. It’s a place for learning, and there’s no distinction between men and women. Besides, there might be maids serving in the martial arts academy, and there could be women practicing martial arts as well.”

As if confirming her words, a clear laughter of a woman suddenly came from ahead, “Brother Yu, you lost again!”

Han Yan was surprised, her steps just halting, as it seemed they had been noticed. Immediately, an unfamiliar female voice spoke, “Who are you?”

Han Yan raised her head, and she saw a delicate girl, about thirteen or fourteen years old, dressed in lightweight martial attire. Han Yan noticed that the girl’s clothes were made of luxurious golden silk, not very conspicuous but undoubtedly valuable. Could she be a member of the royal family?

While she was contemplating, the young boy beside her spoke, “Princess Yunni.”

Princess Yunni, the most favored princess of the current emperor?

The princess, curious, asked, “Xiao Li, are these new maids?”

Xiao Li quickly waved his hand, “Princess, these young ladies are here to find a martial arts instructor.”

“A martial arts instructor? I wasn’t aware that Shun Chang Martial Arts Academy has a rule to accept female disciples.” A frivolous and low voice suddenly sounded, followed by a man in red stepping forward from behind Princess Yunni.

Han Yan followed Yunni’s gaze and couldn’t help but be surprised. This man was exceptionally handsome!

He wore a loose crimson robe that draped casually on him, revealing collarbones finer than those of a woman. Looking up, he had an even more stunning face, with autumn-like eyes and jade-like bones. Descriptions usually reserved for women seemed fitting for him. The man lightly pursed his thin lips, and his peach blossom eyes looked towards Han Yan, “What do you ladies call yourselves?”

Although he addressed all three, his gaze was fixed on Han Yan. Uncomfortable under his gaze, she decided to keep a low profile and calmly replied, “This girl’s surname is Ni, and the name is Daye.”

The man smirked, revealing a sly smile, “Miss Ni?”

Han Yan furrowed her brows. Judging from the man’s appearance and his connection with Princess Yunni, he was likely a young master from a prominent family in the capital. Since this trip was supposed to be discreet, it would be troublesome if her identity was exposed. Moreover, this man seemed like trouble; it was better not to provoke him.

Seeing that Han Yan was lost in thought and ignoring his deliberate gestures, Helianguang didn’t feel good. No girl from any family in the capital had ever treated him so indifferently. Although the one in front of him was dressed plainly, she seemed somewhat extraordinary. The two maids beside her were protecting her, making it look like they were serving her. His heart moved, could she be from some big family? But entering the martial arts school alone to find Master Wu was somewhat unconventional, and it didn’t seem like the actions of a young lady from a noble family.

Han Yan bowed to Princess Yun Ni, speaking in a serious tone, “I have urgent matters to attend to, Your Highness. Please allow me to leave first.”

Princess Yun Ni nodded, gesturing for Xiao Li to lead Han Yan and her companions away. She felt that this young girl in front of her was somewhat different from the usual noble young ladies. Those young ladies usually gawked at Brother Yu with wide eyes. This one seemed eager to leave and didn’t even glance at Brother Yue.

He Lian Yu couldn’t believe that Han Yan left without paying attention to him and only bowed to Princess Yun Ni. He stood there in disbelief, never having experienced such cold treatment from a woman. He was already this big, when had he been treated so indifferently by a woman? He stood there dumbfounded.

A moment after Han Yan left, a young man in a green shirt walked out from behind the flower platform. Seeing Yun Ni and Helianguang still standing there in a daze, he softly asked, “What happened?”

Helianguang immediately jumped when he saw him, “Brother Fu, I met an interesting girl just now. Please inquire in the capital about her background.”

“Why not inquire yourself?” Hearing this, Helianguang’s handsome face immediately collapsed, and he looked miserable. Looking at Yun Ni and Helianguang standing there in a daze, Fu Yunxi sighed, unable to resist rubbing his forehead. This good friend of his, usually quite clever, was clueless at the moment.

“What did she do to you?” Fu Yunxi looked at his appearance and already knew that his good friend was up to his usual tricks.

“That girl wasn’t seduced by Brother Yu’s charm!” Yun Ni couldn’t help but speak up, and after saying that, she burst into laughter.

“You little girl, you enjoy teasing me so much. Next time, I won’t take you out to play.” He Lian Yu gave her a chilly glance.

Yun Ni made a face at him, “Fine, don’t take me out. I’ll find Brother Yun to play with.”

He Lian Yu, with his mind still on the girl he just met, said to Fu Yunxi, “Yunxi, you must help me with this favour. If you find out about that girl’s identity, I’ll give you the painting of Guiguzi by the famous artist in my room.”

“What characteristics does she have?” Fu Yunxi asked.

“She said her name is Ni Daye.” Just as the words fell, Fu Yunxi’s expression across from him turned strange, “What’s wrong? Have you figured something out?”

“Ni… Daye?” Fu Yunxi looked at him and repeated it.

He Lian Yu nodded in a hurry.

Fu Yunxi sighed, unable to resist covering his forehead. His good friend, who usually appeared quite clever, seemed to have been fooled without realizing it.

What Ni Daye!, it was clearly your uncle!

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