The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 7: The First Confrontation (2)

Sure enough, Zhuang Shiyang glared at her with an unpleasant expression. “What are you doing? There’s no place for you to speak here!”

Zhuang Yushan didn’t expect Zhuang Shiyang to suddenly change his attitude, and there was a hint of watery light in her eyes. Zhou Shi quickly stepped forward to smooth things over. “Yushan also feels sorry for Sister Yan, this child is kind-hearted.”

Trying to divert attention to herself? The stepmother’s intention is so obvious; how didn’t she see it earlier? Zhuang Shiyang’s gaze fell on Han Yan, asking in a cold tone, “Do you have any dissatisfaction with Yushan? How can you say such inappropriate words!”

Han Yan put her hands behind her back, pinching her palm fiercely, her eyes suddenly filled with tears. “Father, she has the scent of powder on her.”

Zhuang Shiyang was stunned. Zhou Shi and Zhuang Yushan exchanged glances, puzzled. What’s the problem with the scent of powder?

Han Yan choked back her tears and answered, “Father, have you forgotten? Yan’er is allergic to the scent of powder. As soon as she smells it, she feels uncomfortable all over. The scent of powder on this sister is so strong that Yan’er could smell it from afar. Yan’er really doesn’t like it.”

Zhuang Shiyang immediately felt awkward and quickly said, “Father certainly knows about your allergy to powder.”

Knows? Han Yan glanced at him mockingly. She just casually made up a reason; if Zhuang Shiyang really knew, that would be strange.

“However,” Zhuang Shiyang coughed lightly, “even so, you shouldn’t treat your sister like this. Get up, don’t kneel.”

Han Yan quickly stood up, took a few steps, and took Zhuang Yushan’s hand again, smiling sincerely at her. “It was my fault just now; sister, don’t mind me.”

Zhuang Yushan was inexplicably pleased with her warmth. Subconsciously, she wanted to pull her hand away, but Han Yan took the opportunity to loosen her grip. Zhuang Yushan’s face sagged. “Why did my sister push my hand away? Are you unwilling to forgive me?”

Zhuang Shiyang stared disapprovingly at Zhuang Yushan. Zhuang Yushan shivered and quickly grabbed Han Yan, saying, “How could it be? I really like my sister.”

Han Yan happily said, “Sister is so good; sister treats me so well. I want to give sister a box of scented ointment. It smells better when applied on the body, even more fragrant than the powder sister uses. I see Jilan and Shuhong use it by my side, and they don’t have allergies.”

Zhou Shi, who was initially satisfied with Han Yan and Zhuang Yushan’s conversation, turned pale when she heard the last sentence. Jilan and Shuhong are just two maids; Han Yan is giving Zhuang Yushan something used by maids and claiming it’s better than her powder. Is she saying that Zhuang Yushan is not even as good as a maid in her house? Anger grew within her, and she glared at Han Yan.

Zhuang Yushan also sensed Han Yan’s intention, but with Zhuang Shiyang right there, she couldn’t make any rebuttal. She thought Han Yan was deliberately undermining her face, but Han Yan’s smile seemed genuine as if she didn’t understand the meaning behind it.

Is this person really foolish or clever?

Regardless of whether she’s foolish or clever, today’s development has exceeded her expectations. Zhou Shi frowned, realizing that things were not going according to her carefully planned script. If it continues like this, there will be more unexpected changes.

So, she stood up and said to Zhuang Shiyang, “My Lord, it’s getting late. Can I tidy up my things and let Yushan settle down first?”

Zhuang Yushan couldn’t wait to leave. Facing this younger sister, she couldn’t gain any favor, making her feel frustrated. She rubbed her eyes and coquettishly said, “Mother, I’m so tired.”

Han Yan was also tired of sparring with them. Moreover, she had already seen the effect she wanted today, so there was no point in staying longer.

Zhuang Shiyang smoothly agreed, “Sure, I’ll go with you.”

So considerate. Han Yan was almost moved. She watched Zhou Shi stand up from her mother’s original position and straightened her dress.

To be honest, Zhou Shi is indeed a charming beauty. Even though she is over 30 years old, she still has the plump charm of a young woman. Under the willow eyebrows is a pair of upturned slender eyes, which look coquettish and gorgeous every time they look around. Full and plump lips bring an involuntary seductive smile. Compared to her mother, who didn’t like to dress up, Zhou Shi was much more pleasant to look at.

Today, Zhou Shi wore a peach-coloured brocade gown with a wide blue silk embroidered belt around her waist, highlighting her curvaceous figure. She also wore a matching light, thin, and graceful jacket, complemented by a set of ruby jewellery carefully crafted by Ruyilou, radiating wealth and elegance.

However, it’s a bit too flashy.

Zhuang Shiyang turned around and said to Han Yan, who was lost in thought, “I’ll accompany Zhou Shi to see the courtyard. You should go back earlier.”

Looking at Zhuang Shiyang’s azure embroidered robe and Zhou Shi and Zhuang Yushan’s peach and pink outfits, the colors were surprisingly bright and colorful. Han Yan’s eyes couldn’t help but chill.

“Father…” Han Yan called out to him.

Zhuang Shiyang turned around, and Han Yan hesitated before speaking, “Yan’er has one more thing…” She struggled and swallowed the rest of her sentence.

Zhuang Shiyang’s mood had already improved somewhat, and he kindly said, “If Yan’er has something to say, just say it.”

“I heard the scholars from the Imperial College say that according to the major laws and regulations, one cannot wear bright-colored clothes within the mourning period of three months. His Majesty values benevolence, love, filial piety, and righteousness the most. Last year, a high-ranking official, not long after his ancestors passed away, allowed his concubine to wear a red velvet flower. The imperial censor submitted a memorial, and he was dismissed from his position, with his whole family sent to the northwest. It’s really pitiful.” Han Yan’s voice was crisp, and her gaze was as clear as water. “Hmm, Aunt Zhou’s attire today looks very bright to me. However, my mother has just passed away, and we are still in the mourning period. Aunt Zhou came to stay dressed like this; if His Majesty finds out, Yan’er and Father might have to go to the northwest.” Han Yan deliberately emphasized the words “came to stay” to see the changes in Zhou Shi’s face. “Does Aunt Zhou not know the major laws and regulations? Even Yan’er knows them. Hehe.”

Zhuang Shiyang looked at Zhuang Yushan, then at Zhou Shi, and said coldly, “Yan’er makes sense. Why wear such bright colors!”

Zhou Shi was stunned, looking at her daughter and then at herself. When she entered the Zhuang Mansion today, she took great care to dress up. She didn’t expect that Han Yan’s words would bring about Zhuang Shiyang’s displeasure. This was clearly done to please him, but it unexpectedly backfired.

Her gaze fixed on Han Yan. It’s all because of this wretched girl. Everything that happened today was disrupted by her. Zhuang Shiyang’s daughter is not as simple as she appears on the surface. Even if others don’t see it, Zhou Shi can see that Zhuang Han Yan is deliberately targeting them, mother and daughter!

Han Yan knew what Zhou Shi was thinking. However, she sneered inwardly. Importance doesn’t equal necessity; Zhou Shi will understand this truth one day.

Zhuang Yushan glared at Han Yan bitterly. Why was she so proud? Her father didn’t like her. One day, the position of the daughter of the family would become hers, Zhuang Yushan’s!

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