The True Colours of the Female Emperor

The True Colours of the Female Emperor 女帝本色

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Genre: Romance novel

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2 chapters a week
Starting Dec 15

“The True Colours of the Female Emperor” is the last part of the “Heaven’s Beauty/Admirable Heaven ” (天定风华/天定风流) saga from the author.

It is said that she is the queen with the greatest fate – as soon as she sits on the grounds, all people will kneel on the ground. Being reincarnated as a queen, she shoud have enjoyed all the wealth and honor in the world from then on.

But in fact, she is the queen who has the most troubles – heroes have long been separated, she only own a puppet’s power, and the fight for the imperial power never stops for one day, and she is just a chess piece in this game.

As a puppet queen, she only seeks freedom but falls in love with the national teacher, but his authority is an obstacle to her obtaining the throne.

And the dignity she craved for was also a barrier on his way to the throne.

Who is one’s calamity, who is one’s hatred ?

Who is sacrificing for whom? Who is plotting against who ?

“If there is only one road left for her to walk alone in this world, I will choose to send her along. If that road needs to be filled with all the corpses, it can start with mine.”

On this road, flowers and bones stand next to each other, cold and warmth live together.

In the end, it was Emperor Ge Xue Ye, who ended the relationship with one stroke.

This world is turning clouds and raining hands, pushing you and me to separate.

But trust me, I will come back.

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