The Reborn Noble Girl is Hard to Find | Chapter 31: Intimate Contact

If this is really a forbidden area, waiting here on the spot, after Zhuang Yushan returns, she can say that she got lost and sent someone to search for her. If she is found appearing in the forbidden area, even if she has a reason, she can’t explain it clearly. Blamed by the emperor, for a girl in the boudoir, it’s fatal. I didn’t expect Zhuang Yushan’s thoughts to be so malicious. It seems that even though she is young, she is not soft-hearted at all.

But if she wants to leave, Han Yan doesn’t know the way. There are hardly any people around here, so it’s highly likely that this whole area is sensitive, and one wrong step could lead to another forbidden area.

Thinking of this, Han Yan couldn’t help but feel annoyed. She should have called Jilan and the others to follow her at the time. Unfortunately, the maids were all serving in one place, too far away from her, so she didn’t think much about it.

Gritting her teeth, Han Yan shook her head and walked towards the easternmost part, where there was a large forest.

In theory, human instinct would lead one towards open areas, but Han Yan dared not do so.

If this was indeed a forbidden area, the dense trees in the forest might provide her with some cover, but those buildings and houses were absolutely off-limits.

As she walked, she kept an eye on the surroundings, and soon she discovered that there was truly not a single person around!

Unusual circumstances often indicate demonic activity. Where there are no eunuchs or palace maids serving, there must be a reason. At the same time, Han Yan also secretly rejoiced that she had decisively left just now. After all, the area near the Clean Room was a large empty space, and she would have had nowhere to hide if someone came searching for her. If someone came looking, they would have spotted her at a glance.

But how long would it take for her to return to the Plum Garden by walking like this?

She didn’t know how long she had been walking, and it seemed that there was still no end to the forest. Han Yan was getting anxious, and suddenly, a fragrant smell wafted through the air, refreshing her senses. Han Yan couldn’t help but be startled by the fragrance.

Looking up, she was stunned to see a large patch of red plum blossoms!

If the white plum garden belonging to the empress earlier was beautiful, then this patch of red plum blossoms here was like a fairyland.

The large and vibrant plum blossoms bloomed brightly, with a dazzling red color that added a touch of liveliness to the surroundings. While the plum blossoms were desolate, the red plum blossoms here were warm and dazzling, exuding a proud beauty as they stood tall on the branches, unafraid of the cold and snow. For a moment, Han Yan felt as if she were in a springtime trance.

Ten miles of red plums, with snow covering the ground, were both beautiful and plain, both lively and desolate, like the blooming and sorrowful beauty of women in the inner chambers, splendid and magnificent. The most beautiful and the most tragic, blossoming and withering for the lord, yet no one appreciates it.

Those plum blossoms bloomed eagerly, yet withered just as eagerly, their bright red color dazzling Han Yan’s eyes. Life is too short, and youth is hard to sustain, just like her previous life, dying in the most beautiful years, on the most beautiful day.

She almost felt like she was one of those red plum blossoms, dying on the day of her most splendid bloom, sorrowful and unappreciated. Her beauty, her goodness, that person couldn’t see.

Plum blossoms only bloom in winter, so they must endure the baptism of snowstorms. Her life would never be associated with the word “smooth”. So in this life, she would endure wind and rain, unappreciated by anyone. Who understands to appreciate her, who understands to care for her? She’s like a warrior, living in sorrow and pride, but also… with only one way out!

Tears welled up in Han Yan’s eyes. She took a few steps forward almost as if she were bewitched, but suddenly felt a probing gaze not far away. Her heart skipped a beat, and her mind suddenly cleared up, lifting her eyes to look in that direction. There stood a slender figure by the palace wall, under the red plum blossoms, almost blending in with the snow, gazing faintly in her direction.

Just as Han Yan was looking at the person, it started snowing in the sky.

Snowflakes fell lightly on Han Yan’s head and shoulders, causing the person’s face to blur somewhat. Han Yan dared not do anything, the other party had already noticed her. She stood there blankly, not knowing what to do.

Who cut through the flat snow to create such a beautiful scene?

At this moment, the snow was falling heavily, reflecting the red plum blossoms, making it truly a beautiful sight, if not for the stranger standing not far away, it could be called a picturesque scene.

Unfortunately, the protagonist had no mood to appreciate the beauty. After the initial panic passed, Han Yan gradually calmed down. The fact that this person appeared here meant either he was someone from the forbidden area, or his identity was so high that he didn’t need to fear the name “forbidden area”.

After pondering for a moment, the other party clearly noticed her, but remained calm. Did that mean he was letting her go?

Han Yan hesitated for a moment, and made up her mind that no matter who the person was, slipping away now was the best course of action. Just as she was about to leave, she heard voices coming from ahead.

Han Yan was instantly nervous. How could there be more people?

This was a vast red plum forest, and although the plum trees grew densely, it didn’t mean they could hide Han Yan’s figure. Moreover, in this snowy landscape, Han Yan was quite conspicuous.

Panicking, Han Yan glanced up and saw the long palace wall. She could probably hide at the corner of the palace wall, but the person who had just been standing there was still there.

Han Yan felt nervous. Was that person and the current group of people on the same side? If they were together, no matter what choice she made, the outcome would be the same. If they were not on the same side, which one should she choose?

The footsteps from that side were getting closer and closer, accompanied by the sound of a man and a woman talking. Two people were coming, but there was only one person on that side. Han Yan gritted her teeth and walked towards the palace wall.

The figure standing by the palace wall seemed to have no reaction, neither noticing Han Yan nor the approaching man and woman, still standing straight under the plum tree.

As she got closer, Han Yan became more and more nervous. However, the man and woman on the other side had already walked into the depths of the plum forest. Han Yan kept her head down and walked forward, only to see, just a step away from her, the luxurious official boots with black edges on the snow.

She felt nervous for no reason because the person in front of her emitted an extremely fierce chill. At this moment, Han Yan didn’t dare to lift her head.

However, before she could continue her thoughts, the sound of a man and a woman moaning came from ahead, sounding both pleasurable and painful, mixed with the woman’s low gasps and the man’s impatient roars. Han Yan almost immediately understood what was happening and stood there dumbfounded for two seconds, her face “swoosh” turning red.

Before getting married in the previous life, Madam Chen gave her a few booklets to read. The Chen Mansion was different from other mansions, so Madam Chen instructed Han Yan to learn how to capture Wei Rufeng’s heart. She explained it to her in great detail, even using some puppets for demonstration. Naturally, Han Yan understood what those sounds represented. Thinking of Wei Rufeng, Han Yan’s face turned pale, and then she became nervous.

In the palace, apart from the ladies and young ladies attending banquets, almost all of them belonged to the emperor’s women. At this moment, the emperor and the men should be hunting in the hunting grounds, but this man was actually engaging in illicit activities with a woman in the palace. Regardless of whether this woman was the emperor’s concubine or someone else, it was a crime of adultery. If Han Yan was discovered, there would only be a dead end. If the man had a higher status and the woman was a lady from outside the palace, and today they were caught by Han Yan engaging in such shameful activities, Han Yan would have no choice but to marry that man!

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