6 chapters for Noble Daughter has been released today.

6 chapters for The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to find will be released tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

i would also like your opinion on the released schedule. one per day or 6 on Saturdays. if you have a preference comment.

Any translations you request you would like us to pick up.Please comment

If you are facing ads issue, sorry for the inconvenience. We have decided that we will not put ads but rather prefer donations through kofi. Please bear for this week. We will get the ads issue resolved.

Good Night for today and thank you for visiting.

4 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. Hello, I enjoy reading your translations very much! I saw that you were looking for translation recs so these are some novels that are highly rated but the translator stopped translating them so please consider translating any of these novels
    1) adore trick of beauty
    2) chuan qi
    3) the prince wants to leave his concubine
    4) mountain and river pillow
    5) chang’an’s first beauty
    6) memories of a graceful reflection

  2. Personally I’d like to read six chapters all at once so one update with six chapters on Saturday would be my preference!
    For the translation request could you translate this novel ( I took it from catharcity angst recs )
    Abandoned Crown Princess: Ji Jiu’er | 太子弃妃:青楼季九儿 by 如果囧 | Historical, HE

    Summary: It turns out, he was the Crown Prince: one who had poisoned his mother, murdered his brother and controlled the Emperor in order to usurp the title of Crown Prince. His ruthlessness and heartlessness caused a wave of horror to ripple across the country.

    While he danced in political circles and conspired schemes, she searched tirelessly for him for six years, yet, in the end, all that awaited her was a letter of divorce… It was difficult to fault him for abandoning her so easily. She was just his lowly wife, one who lived and worked in a brothel.

    Once, in Shangyang City, the four of them were childhood friends. Now, it turns out that all of them were destined for great things, except for her…

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