The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 32: Awkward Acting

A girl’s fate is always so helpless. Especially for girls from wealthy families, they cannot afford to make any mistakes in their conduct. In this difficult world, Zhuang Yushan’s actions today have unexpectedly pushed her into such a difficult situation!

As for the situation over there with the man and woman, who knows what’s going on. They were actually engaged in intimate activities while moving closer and closer to this side. If they take a few more steps, they’ll be able to see Han Yan hiding behind the palace wall.

Han Yan felt a mixture of hatred and urgency. Catching a glimpse of the person next to her, her heart suddenly shook.

From the beginning, this person had shown no signs of panic, just standing quietly in place. Even when Han Yan suddenly approached, there was no movement from him.

Due to her guilty conscience, Han Yan didn’t dare to lift her head. But seeing the man wearing official boots, she knew he was of high status and not someone she could provoke. But in the current situation, they were in the same boat, so why wasn’t this person anxious?

He could remain so calm, could it be that he wasn’t afraid?

He wasn’t afraid, but she was!

She was just a neglected daughter of the Zhuang family. If this person had a high status, he could easily walk away without any worries. But for her, either she would be secretly killed, or she would have to marry that adulterous man in the plum forest. Neither outcome was what she wanted to see!

Why should she bear the consequences of someone else’s mistakes? In this life, was she going to die in Zhuang Yushan’s conspiracy?

She refused!

Not knowing where her courage came from, as the footsteps drew closer, she lifted the man’s black leopard cloak in front of her and slipped inside.

After slipping in, Han Yan immediately regretted it because the cold emanating from this man almost froze her.

At the same time, she began to feel scared. Acting on impulse, she was sure this man could handle the current situation, but she couldn’t afford to expose herself, so she dove into the man’s cloak. However, whether this person was friend or foe, she was not clear, and he could easily throw her out. Moreover, how could she make such a bold move, pressing her body against this man, the masculine scent peculiar to men wafting over her, mixed with a hint of elegant bamboo fragrance, making Han Yan’s heart race.

The man was obviously angry, and Han Yan keenly felt the displeasure emanating from the man’s body. She felt a sense of despair, thinking she would be thrown out, her body trembling.

But just as she hesitated, she suddenly felt a tightness on her body, as the man’s hand reached through the cloak, supporting her back and keeping her close to him. Then, with precision, he grabbed the back of her neck and leaped into the air. Han Yan felt her body lighten, her feet leaving the ground, and she clung tightly to the man’s clothes, too scared to open her eyes, feeling her whole body suspended in mid-air, her heart pounding. But in an instant, they landed back on the ground.

Not daring to do anything, her body curled up inside the man’s cloak, feeling a hint of warmth, but also feeling uneasy. What had just happened?

Then, she heard a clear and captivating voice from above, like aged wine, rich and elegant, gently brushing past her heart.

“Aren’t you coming out yet?”

Han Yan was startled and quickly crawled out from the man’s embrace. Upon realizing she was standing in an open space, with a stone wall separating the path in front of her, she suddenly understood. This man probably had lightness skills and had carried her away, no wonder he had been so calm earlier. Thinking of what had just happened, her face blushed.

Thinking for a moment, Han Yan raised her head, about to speak, but she was stunned.

What came into view was a handsome and unparalleled face. The young man in front of her was about twenty years old, with slanting eyebrows and temples, a straight nose, and phoenix-like eyes as deep as a pool of water, calm and containing endless ripples, with a hint of elegance and charm. His thin lips were tightly closed, and his features were sharp and profound. His jet-black hair cascaded down to his waist, held up only by a jade hairpin. He was dressed in a sky-blue embroidered silk robe with silver trim, draped loosely over a black leopard cloak. His figure was picturesque, like a divine exile.

At this moment, the handsome youth was staring at her without saying a word, but his gaze carried a compelling pressure.

Han Yan had married Wei Rufeng in her previous life partly because he was handsome, but compared to the man in front of her, Wei Rufeng was like heaven and earth. This young man, though not very old, exuded natural nobility and elegance. Some people are born to be called “aristocrats”, and Han Yan felt that the man in front of her was one such person. Unfortunately, facing someone like him, she couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Thinking of how she had clung to him earlier, Han Yan felt uncomfortable all over. After thinking for a moment, she bowed to him and sweetly said, “This sir, this young lady got lost just now and saw two strangers. She was a little frightened and inadvertently offended this sir. Please don’t take offense.”

Her smile was innocent, her face childish, her behavior cute, and her dress adorable. Any ordinary person would think that the girl in front of them was just a playful little doll, without any cunning, stumbling upon things by accident.

Unfortunately, Han Yan was not facing an ordinary person.

Fu Yunxi lowered his eyes, a hint of depth flashing in his black eyes.

The plum forest just now was not a place where anyone could enter. Today, he was here on behalf of his imperial brother, and after finishing his business, he happened to see a slender young girl.

Through the plum forest and the snow, Fu Yunxi couldn’t clearly see the girl’s face, but he felt wary. Regardless of who it was, if they entered here and were seen by him, they wouldn’t have an easy time leaving.

But soon he noticed that the young girl exuded endless sadness and sorrow. Even from a distance, Fu Yunxi could feel her despair and desolation. She stared blankly at the red plum blossoms on the branches, reaching out to touch them, but then hesitated, as if they were something extremely fragile. Although he couldn’t see her expression clearly, at that moment, Fu Yunxi felt that the girl in the distance was like someone about to leave the world.

How could such a small girl, who looked about eleven or twelve years old, have such profound sadness?

He seemed to be touched, his thoughts suddenly deep, but the little girl soon noticed his presence. What surprised Fu Yunxi was that she just stood there, observing him, without screaming or running away. Instead, she remained calm and composed. Even if it was an act, such composure at her age was rare.

Feeling the girl’s inquisitive gaze, Fu Yunxi stood quietly with his hands behind his back. Originally, he just wanted to see what she would do, but then two more people appeared.

He became somewhat suspicious. Did this girl invite others?

But seeing the girl hesitate for a moment, as if making a decision, she suddenly ran towards him.

He felt puzzled, but then saw the girl run up to him with her head down, looking somewhat startled.

There was only one palace wall that could be used for cover, and Fu Yunxi thought the girl was quite bold. He had just heard the embarrassing sounds, and then the girl suddenly ran towards him, looking a bit frightened.

This girl, who was so small, looked about eleven or twelve years old, was actually so daring. He then heard the awkward sounds.

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