Chapter 44 Giving birth to a baby

Yan Yu became a miracle among the graduates of his class. Everyone went into battle lightly during their graduation defense, except Yan Yu. She can’t travel lightly, she has to carry the ball.

It was not easy for the defending teachers to see Yan Yu carrying a small ball, so they didn’t ask too many harsh questions. On the contrary, the three perverts were very memorized, and each of them was questioned by the defense review experts so much that they almost died.

Afterwards, the three lewd girls sighed with regret.

Huo Yun said to Yan Yu sourly: “Sleep, thank the government for allowing college students to get married. Otherwise, you would not be able to graduate. I would directly expel you from school and put you in a pig cage every day to rectify social life.” The unhealthy trend of having babies early!”

Cui Min also complained unbalancedly and said: “Why don’t the teachers make it difficult for you when they see that you are pregnant? Why do you think that I am still a young and beautiful girl, and they all ask me to death?” ! I have nothing less than you! I just have less fat. How can I be treated at such a high level!”

Wang Shuangyan was also indignant.

Then he said: “I have also passed the postgraduate entrance examination of this school. Logically speaking, these extinct gangs should not be chasing me, but the questions they asked one after another are really tricky! I have thought about it. When I graduate and defend my postgraduate degree, I will have to make my belly bigger! Compared with pregnant women, normal people will be at a huge disadvantage!”

These days, whoever has a baby in his belly is the ancestor!

One day when the baby was more than eight months old, Yan Yu suddenly developed a fever at home. Yan Yu was very scared. Xiao Xiang was not in the city at this time. He followed the people from the translation room to Linshi to attend an important meeting in the morning. He needed to turn off his mobile phone during the entire meeting. Yan Yu didn’t dare to take medicine randomly, so he drank hot water vigorously. As a result, he continued to sweat and his fever did not go away at all.

Yan Yu was a little panicked. She was afraid that prolonged fever would affect the baby’s health, so she quickly called the old lady. As a result, Mrs. Xiao and Lao Xiao were preparing to board the plane to accompany the leader on a foreign affairs visit abroad. The two asked Yan Yu what happened. Yan Yu was afraid that the old man would be worried and got sidetracked.

Yan Yu originally wanted to give it to himself

My parents called me, but I thought that the two old people were so far apart that they couldn’t see what I was like. They must be very worried, so I held back the call.

Yan Yu originally wanted to go to the hospital by himself, but he was too weak to walk due to fever. After thinking about it, he decided to call Huo Yun and ask her to accompany him.

As a result, when Yan Yu called Huo Yun, the girl was having a shameless affair with her boss in the distant Maldives while on a business trip; when he called Cui Min and Wang Shuangyan again, the two of them were so close to death. Everything is okay.

Yan Yu, who had always been so strong and heartless, suddenly felt particularly helpless, almost so fragile that he felt like crying.

Yan Yu struggled hard to put on his coat and planned to go to the hospital by himself. When I was changing my shoes at the door, I couldn’t hold on any longer. I was so dizzy that I couldn’t stand up.

Yan Yu cruelly dialed 120.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that Yan Yu had a severe cold and had to be hospitalized immediately. He asked if her family members were coming. Yan Yu said that his family members were having a meeting out of town.

. The doctor sympathized with her, a lonely and brave young pregnant woman, and asked her to stay in the hospital until Xiao Xiang came back to complete the hospitalization procedures.

While Yan Yu was lying in the hospital receiving an intravenous drip, he sent a message to Xiao Xiang, telling him that he was in the hospital. Then he fell into a drowsy sleep.

Yan Yu was later woken up by a mess of kisses falling on his face. As soon as Yan Yu opened his eyes, he saw Xiao Xiang’s handsome face filled with regret, pity and distress.

Seeing her husband coming, Yan Yu’s heart suddenly fell to the ground, and he no longer felt anxious. As a result, as soon as I felt relieved, tears began to roll out of my eyes. I couldn’t tell whether it was aggrieved or uncomfortable. In short, I just cried and cried in a pretentious manner.

Xiao Xiang was already blaming himself terribly, but when he saw his beloved girl bursting into tears, he just wanted to squat in the corner and dig at the wall.

