The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 35: So It Was Him

Chapter 35: So It Was Him

Deng Chan disapproved, saying, “He’s the general who drove out the northwestern barbarians. Father said, since the founding of Da Zong, he’s the first to drive the Tatars away so thoroughly, and he’s only twenty-one years old.”

Han Yan thoughtfully looked at Deng Chan, seeing her eyes light up when she mentioned General Cheng. She teased, “You seem to know quite a bit about him. Could it be that your heart has been stirred?”

Deng Chan was taken aback, her face immediately flushing red. She angrily pushed Han Yan, “You always say nonsense! Who taught you to be so bold? How could you say such things!”

Han Yan laughed and begged for mercy. After some playful banter, Deng Chan said, “You know, we’ll meet many important people at this palace banquet. General Cheng is just one of them.”

“Others?” Han Yan asked casually.

Zhuang Shiyang was distant with her, not mentioning state affairs, let alone discussing family matters. Deng Chan, being the apple of Minister Deng’s eye, often heard about such matters as a source of amusement. Hearing Han Yan’s question, Deng Chan eagerly continued, “In the capital, the young important figures are Prince Xuanqing, the heir of Prince Wei, Helian family’s young master, General Cheng, and the richest man, Jiang Yulou.”

Hearing Wei Ruchun’s name, Han Yan’s heart sank. She bitterly smiled, realizing that in the eyes of the world, Wei Ruchun was indeed an exceptional young man. Yet this exceptional man had once given her a cup of poisoned wine in her previous life.

Deng Chan didn’t notice Han Yan’s expression and continued, “You won’t see Jiang Yulou today because he’s a merchant and can’t enter the palace. But we can meet the others.”

Han Yan froze, thinking that she would meet Wei Ruchun at today’s banquet. Her heart was in turmoil.

“You already know about General Cheng. Helian’s young master is said to be extremely beautiful, even more so than a woman. But his reputation isn’t that great.”

Han Yan recalled the beautiful man in red from before. His alluring face indeed matched the description, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

Seeing Han Yan laugh, Deng Chan thought she was interested and eagerly continued, “The heir of Prince Wei, Wei Ruchun, is known for being gentle, with outstanding appearance and character. Most importantly, he’s kind and modest—a true gentleman.”

“A gentleman?” Han Yan muttered, unsure of how to react to Deng Chan’s words.

“But the most prominent one is Prince Xuanqing!” Deng Chan’s tone turned admiring. “At fourteen, he was already leading troops into battle. He’s said to be General Cheng’s teacher. Imagine, if General Cheng is already so formidable, Prince Xuanqing must be even more so. Father said that Prince Xuanqing holds a high position among the court officials, even the Emperor has to respect him. And though he’s not as beautiful as Helian Yu, his elegance surpasses everyone. All the ladies in the capital are infatuated with him. But it’s a pity,” Deng Chan’s voice dropped, “he’s rumored to be a eunuch!”

Han Yan was shocked, then burst out laughing.

Deng Chan was puzzled, “What are you laughing at?”

Han Yan shook her head, “I just think, if he’s as good as you say, it’s a shame he has such a flaw.”

Deng Chan pouted, “Isn’t it?”

Han Yan started to consider the matter. In the capital, she’s already met Wei Ruchun, Helian Yu, and Jiang Yulou. Now, she was curious about the other two.

At that moment, a eunuch’s shrill voice announced, “The Emperor arrives…”

Instinctively turning her head, Han Yan saw the Emperor in his magnificent yellow dragon robe, followed by several ministers, approaching.

As the Emperor arrived, everyone stood up to greet him. After signaling them to sit down, the Emperor took his place among the male guests.

The long tables were set lavishly, with male and female guests seated separately. A translucent crystal screen with a peony design partially separated the two sides. The Emperor and Empress sat on their thrones, followed by the ranking officials and their families.

Once the men were seated, the women’s side quieted down. The lively atmosphere from earlier disappeared, as the noblewomen lowered their voices and tried to appear elegant. The young ladies blushed and stole glances at the men.

Finding the situation boring, Han Yan glanced at Ming Ge’er across the table, who quickly winked at her. Feeling relieved, she smiled back at him.

But her smile caught the attention of another. Looking in that direction, Han Yan was stunned—it was him.

Helian Yu had reluctantly come to the palace banquet, pressured by his parents and hearing that Fu Yunxi and Cheng Lei would be there. But since sitting down, he was bombarded by adoring and admiring glances from the women’s side. These glances, filled with admiration and infatuation, made him uncomfortable and annoyed.

Turning his head, he saw a girl smiling at him, making him momentarily dazed.

Though the girl smiled sweetly, he only felt irritated, assuming she was yet another admirer. He disdainfully looked away.

Han Yan, initially dazed by the beautiful man, wondered if Helian Yu recognized her. But seeing his disdainful look, she realized he mistook her smile for admiration. But she was smiling at Ming Ge’er, not him!

Helian Yu’s beauty was indeed extraordinary. His stunning looks, otherworldly charm, and playful demeanor could captivate any ordinary girl with just a smile. This was evident as the girls around Han Yan discreetly cast glances at him. Helian Yu must be used to winning women’s hearts, hence his arrogance.

But Han Yan knew better. After her previous life, she understood that appearance meant nothing. A beautiful face might hide an ugly heart, and a plain face might hide a kind soul. Wei Ruchun’s gentle and refined appearance masked his cruelty. So, what did appearances matter?

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