The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 14: Getting Close to the Shu Concubine (1)

A woman’s intuition told her that this concubine Zhou would be her biggest threat. Han Yan and Concubine Wan were not worth fearing, but this one, who had won the favor of the old master as soon as she entered the house, was a different story altogether. Last night, she didn’t even stay in the Furong Courtyard. That wretched woman couldn’t compare to her!

Han Yan lowered her head, looking seemingly upset, and said, “Father really likes Sister Yushan. When I went to pay respects yesterday, he scolded me because of her.” She pursed her lips, displaying a childlike appearance. “Father has never had breakfast with me.”

Hearing this, Concubine Mei’s gaze turned cold, staring at Zhang Yushan with a hint of resentment. For so many years, her greatest shortcoming was not giving the old master a son. Did that wretched woman win his favor because she raised a daughter for him? With her beauty, if she had a son, the position of the main wife would have been secure! Who would need her then! Thinking this, Concubine Mei’s hands caressed her abdomen as if there really was a little life growing there.

Han Yan saw everything, concealing her smile when she lowered her head. When she looked up again, Zhuang Shiyang and Concubine Zhou had already entered the room. Han Yan quickly stood up to greet him.

Concubine Mei and Concubine Wan also followed suit, and Han Yan stood up, saying, “Concubine Wan, Concubine Mei, this is Shu Concubine Zhou who just entered the house yesterday, and this is Sister Yushan.”

Concubine Zhou was stunned. How did she become a shu concubine? In an instant, her dream of becoming the main wife in the Zhuang family seemed to shatter.

Zhuang Shiyang didn’t expect Han Yan to say this. After a moment of contemplation, he realized that Zhou shi entered the house as a foreign concubine, not even a concubine. It would be impossible to promote her to the main wife immediately. It might be better to make her a concubine first and promote her later. So, he nodded at Han Yan, “No need to be so polite.”

Seeing that Zhuang Shiyang did not object, concubine Zhou secretly clenched her fists. Han Yan noticed this but remained silent. After Zhuang Shiyang sat down, Han Yan also followed suit.

Zhou shi wanted to be the main wife when she entered the house. There is no such cheap thing in the world. Han Yan wanted to block the Zhou shi’s road, but with how much Zhuang Shiyang valued the Zhou shi, remaining a shu concubine was impossible. It would be better to follow his wishes and raise her as concubine, firstly to alleviate Zhuang Shiyang’s dislike of her, and secondly, to put her in the same position as concubine Mei and see who can beat whom.

Chen Mama ordered the kitchen to set up the dishes and chopsticks. Concubine Wan lowered her head to eat. Zhuang Qin even looked around carefully and behaved in a well-behaved manner. Zhuang Yushan probably had never had such an exquisite breakfast before, and her eyes were a little different. Then she saaw Concubine Mei get up, her waist was swaying lightly, and her voice was even more seductive.

  “Master, I will prepare food for you.”

Concubine Mei was wearing a dark-colored double-breasted dress today. Due to the mourning period, there were no bright patterns on the skirt, only a bit of ink-colored winter plum. However, such simplicity did not make her lose her beauty. Instead, it made her usually beautiful appearance less dusty and more elegant. Her green hair was casually styled into a ponytail, with a few strands of slightly curly hair hanging down by her fair ears. When she lowered her head to serve the dishes, her slender neck was exposed. The plain clothes made her whole body even more skin-like, she was beautiful like jade. 

 Even a stone man like Zhuang Shiyang was distracted at this time, and his eyes suddenly become a little dark.

Concubine Mei met Zhuang Shiyang’s gaze, smiled sweetly at him, and her words were even more gentle and affectionate: “Master, this piece of hibiscus cake is a new snack made by the chef. You must try it.”

Concubine Mei has always portrayed herself as a bold and charming beauty, so when did she become so gentle and refined? Zhuang Shiyang enjoyed the moment, feeling a sense of freshness, leaving Concubine Zhou and her daughter sidelined.