Yan Yu sniffed pitifully and said, “Husband, I’m not afraid of anything. I’m just afraid that our little baby will be burned out. It doesn’t matter if I feel a little uncomfortable, but I’m afraid that our little baby will feel uncomfortable with me. , when I think he will feel uncomfortable, I

I just want to cry! “

After Yan Yu finished speaking, his tears actually started to fall to a new peak in response to the situation.

Listening to Yan Yu’s words, Xiao Xiang felt as if his whole heart was as soft as water. He kissed his wife with great pity and apologized: “Baby, it’s all my fault. You left yourself at home. Fortunately, this time you It’s okay. If something happens, I will never forgive your husband in my life! Baby, I won’t go anywhere from now on. I’m asking for leave and will stay with you. After we give birth to our little baby, I will Go to work again.”

Yan Yu cried and laughed and said, “A woman takes maternity leave after giving birth. How come you, a grown man, join in the fun and take maternity leave!”

Xiao Xiang didn’t care whether men had maternity leave or not, and regardless of his parents’ objections, he resolutely asked for a month’s leave from his employer. Xiao’s mother was very angry and said that it would be better to hire a nanny. Can she even take away her work? It was an accident that Yan Yu caught a cold, and it was an accident that there was no one at home. If she hired a nanny in the future, such a thing would not happen.

Xiao Xiang refused to do it and had to take leave. He had to guard his beloved girl every day until the baby was born. Word

Seeing her old lady’s elongated face like an old monster from Montenegro, Yu felt uncomfortable and persuaded Xiao Xiang to go back to work. Xiao Xiang was as determined as if he had eaten a weight and refused to go.

Later, Xiao’s mother saw that her son’s will was too strong, so she gradually gave in and gave up. She treated Xiao Xiang’s leader to two meals and took care of the organization’s emotions, so she let it go.

But one night, Xiao’s mother slept soundly, but suddenly she woke up. Not only did she wake up on her own, but she also woke up her old man by pulling and shaking his vagina.

Father Xiao looked at his menopausal wife with sleepy eyes, wondering what else was going on in her mind.

After Xiao’s mother woke up Xiao’s father, she asked with a face full of sorrow: “When I gave birth to our son, why didn’t you ask for leave from the work to accompany me? Look at how fondly your son is towards Yan Yu. When I compare it now, I feel I feel so sad! You love me more than your son loves Yan Yuduo!”

Father Xiao was speechless and cried silently in his heart: When you were a big girl, your body was as strong as an ox, how could you need anyone to take care of you. Oh my God, hurry up and give in

Her menopause must be over, this is too deadly! The old man’s eyes are full of laughter (Gaga~ in Northeastern dialect), and he compares his love to the younger generation. It’s so shameful!

After more than nine months of embryonic development, the big seed in Yan Yu’s belly finally matured. At that moment, Yan Yu asked Xiao Xiang: “Do you have a penis?”

Xiao Xiang was so cold that he hugged Yan Yu’s head and said, “He’s a son. He’s very beautiful! Just like you!”

When Yan Yu heard this, she immediately became energetic. She immediately decided not to fall asleep and take a look at her precious son first. As a result, when the nurse brought the baby to Yan Yu’s eyes, Comrade Yan Yu almost cried “Wow!”

The little mother cried and asked her husband: “How can I give birth to a little old man?”

Before Xiao Xiang could answer, the baby grinned, closed his eyes, and began to cry loudly, as if he heard his mother’s unscrupulous comments about him.

As soon as Yan Yu heard the cry, his heart suddenly became a mess, and he was so distressed that he cried along with him.

As soon as Xiao Xiang saw his wife and children, he was so flustered that he didn’t know where to put his hands.

The nurse next to me was not happy. I have seen all kinds of wonderful scenes of families after giving birth, but this is the first time I have seen such a crazy person. A family of three is quite emotional.

As the baby grows up day by day, the new mother’s body also recovers day by day. The soul of the new baby daddy has been imprisoned in the turbulent and aggrieved desires for too long and is in urgent need of release. So on a weekend, Xiao Xiao’s father sent his son to the hospital very unscrupulously

I want to go home and have a good time with my wife in the second world.

Yan Yu asked Xiao Xiang a little worriedly: “Are you no longer satisfied after giving birth to the baby?”

