The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 4: Deep love between sister and brother (2)

Zhuang Shiyang was taken aback. His legitimate daughter had always opposed the idea of him taking a concubine, so why the sudden change of heart?

“Father, please don’t be angry with Yan’er anymore.” wiping her eyes, Han Yan’s voice trembled with helplessness, “Yan’er has lost her mother, and Father shouldn’t hate Yan’er. Yan’er is just afraid that the new mother won’t like her…” She choked up as she spoke, and her words became incomplete. She began to shiver, almost on the verge of fainting.

“Miss, don’t be sad. It’s not good for your health.” Chen Mama hurriedly stepped forward to console her.

Zhuang Shiyang glanced at her, realizing that it was understandable. His daughter had always been timid, and it was natural for her to be afraid of a stepmother. Since she was willing to relent, it actually made things much simpler. Although he thought so, Zhuang Shiyang deliberately kept a stern face and admonished, “Nonsense! You’re the legitimate daughter of the Zhuang family, the young lady of the Marquis’s residence. How can you have such childish thoughts?” Seeing Han Yan’s tears falling more violently, he softened his tone and comforted her, “Your Aunt Zhou is very kind, and Yushan is a good child. It’s perfect for you to have some company. Yan’er should be happy about it.”

Han Yan sneered inwardly. Kind and good child? In her previous life, she had indeed thought so, but unfortunately, she only saw the true faces of these two people right before her death. She couldn’t decide if it was more of a tragedy or foolishness. Clenching her five fingers into a fist within her sleeve, Han Yan lifted her head, with traces of tears still on her face, and innocently asked, “Do they really not dislike Yan’er?”

Indeed, she still had a child’s mindset. Zhuang Shiyang smiled faintly, “Does Yan’er really not trust Dad? We’ll arrange for them to enter the residence on a suitable day. When Yan’er sees them, she’ll naturally know.”

“I really want to see them, Father. Can it be tomorrow?” Han Yan’s clear eyes were filled with undisguised anticipation. She boldly grabbed Zhuang Shiyang’s arm, swaying it like a spoiled child.

Zhuang Shiyang looked at her with some surprise. Han Yan rarely acted spoiled towards him. He was indifferent to his wife and, consequently, not very attentive to his daughter. Han Yan had never been close to him since childhood.

Surprised by his glance, Han Yan stiffened. She awkwardly lowered her head, and a faint blush appeared on her pale face. In her bright eyes, there was a hint of moisture. It was a look of wanting to please her father but not knowing how to do it. Zhuang Shiyang suddenly understood. Han Yan had just lost her mother and was desperately seeking her father’s favor, especially in dealing with the matter of Zhou Shi. This, for him, was not necessarily a bad thing. At least, it resolved the issue with Zhou Shi exceptionally smoothly. Zhuang Shiyang lovingly patted Han Yan’s head, “Let’s leave it for tomorrow, even if it’s a bit rushed. As long as Yan’er is happy.” 

Han Yan gratefully smiled at him, “Thank you, Father.”  

After chatting for a few moments, Zhuang Shiyang, realizing there wasn’t much more to say, instructed Han Yan to rest early and then left.

As soon as Zhuang Shiyang left, Chen Mama approached Han Yan, saying, “Miss, how could you say such things? How could Zhou Shi enter the household? Only Furen is the legitimate wife of the Lord. Miss is too kind-hearted. I’ve only heard of wicked stepmothers. Miss, how can you not be a bit more cautious?” Recalling Han Yan’s deliberate efforts to please Zhuang Shiyang just now, her nose felt a bit sour. “If Furen were still alive, how could Miss be so compromising…”

“Mama, stop talking.” Han Yan interrupted her, “I know Mama is doing it for my own good, but there’s no room to maneuver in this matter. Even if I refuse today, Father will find a way to bring her in later. It’s better to go along with her wishes, not let her harm the relationship between Father and me, and keep an eye on her so that if there is any movement we can deal with it on time.”

