The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 6: The First Confrontation (1)

Zhuang Shiyang is quite attentive to this daughter. In her memory, neither she nor her mother has ever received such warmth from Zhuang Shiyang. Ironically, she is the legitimate daughter, and fate is indeed ironic.

Zhou Shi smiles brightly, but Han Yan clearly saw her glance in this direction just now. Even if she didn’t see it, with so many servants serving tea around, are they all blind? It’s clear that she had planned this early on, wanting to assert dominance.

Ji Lan couldn’t stand it and was about to speak up in anger, but was stopped by Han Yan. They are willing to play this game, and she is willing to watch. After all, watching is much easier than playing. Zhou Shi wants to force her to speak first, so that she loses momentum from the start. But Han Yan deliberately remains silent, testing who has more patience.

While Zhou Shi talks to Zhuang Shiyang, she discreetly glances at Han Yan. Why is this girl so composed? Zhou Shi thought she could make her speak out of grievances, disrupting the conversation with elders, which would be disrespectful. Even if she remains silent, after this much time, it should be enough to dampen her spirit.

However, Zhou Shi quickly realizes she’s wrong. Han Yan continues to smile at them, meeting her gaze without flinching. There’s a brightness in her eyes, an understanding, and a hint of mockery, sending a chill down Zhou Shi’s spine.

But when Zhou Shi looks again, Han Yan is back to her innocent smile.

Zhou Shi is taken aback and quickly reassures herself. After all, the other party is just a young girl of about ten, why be afraid? While lost in thought, Zhuang Shiyang notices Han Yan and furrows his brows, “Yan’er is here, why didn’t you inform me?”

Han Yan then approaches with Ji Lan, making a shy gesture, “Father, Yan’er didn’t want to disturb the conversation between Madam and you, so she stood aside waiting. Besides, Madam has been looking at Yan’er, so Yan’er thought Father already knew.”

In a few words, she explains that she’s following etiquette and implies that Zhou Shi already saw her but didn’t remind her. What is Zhou Shi planning?

Zhuang Shiyang is stunned, understanding the meaning in her words. He glances at Zhou Shi, indicating that playing tricks in front of him is not wise. Allowing such manipulation in the inner courtyard is one thing, but doing it in front of him is disrespectful. Moreover, Han Yan is his legitimate daughter, and with so many servants watching, he doesn’t know how this will spread. They might say that he let an outsider bully his legitimate daughter, causing chaos in the household. As a scholar, reputation matters the most.

Zhou Shi feels uneasy, quickly smiling, “I didn’t know she’s the Fourth Miss, just thought she’s a girl from a good family, so beautiful like a fairy in a painting. If I knew she’s Yan’er, I would have welcomed her properly.”

This response is clever, both distancing herself and flattering Han Yan. Han Yan smiles subtly, realizing Zhou Shi’s tactics. If the situation doesn’t favor her, she’ll try to please her. Too bad for Zhou Shi, Han Yan lowers her head and respectfully says, “This girl is plain-looking; Madam praises too much.”

Zhuang Shiyang is satisfied with her obedient attitude but frowns again, “Why still call her Madam? You should call her Aunt Zhou.”

“Aunt Zhou?” Han Yan raises her small face, her black and white eyes full of confusion, “Which Aunt is Yan’er’s mother?”

Zhuang Shiyang feels awkward, while Zhou Shi shows a hint of resentment.

“Yan’er, stop talking nonsense. This is your mother.” Zhou Shi’s status is indeed awkward. If she didn’t rush to enter the mansion, she could have entered as the main wife after the mourning period. However, perhaps fearing the long night and many dreams, Zhou Shi chose to enter the mansion during this period. She didn’t want to reveal herself to outsiders, so she entered as a concubine. Later, she could elevate her status to the main wife.

“Since it’s my mother, why call her Aunt Zhou?” Han Yan innocently says, “Father, when Mother entered the mansion, all aunts served tea, and elders from the clan came to offer gifts and congratulations. Since Aunt Zhou entered the mansion as Father’s wife, Yan’er thinks we should inform all aunts and elders.”

“No!” Zhuang Shiyang rejects before she finishes speaking, feeling a bit shaky. This matter must not be mentioned to the elders. He never intended to raise Zhou’s status. He initially thought Han Yan was young, he could coax her to call Zhou “Aunt,” and later, when Zhou became the main wife, he could change it. But now it’s not possible.

Zhou Shi’s disappointment is evident, and Han Yan continues to smile. She wants to be the mistress of the mansion with ease. As long as she convinces the elders and prepares to challenge the concubines from the beginning, she can handle her scheming relatives. After living in the mansion for so many years, Han Yan doesn’t think her concubines are easy to deal with. If they like calculations, she’ll out-calculate them.

Just as she’s about to add fuel to the fire, a gentle voice interrupts her, “Is this the younger sister Yan’er?”

Han Yan inwardly sneers; it’s finally starting.

Zhuang Yushan wears a pink cotton dress with a wide hem, embroidered with begonia patterns on the chest. She also wears a short jacket with cloud motifs. Her hair is styled in flowing cloud buns, adorned with delicate butterfly gold hairpins. Although she’s still young, she exudes a charming charm with her attire. This meticulous dressing surpasses her, legitimate daughter’s appearance. It’s no wonder Wei Rufeng is attracted; she’s more captivating than her silent and dull daughter. Thinking of Wei Rufeng, a pang of pain strikes her heart.

On the other side, Zhuang Yushan warmly takes Han Yan’s hand and says with a smile, “I liked little sister at first sight.”

Han Yan’s gaze falls on Zhuang Yushan’s hand, fingers adorned with bright red rouge, looking as white as jade. She also smiles innocently, but her next words surprise everyone in the room.

“Unfortunately, I don’t like sister.”

Han Yan’s peripheral vision falls on Zhou Shi’s face; seeing her change color, Zhuang Yushan is also stunned.

“What did you say?” Zhuang Shiyang, pounding the table, speaks harshly, “What’s this attitude? Your mother has always taught you manners! Kneel down!”

Han Yan bites her lip and kneels down.

Zhuang Yushan’s eyes flicker with a hint of joy, quickly putting on a distressed look. Still, with a generous tone, she says, “It’s okay; maybe little sister isn’t familiar with me. The floor is cold; little sister, please get up quickly.”

Han Yan inwardly laughs. Her father, known for his arrogance, hates it when others defy him. Usually, her mother and concubines, even the servants, always follow his lead. Zhuang Yushan wants to play the good person, but she directly ignores Zhuang Shiyang’s attitude, which is not wise. Moreover, Han Yan is his legitimate daughter, and in front of so many servants, the situation may spread in unexpected ways. People might say that Zhuang Shiyang allowed an outsider to mistreat his legitimate daughter, causing chaos in the household. As a scholar, his reputation is crucial.

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