Xiao Xiang’s voice was trembling as if he had smoked a cigarette, and he told his beloved wife: “It makes me feel so comfortable! Baby, let’s just have this one child. Don’t have another one in the future. If you endure it one more time, your husband You will definitely become sick due to your dissatisfaction!”

Yan Yu also wholeheartedly promised not to have a second child in the future, and she herself was half-dead from holding it in.

Just when the two of them couldn’t get enough rolling over and over again, a piece of bad news suddenly came.

Things are complicated. That night, Xiao Xiangxiang was very depressed and wanted. Xiao Yanyan is very obedient and wants to give.

But the little balloon misbehaved and couldn’t be found.

Xiao Xiangxiang felt very sad, and Xiao Yanyan felt distressed. So Xiao Yanyan used her insouciant mathematical knowledge to calculate her menstrual cycle, and then breathlessly told her husband who was ready to go: “Come on! Do it! Nothing will happen! Sister is in a safe period!”

If this were to be said in peace, it would be like a thunderclap. Translator Xiao knows his wife very well, and he should listen to all academic questions in reverse. But at that time, Xiao Yiyi had already been carried away by cross-viewing. After listening to his wife’s words, he rarely deceived himself*. After just one night of crazy indulgence that was calculated as a safe period, Xiao Yanyan was born again.

Xiao Xiang couldn’t wait to scratch the wall! If you fail to hold back for one night, you will have to spend thousands of nights as a monk. The gain outweighs the loss! The gain outweighs the loss!

Yan Yu also wanted to scratch the wall. If you calculate other things to be wrong, you will be wrong. How can you calculate that there is something wrong with you! It’s okay this time. God will punish you for your miscalculation. Just run with the ball for another ten months!

Yan Yu had a baby again, and the two of them were the happiest. One is his two-year-old son. When he heard that his mother had a baby, he went to his mother’s belly every day to chat with the little embryo in her belly. He stubbornly believed that the little baby there must be a younger sister.

Yan Yu asked his son: “What if he is a younger brother?”

The handsome little Xiao Yu replied firmly: “Strangle me to death! I want my sister!”

Yan Yu was completely overwhelmed by his son’s powerful aura! She was really worried that if she didn’t give birth to a little girl, an ethical tragedy would happen to her family!

Another person who was extremely happy was the child Meng Doudou. When Meng Doudou was brought to Yan Yu’s house by his stepmother to play, he heard that Yan Yu had a baby again. He was so happy that he rushed to Yan Yu and said, “If she is a little sister, when she grows up, I will Just marry her!” To make up for your hurt heart, if mom doesn’t want him, then let her daughter want him!

Yan Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Before he could express his position, Xiao Yu was not happy. He flew up with his immature short legs and kicked Meng Doudou with a flying kick. He shouted a stuttering warning: “My sister is mine!”

After the baby was born, God really lived up to Xiao Yu’s heart, and he was really a little sister.

Xiao Xiang and Yan Yu named the baby

His name is Xiao Yan. Mother Xiao almost wanted to knock herself to death after hearing this name. Mother Xiao said with tears streaming down her face: “How could you name my beautiful little granddaughter with such a two-hundred-and-fifty name? What are you talking about? How good is direct anti-inflammatory medicine! You are so angry with me that you are so angry with me.” Oh! Even if it is called Xiao Chunhua or Xiao Phoenix, it is a hundred times stronger than Xiao Yan!”

Even though the old lady yelled at her, the young couple still resolutely wrote down Xiao Yan’s name in the household registration book for the baby.

Xiao Yan’s little beauty grew more and more slender and cute as she grew older, and she was more attractive than her mother. From the age of four, no matter where she went, there would always be some bratty little guy following behind her. These boys look for opportunities every day to get close to Xiao Yanyan. For these annoying slugs, Xiao Yu, a child with a strong obsession with sisters, has always served them with fists and kicks.

Slowly, brother Xiao Yu beat away almost all the little nymphos around his sister, leaving only one who was still unyielding and stayed behind his precious sister every day, and could not be beaten away no matter how hard he beat him.

This clingy spirit is very good-looking, pink and tender. When Xiao Yu was conducting a net worth investigation, he asked him: “Whose family do you belong to, what is your name, and why do you want to play with my sister!”

The pink little baby replied crisply: “My name is Du Erbao, I like Xiao Yanyan, and I want her to be my girlfriend!”

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