Chen Mama opened her mouth, unable to believe that these words came from Han Yan’s mouth. They say a child without a mother becomes mature early; their own young miss was indeed precocious and heart-wrenching.

“Miss, Young Master is here.” Jilan came in with a tray, and just as she spoke, they heard a crisp voice, “Sister!”

Zhuang Han Ming stood at the door, his voice urgent. Upon hearing this call, tears welled up in Han Yan’s eyes again.

“Younger brother.” Han Yan responded.

Ming’er is her biological younger brother, and in her previous life, their sibling relationship was excellent. Zhuang Shiyang only has Ming’er as his son, but he remains distant from him. Han Yan used to think it was because Ming’er was too mischievous, and Zhuang Shiyang was a strict father. However, thinking more deeply, there were many puzzling aspects. Zhuang Shiyang seemed to treat his illegitimate daughters better than his son. His coldness appeared to be directed mainly at his legitimate wife.

Ming’er was clever from a young age but a bit too mischievous. After Zhou Shi entered the household, Ming’er started opposing them at every turn. Initially, it wasn’t much of a problem, but after the incident with the bandits, when she and Zhou Shi sincerely treated each other like family, Ming’er continued targeting them. Whenever he did, she would intervene and stop him. It was for this reason that Ming’er became distant from her. At that time, her personality underwent a significant change, and she spent her days avoiding the outside world. Ming’er never came to find her, and she thought he also despised her for her impure status, making her quite upset. Little did she know, a while later, Ming’er got involved in a struggle for a courtesan with the son of an official, resulting in accidental murder. The official’s family pressed charges, and Ming’er ended up in prison.

When she received this news, Ming’er was already tortured into insanity in prison. She entrusted all the dowry her mother left her to Zhou Shi to get him out. After Zhou Shi managed to get Ming’er released and he returned home, he fell ill for some time and eventually passed away. So, on the day of her grand wedding three years later, Han Yan had no relatives from her natal family present.

In a moment of distraction, she seemed to see her mother’s scene before her death, instructing her to take good care of Ming’er. She had unexpectedly taken care of Ming’er like this.

Seeing Han Yan lost in thought, Zhuang Hanming anxiously called out, “Sister!” He stood at the door, his voice full of urgency. Due to societal norms, even though they were full blood siblings, he couldn’t rush straight into the room.

“I’m fine, Fifth Brother, don’t worry.” Han Yan snapped out of her thoughts and quickly reassured him.

“I heard that Sister woke up, so I rushed over immediately. How is Sister feeling?” Zhuang Hanming anxiously inquired. Han Yan felt warm in her heart. At least in this world, Han Ming genuinely cared for her, and that was enough for her.

“I’m much better now. It seems you rushed over like this, probably intentionally avoiding Master Xian’s class. If Father finds out, you’ll be punished again,” Han Yan laughed.

Zhuang Hanming snorted, “A real man aspires to greatness, what’s the use of playing with words every day? When I grow up, I’ll go to the battlefield to kill enemies. How can recognizing a few words contribute to building achievements?”

“Just at this age, and you’re already thinking about building achievements,” Han Yan said softly. “If you’re truly interested in martial arts, I’ll find a martial arts teacher for you privately. But this matter must be kept secret. If others find out, I’m afraid I’ll also be punished.”

In her previous life, Han Yan disagreed with Zhuang Hanming learning martial arts. Zhuang Shiyang looked down on military generals in the court. She had been kept in the boudoir for a long time, influenced by Zhuang Shiyang, and felt that those military generals were too crude. If Zhuang Hanming made academic achievements, it would be great, even becoming a top scholar. However, after experiencing death once, she didn’t think the same way. Life is too short, and there’s no need to spend it on things you don’t like. If Zhuang Hanming likes martial arts, so be it. Besides, some martial skills are good for self-defense. If Zhuang Hanming had learned martial arts, perhaps the incident of the brothel brawl wouldn’t have happened back then.

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