The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 33: Flattering and Bootlicking

Chapter 33: Flattering and Bootlicking

For him, it was clear what that sound was. However, facing a young girl who hadn’t yet reached the age of playing chess, he had no particular thoughts. But soon he discovered that the young girl in front of him seemed to blush.

Did she understand what that meant?

Fu Yunxi was surprised. The little girl’s attire suggested she was the daughter of a wealthy family. How could a young lady from such a family understand the matters between men and women at this age?

This was somewhat amusing.

The man and woman over there seemed to notice them and walked over.

While he was still pondering, the little girl did something unexpected—she quickly hid inside his cloak.

Fu Yunxi was almost dumbfounded.

He had always disliked being touched by others, keeping a certain distance even from friends. Now, a stranger, a little girl, had snuggled into his arms!

This girl was too bold. He immediately felt anger and wanted to pull her out and throw her away.

But when he felt the delicate body trembling in fear against him, he suddenly changed his mind. He protected her in his embrace and took her away from this troublesome place.

He wasn’t inherently a kind-hearted person. He had just thought the girl was somewhat special and had saved her on a whim. But now, seeing her acting all cute and grateful, claiming the previous incident was a coincidence, he felt a bit moved.

This girl wasn’t as simple as she appeared. Was she trying to deceive him? But he had more important matters to attend to right now. As for the girl, she was just a bit smarter than ordinary young ladies, not worth wasting time on.

Han Yan was staring blankly at the handsome features of the man in front of her when he raised an eyebrow, his dark eyes unfathomable, and said indifferently, “Your acting isn’t very convincing.”

Han Yan was stunned and then suddenly realized. For some reason, the man’s gaze made her extremely uncomfortable, as if he could see right through her thoughts. She bit her lip and continued to play dumb, “Does the gentleman want to hear a play? Today’s palace banquet probably didn’t invite a theater troupe.”

She was still wondering what he would say next when he turned his back and said coldly, “Aren’t you leaving?”

Han Yan was a bit confused. This person had just seen through her act and was now letting her go so easily? She thought for a moment. The people in the plum garden must be worried sick since they couldn’t find her. Besides, this man had saved her just now. If he wanted to harm her, he wouldn’t have gone through such trouble. He probably wasn’t a bad person. So she asked, “Does the gentleman know the way to the plum garden where the Empress is admiring the plums?”

After a moment of silence, the man’s clear and cold voice replied, “Follow this path, and you’ll find palace maids sweeping near the Mo Hu Pavilion. Ask them to show you the way.”

Han Yan was delighted and bowed deeply to him, “Thank you for your help, sir. I will never forget your kindness and will repay you if I have the chance.” She then hurriedly left.

As she walked, she thought it would be best if she never had the chance to repay him. That ice-cold man was too frightening and should be avoided at all costs.

After Han Yan left for a long time, Fu Yunxi turned around, his gaze drawn to something on the ground. He bent down to pick it up, looked in the direction where Han Yan had disappeared, and fell into deep thought.

As the man said, Han Yan soon saw a beautifully crafted palace garden, with two palace maids sweeping outside. She spoke to them, and one of the maids led her to the plum garden.

Ji Lan and Shu Hong had been worried sick. Seeing her from afar, they rushed over, “Miss, you’re back! It’s all our fault for not staying with you. In this vast palace, are you okay?”

Han Yan smiled and shook her head, “I’m fine.”

Deng Chan also stood up, holding her hand with concern, “What happened? Your sister said you were waiting for her outside the restroom, but when she came out, you were gone. Miss Li even sent servants to look for you.”

Han Yan raised an eyebrow, “Miss Li? Which Miss Li?”

Deng Chan replied, “The one sitting next to your sister, the Prime Minister’s daughter.”

Only then did Han Yan cast her gaze over to that side. The surrounding ladies didn’t pay much attention when Han Yan returned, but now Han Yan looked over. Zhuang Yushan’s face turned pale, and she avoided her gaze guiltily.

Han Yan understood and noticed the girl in splendid clothes around Zhuang Yushan. This Miss Li was glaring at her with anger and resentment.

How strange. She didn’t even know this Miss Li. Why was she so angry on behalf of Zhuang Yushan? Had she forgotten something?

Thinking it over, Han Yan was sure she had no conflicts with Miss Li. While she was still puzzled, Miss Li spoke up, “Miss Zhuang, how did you get lost? The palace is not like the outside. Wandering around carelessly can lead to trouble. Didn’t you encounter any problems?”

Her question drew many curious glances from the surrounding ladies. Even the Empress, who was chatting with a noblewoman, paused and looked over meaningfully.

Han Yan frowned. This implied she was wandering around the palace recklessly and possibly caused trouble. The Empress had noticed her. If she was suspected of visiting some secret place, she would be in serious trouble in the palace. She needed to clear her name.

Looking at the curious eyes around her, Han Yan sighed and said with a bit of grievance, “You know, Sister Yushan only brought one palace maid, who went into the restroom with her. I was left waiting outside alone for a long time. Feeling bored, I saw a golden-winged bird fly by and chased after it out of curiosity. I got lost… Luckily, a palace maid found me and brought me back.” She added with a hint of innocent admiration, “There are so many rare things in the palace. I’ve only read about golden-winged birds in books before, but today I saw one in person. The Empress and the Emperor truly bring great blessings, even attracting auspicious birds to the palace. Our dynasty is indeed flourishing!”

With her hair styled in two buns and a round little face slightly blushing, she looked like a carved jade doll under the Bodhisattva’s seat, increasingly charming and lovable. Her clear and lively voice made her words sound crisp and sincere.

Her clever words subtly pointed out that Zhuang Yushan had brought only one maid, who went into the restroom with her, leaving Han Yan outside in the cold. Anyone with sense could see what was going on. Suddenly, the young ladies around Zhuang Yushan looked at her with more disdain.

The Empress, on the other hand, was delighted by Han Yan’s praise, smiling warmly as she waved her over, “Good child, come here to me.”

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