The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The deep love between siblings (1)

The thirteenth year of Da Zong, too many things happened this year. It was a turning point in her fate. On the surface, everything seems to go with the flow, but now there were many doubts  and unanswered questions

For example, if Zhou shi was a kind and peaceful person, how could she enter the Marquis Mansion soon after her mother’s death? Both she and Zhuang Yushan went up the mountain to worship Buddha, but why did the bandits only kidnap her? If the bandits kidnapped her for money why would they not inform the family for ransom? If they were not looking for money, why did they do nothing and waited for the Zhou’s to find her? There are so many people in the palace, how was the news of this incident so well protected for so many years? How did Ming’er, who was only 11 years old, suddenly get into a fight over a prostitute in the red light district, accidentally kill her and be sent to jail?

At that time, she would not have thought in this way. She just complained about the injustice, relied on her father and the Zhou family, and lived in her own sad world. In the end, she gained nothing, but the people around her, who cared and loved her, lost their lives.

Now that she has died once, looking back everything was suspicious but she never doubted anything at the time!

Everything felt like a nightmare, as if the tragedy of the wedding night was just a bad dream she had at night when she was 12 years old, but Han Yan knew it was not a dream.

Since heaven has allowed her to be reborn in this year, it means her destiny should not end! It has given her a chance to personally handle her enemies and reverse everything!

In the thirteenth year of Da Zong, everything will start to change from here. In this life, she absolutely does not want the events of her past life to repeat!

Zhuang Yushan, the Zhous, her father, and even Wei Rufeng—she will patiently confront them slowly and thoroughly!

“Mama, send someone to tell father that I’m awake,” Han Yan lowered her gaze, hands clasped in her sleeves.

Ji Lan looked at Han Yan in surprise. It may be her imagination, but she felt that this time, Miss was different from before, as if she had become a different person.

Miss has always been innocent and carefree. Since Furen’s passing, she cried every day, as if she had suddenly lost her backbone. The Lord, after several attempts at consolation, started to get annoyed. This only made Miss even more heartbroken, feeling both anxious and uncertain. It’s a common human reaction—Madam indulged Miss greatly while alive. Miss, being young, didn’t understand anything. Suddenly facing a great change, she found it challenging to adapt. She and Shuhong wanted to help, but they didn’t know where to start. A few days ago, the Lord mentioned taking a concubine. Miss strongly opposed it, was scolded by the Lord, and caught a cold, lying sick in bed. Chen Mama was anxious, forced to hate the prospective concubine, scold the Lord for neglecting marital obligations, and lament the misfortune of Miss.

She and Shuhong were anxiously concerned that Miss might not cope well and accumulate psychological distress. In the large mansion, there were often cases where heavy thoughts eventually led to incurable conditions, ruining one’s life. They anxiously stood by the bedside for several days and nights. The doctor had also examined her, and finally, she woke up. However, this time when she woke up, she noticed that Miss had changed.

Although she initially cried inexplicably, after calming down, she no longer panicked. Those deep black eyes, as clear as before, now seemed like a tranquil lake, impossible to see through, calm and without ripples.

“Ji Lan,” Han Yan suddenly called her. Jilan was taken aback, quickly retracting her gaze, silently cursing herself for losing focus at such a moment.

“Shu Hong,” Han Yan continued, “You two are my personal maids, and I naturally trust you. However, following me may not guarantee a good future. I don’t want to deceive you. The current situation is a bit challenging for me.” She smiled faintly, “If you are not willing to stay by my side, I can find someone to send you away from the estate.”

She did indeed think this way; if Jilan and Shuhong were unwilling to accompany her, she could let them go. In the previous life, they had already sacrificed their lives for her, and that was enough.

Shuhong bent her legs and knelt straight down, saying, “This servant is Miss’s personal maid. This life recognizes only Miss as the master. This servant is determined to stay by Miss’s side, even if it means facing death.”

Jilan also became anxious, “Miss, please don’t trouble us. In the current situation, leaving Miss behind is not something a human should do. Don’t worry, if Zhou Shi enters the door, we will protect Miss from being bullied. Please don’t drive us out of the estate.”

Han Yan’s eyes reddened slightly, touched by their loyalty. In this world, where many people were unfaithful, there were still those who were truly devoted.

“Get up, both of you,” Han Yan said with a smile on her face, “I meant that if you find someone you like, I will arrange for you to leave the estate and be with them. It seems that there is no need for that now.”

Jilan and Shuhong exchanged a glance, both blushing, “Miss, please don’t tease us.”

Han Yan extended her fingers and gently touched the hair by her forehead, separating a small strand. Slowly, she said, “Follow me on this risky path, but I will do my best to ensure your safety.”

Shu Hong was momentarily stunned. The words sounded inexplicable, but coming from the twelve-year-old miss, they surprisingly brought a sense of reassurance. Reflecting on the words just spoken, was it really the naive and innocent young miss who uttered them? She lifted her head, and on Han Yan’s pure and composed face, there was a smile that held both wisdom and tranquility, creating a feeling of depth and understanding.

Indeed, the young miss had changed.

“Now that you agreed to follow me, you must obey my orders, especially you, Ji Lan. Your temper is impatient, but from today onwards, you must change your temperament because the first thing we have to do is endure.” 

Endure, enduring what ordinary people cannot endure, concealing one’s brilliance and biding one’s time—Zhuang Yushan had also done such things. However, in this life time, when it comes to patience, Zhou Shi and  her daughter might not be able to keep up with her. As the saying goes, the one who endures becomes the king. Let’s compare and see who can endure more.

“The Lord has arrived.” Chen Mama lifted the crystal curtain and walked into the room with great care. Behind her was a tall figure, adorned in a bright red robe with cloud patterns, which stopped in front of the sickbed.

Han Yan couldn’t help but sneer silently. Her mother had only been laid to rest for three months, and he already had the audacity to wear a red robe. How arrogant and boundless he was, thinking that no one could restrain him.

She lifted her head, and beneath the black hair, a delicate and charming face appeared. With tears in her eyes, she managed to produce a smile, melting the hearts of those around her.

“Father.” Han Yan timidly spoke.

Zhuang Shiyang lowered his gaze onto his legitimate daughter. The effort his daughter made to smile with a delicate face softened his pride. His tone became gentler, “Yan’er, feeling better now?”

Han Yan lowered her head, answering softly and delicately, “Daughter is fine now. Apologies for causing concern, Father.”

Han Yan still remembered that year when her father mentioned taking a concubine. She expressed deep sorrow and refused, leading to a scolding from Zhuang Shiyang. She fell ill with a cold and was bedridden, yet her father didn’t come to see her once. The relationship between them had long since become strained.

“During the days when Yan’er was ill, I reflected on it. It was my fault before; I shouldn’t have angered Father.” As Zhuang Shiyang’s gaze softened, she forced a smile, “After Mother left, Father has been toiling tirelessly. Indeed, there’s a need for someone to share the burdens in the house.”

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