Noble Daughter | Chapter 1: Rebirth

Chapter 1: Rebirth

In this world, everyone hopes to have the opportunity to be reborn once. Those who are lucky are overjoyed, repaying old grudges, repaying old favors, and fulfilling their wishes. With the knowledge of the future, they can take revenge and enjoy themselves.

But there is one person who, since being reborn, has been sighing and frowning every day, wishing that this was all a dream.

“Miss, please have some bird’s nest porridge. Your body has only just recovered a few days ago. If you get sick again, your mother’s eyes will probably cry themselves dry.” Lu Mama looked at the little girl she had raised from a young age with a pained expression. The little girl’s face was so thin that her big eyes looked like copper bells, almost taking up half of her face.

As soon as Lu Mama finished speaking, she heard a series of footsteps outside the door. Before the person arrived, she heard someone anxiously calling out “Zhu zhu’er”. When the curtain was lifted, a woman in her thirties, with a beautiful face and a lingering charm, walked in. She was wearing a hairpin with a green butterfly and a pair of emerald-encrusted shoes. She was clearly a wealthy and noble woman.

The woman who was called “Zhu zhu’er” by the woman was called Wei Heng. She raised her head and responded.

He Shi sat down next to Wei Heng and stroked her cheek. “Zhu zhu’er, aren’t you eating again? If you don’t eat, how will your body get better? If you don’t get better soon, you’ll fall behind in your studies. I heard that Xuanjie has already finished reading the Analects and is now starting to read the Doctrine of the Mean.”

Wei Heng’s chest tightened when she heard the word “Xuanjie”. She felt like she couldn’t breathe. He Shi was still talking about how great Xuanjie was.

Wei Heng heard this and felt her anger rising. She kicked the blanket under her feet and shouted, “I hate reading, and I get a headache when I see books.”

He Shi was so shocked that she was speechless. She first scanned the room with her eyes, scaring the maids and housekeepers so much that they almost knelt down to explain their innocence. Heaven knows, they didn’t say anything, but they just hoped that the young lady would recover and go back to academy soon.

As for He Shi, she had always doted on Wei Heng. When Wei Heng was sick a few days ago, He Shi stayed by her side for three days and three nights without taking off her clothes. She had never dared to speak harshly to Wei Heng. Her nickname, “Zhu zhu’er”, meant “the pearl in my palm”.

But today, Wei Heng said such words, and He Shi immediately changed her expression.

However, the most compassionate heart is the mother’s heart. When He Shi saw that Wei Heng’s face was covered in tears, she immediately softened her heart and said in a gentle voice, “Zhu zhu’er, how can you say such things? A daughter of the family must read.”

Of course, Wei Heng understood this logic without He Shi having to say it. She had lived for over thirty years in her previous life, and she was no longer a willful little girl.

In the Great Xia Dynasty, women were valued for their talent and virtue. Daughters of small families could not read or write because of their living conditions. However, the daughters of wealthy families were different. They had to go to academy from a young age, learning the same Confucian classics as men, as well as mathematics, law, and so on. When they were twelve years old, if they were successful in their studies, they could even go to the Imperial Academy.

The Imperial Academy was a very prestigious institution, founded by the royal family and gathering the best teachers in the world. Even the professors at the Imperial Academy would come to the Imperial Academy to teach the students. All the women in the world, no matter what their social class, were proud to be able to study at the Imperial Academy.

Of course, Wei Heng was just saying this out of anger. She had worked hard for her entire life in her previous life, and she was only an average student. She didn’t want to suffer the hardships of studying again in this life. In fact, studying wasn’t that hard. The only thing she hated was the phrase “compare yourself to others”.

“But I really do get a headache when I see books.” Wei Heng said pitifully.

He touched Wei Heng’s bun and said softly: “It’s because you are not well yet. As long as you eat more and feel better, you will naturally stop having headaches when you read.”

It’s a pity that Wei Heng really has no appetite. She wishes that God would take her away quickly. It’s enough to suffer once in the world. She could change into a pig or a cow in her next life where she just eats and sleeps, and it’s worth being slaughtered in the end.

He Shi picked up the bowl and went to feed Wei Heng. Wei Heng kept her mouth tightly closed. He Shi was so angry that she put down the bowl with a “pop” sound. However, she couldn’t bear to get angry at her darling. She turned around and looked at the people in the room waiting for her. : “You all, kneel down for me. When Zhu zhu’er finishes her porridge is when you all get up?”

“Mom!” Wei Heng complained, but she had to admit that He Shi’s trick was very effective, so she could only drink the porridge obediently.

Besides, He Shi had to go to the room to pay his respects to the Old Madam. He Shi left with a message, comforted Wei Heng a few words, and ordered: “At noon, ask the kitchen to cook a bowl of wontons with diced bamboo shoots for you. The taste should be lighter and the soup should be thicker. It’s delicious.” He Shi paused and said, “Let’s make soup with anchovies. I remember there were some left from before. This anchovy can replenish fatigue, whet the appetite and wake up the spleen. It’s just right for you to eat.”

The anchovy transported thousands of miles from the south of the Yangtze River to the capital is a rare thing, something that can only be enjoyed by the nobles in the palace. If Marquis Jingning had not been extremely honorable in front of the emperor, the mansion would not be able to get this anchovy to eat. After they were separated, the second wife didn’t get a few pieces, and they all went into Wei Heng’s belly.