Han Yan picked up a shrimp dumpling with her chopsticks and took a bite. Watching Concubine Zhou’s displeased face, she suddenly felt that today’s breakfast was particularly delicious.

Surprisingly, the confrontation between them erupted without her intervention. However, in this struggle, it remained uncertain who would be the ultimate victor.

After finishing breakfast, Zhuang Shiyang prepared to leave in his carriage. Concubine Mei, seeing him leave, gave a disdainful snort and left the room. Han Yan wiped her mouth and stood up. Concubine Zhou signaled to Zhuang Yushan, who immediately stood up, addressing Han Yan with a pleasing tone, “Is there something wrong with Younger Sister Yan?”

Han Yan glanced at Concubine Zhou, saw her smiling, and thought for a moment before saying, “Nothing.”

Zhuang Yushan quickly walked over, grabbing Han Yan’s arm, “Since there’s nothing, why not stroll in the garden together?”

Chen Mama disdainfully glanced at Concubine Zhou and her daughter. Just entering the house, they already displayed the demeanor of the mistress. Someone unfamiliar might think that Zhuang Yushan was the legitimate daughter of the Zhuang family.

Han Yan wasn’t bothered and smiled, patting Zhuang Yushan’s hand, “After all, Sister Yushan is entering the house for the first time. I imagine she hasn’t seen the scenery here. I’ll take Sister around to avoid getting lost or entering the wrong places.”

Casting a casual glance upward, Han Yan indeed saw Zhuang Yushan’s face turning pale. With a forced smile, she said, “Then, I’ll trouble you.”

Han Yan neither agreed nor disagreed, “In this household, everyone calls me Fourth Miss. Sister Yushan and Concubine Zhou can do the same. Other titles may sound unfamiliar.” 

“You!” Zhuang Yushan didn’t expect Han Yan to say such a thing, pointing at her.

“What did I do?” Han Yan asked puzzled, “Why are you pointing at me? Pointing at others is not the behavior of a refined lady.”

“Yushan!” Suddenly, concubine Zhou intervened, her deep gaze fixed on Han Yan, slowly saying, “Fourth Miss is right. Refined ladies don’t point at others like that. It seems someone needs to teach you some manners.”

Han Yan raised an eyebrow at this, a refined lady? Zhuang Yushan, a concubine’s daughter, how could she be considered a refined lady? It appeared that from the beginning, she harbored ambitions to secure the position of the legitimate daughter. Truly, a mother and daughter with ambitious schemes. Zhuang Yushan’s eyes were red with frustration, yet she dared not defy her mother’s command. She squeezed out a few words from between her teeth, “I was just joking with Fourth Miss. Let’s go.”

“Third sister, why don’t you come with us?” Han Yan turned to Zhuang Qin, who seemed unsure, and then to Concubine Wan on the side, “Concubine Wan, it’s been a while since I talked to Third Sister. Would it be alright if I borrow her for the day?”

Concubine Wan was momentarily surprised, then smiled, “Fourth Miss, please feel free. Qin’er, accompany Fourth Miss well.”

Zhuang Qin approached with some hesitation, and Han Yan pulled her hand, walking forward, leaving Zhuang Yushan behind.

“Mother—” Zhuang Yushan looked at her mother, then at Han Yan and Zhuang Qin in front of her, frustrated, stomping her foot.

Concubine Zhou frowned, “Hurry and follow.”

After Zhuang Yushan reluctantly left, Concubine Zhou glanced at Concubine Wan, who was standing aside with lowered head, and said with a smile, “Sister, would you like to sit in my courtyard?”

Concubine Wan shook her head gently, “Perhaps another day. I feel a bit dizzy today and would like to rest. Xing, come and help me.” The maid by her side hurriedly came forward to assist her, and Concubine Wan nodded to Concubine Zhou, “I’ll take my leave first.” Without waiting for Zhou’s response, she left on her own.

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