He Shi gave Wei Heng a few more words, and then hurriedly went to stay in the Old Madam’s upper room. Wei Heng was ill, so she didn’t have to go to greet her. After dinner, she just lay lazily on the bed to feed herself.

At noon, there was another set of footsteps outside Wei Heng’s room , and a clear voice outside the door curtain was heard: “Is Third Sister feeling better?”

Wei Heng was stunned as soon as she heard this voice. She wished she could wrap herself up in a quilt so that she could never see this person again.

But how can those who serve her know her thoughts?

“Third Miss is much better. Misses, please come in.” Wei Heng’s eldest servant girl, Mu Yu’er, lifted the curtain and invited Wei Heng’s lifelong enemy, Wei Xuan, into the room.

At this time, Wei Heng could no longer stay in bed. Just as she was about to get up, she saw Wei Xuan walking over a few steps and holding her hand down: “Third sister, don’t get up. We are sisters; there’s no need for formalities.”

There was sincere concern in Wei Xuan’s eyes. Even though Wei Heng hated her to death, she had no choice but to like such a person.

Wei Heng looked at Wei Xuan, and then at Wei Fang, the eldest daughter of the Wei family, who was standing behind her, and several girls from relatives who had come to study at the Wei family academy. It was as if it was a world away. No, it should be said that it was. It was really a lifetime away, and I didn’t expect to be a kid again.

“Sisters, please take a seat. Please forgive me for discourtesy.” Wei Heng was held down by Wei Xuan and could not get up. She asked, “How do you have time to come here at this time?”

“Teacher is feeling a little unwell today. We won’t have class in the afternoon, so we made an appointment to see if third sister is feeling better.” Wei Xuan seemed to suddenly remember something, “Oh, and these are the class notes from the past three days. I brought them for you. Don’t worry about going to the academy; focus on recovering”

Wei Xuan’s small handwriting is beautiful and neat, and her notes are clear and detailed. The girls in the academy love to borrow her notes to read.

“Thank you, second sister.” Wei Heng took the note. It was undeniable that Wei Xuan was good in everything and everything. Seeing that Wei Xuan, who was only ten years old, was so good at life, Wei Heng was really ashamed of herself. There are people here who have lived through their thirties, and sometimes they are so willful that they are even worse than ten-year-old Wei Xuan.

Several little sisters said something more. Wei Xuan was afraid that everyone would disturb Wei Heng’s rest, so after a while, she got up and led everyone to leave.

All the sisters naturally listen to Wei Xuan. Although she is a middle child in the Wei family and is the youngest in the academy, there is no miss in the family who doesn’t follow her lead, including Wei Heng herself.

After Wei Xuan and the others left, Wei Heng lay on the bed in a daze, looking at the embroidery on the tent ceiling. She asked herself, would she still have to live a lifetime of being compared with Wei Xuan and being stepped on by Wei Xuan?

But the problem is that even though Wei Heng has regarded Wei Xuan as his lifelong enemy, she, Wei Heng, is not even close enough to be Wei Xuan’s enemy.

This is really the most infuriating thing. Wei Xuan played a pivotal role in Wei Heng’s life, but Wei Heng was nothing more than an insignificant sister to Wei Xuan.

It’s simply that if you compare one person to another, you will die, and if you compare goods, you should throw them away.

Let’s talk about the origin of Wei Heng’s knot. In the final analysis, the root lies with He Shi.

The He family and Wei Xuan’s mother, the Mu family, are cousins, with average family backgrounds and similar starting points.

But later on, a queen was born in the Mu family, and her family status became higher and higher, and she even got the title of earl. However, the family status of the He family became lower and lower. There was gradually no one in the court, and they even turned to compete with merchants for profits. After starting a business, even though they have a lot of wealth, their face is not that good after all.

Later, Mu Li entered a girls’ academy, but He Jia failed. This was unbearable for He Jia, who had always been proud and arrogant.

It was a coincidence that they later married into the Wei family of the Marquis of Jingning. Mu Li became the main wife, and current Marquis’s son’s wife. He Jia married the second son. Although he was also the legitimate son, he could not inherit the title after all. This was a bit short.

That was bearable, but the real trouble began when the two sisters started competing to have a child again. Mu Li entered the house and got a boy at one stroke, while He Jia had a daughter who died after raising her for less than a month. It was so pitiful.

Then, when the Mu family got a second son, the He family finally gave birth to the eldest son, but nothing could make the old man as happy as the eldest son and grandson.

Later, He Jia desperately wanted to have more children. She even risked her life to give birth to her second son. Unfortunately, it turned into a difficult childbirth, almost costing her life. On the other hand, Mu Li continued to give birth smoothly and had three more sons.

With five legitimate grandchildren in the Marquis’s family, both the Marquis and his wife hoped for a granddaughter. Unfortunately for He Jia, Mu Li gave birth to Wei Xuan first.

This made He Jia want to vomit blood. She had been like this all her life, but she expects her daughter to be better than Wei Xuan. She has been supervising Wei Heng since she was a child. She compares them every day for fear that she will lose to Wei Xuan in any aspect.

For example, Wei Xuan walked at the age of one, and Wei Heng had to walk at the age of one. For this reason, He Jia got up every night to train Wei Heng to walk. Another example is when Wei Xuan started calling people at eight months old, and He Jia started training every day. He Jia worked tirelessly to teach Wei Heng how to call people.

Being manipulated like this by He Jia, how could Wei Heng not regard Wei Xuan as his biggest rival in his previous life.

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