Chapter 43 Finally Married

Classmate Yan Yu is getting married. With half a year left to graduate, the little girl secretly hid a baby in her belly that she didn’t know whether to take with her or not. She got on the bus with her teacher, Teacher Xiao Xiang, and then bought a ticket and got married.

The two first bought a house in a better area of ​​the city. In order to move in immediately, I bought a fully decorated apartment-style house. After the house was bought, the young man and woman couldn’t wait to live together again.

Regarding the wedding, a young couple insisted on keeping everything simple, not disturbing too many people, and just inviting some relatives and friends.

But the four old men on both sides refused to agree even to the death.

The two mothers had a highly unified opinion at this time, saying: “I have been following the family for so many years, and I just want to get my money back this time. If we don’t do something about it, all the courtesy exchanges in the past will really be in vain.”

The two young people thought about it too. The three perverts also carefully enlightened little mother Yan Yu and said: “Getting married is like hosting the Olympics. The bigger the event, the more you earn; the more arrogant the wedding, the more gorgeous the red envelopes you receive.”

After hearing this, Yan Yu felt that it made sense, so he said to the baby’s father: “If nothing happens to us in the future, we can divorce a few more times, and then remarry and have a second or third wedding banquet. The red envelope can help Great harvest!”

Teacher Xiao first rewarded his baby’s mother with a blow, and then took her daughter-in-law into her arms and kissed her, blushing and panting: “I would rather not pay a penny, I will.” I want you as my wife!”

Yan Yu’s mother felt so cold that she hugged Teacher Xiao’s head passionately and started to have sex without any idea.

After the kiss, both of them were red-eyed and panting heavily.

Cha Wang is hooked! Hold it in! I’m really holding back! But there is a baby in my belly!

At this moment, a loving and loving couple laments the length of the human reproduction cycle! If you were like a mouse, if you say you have something, you will have it, and you won’t be afraid of having it again after you give birth. Anyway, the birth will be fast, then your life will be so high and enjoyable.

Human reproduction cycles are long, human physiological needs are long, and human wisdom is overwhelming and endless.

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After Xiao Xiang gave birth to a child, he said with infinite emotion: “Having a child is really not a human life!”

Xiao Xiang took advantage of the fact that his girl was pregnant and confidently asked Yan Yu to go through the resignation procedures without any room for negotiation. Xiao Xiang himself also ended his work at the school. Xiao’s father and Xiao’s mother left some connections and worked in the translation room.

When he first entered the translation room, he was still in the training stage, so Xiao Xiang wasn’t too busy yet, so he took this opportunity to prepare for his wedding to Yan Yu. Xiao Xiang boasted that he had a fat salary and planned to let Yan Yu take care of the children at home and be a full-time housewife. He always felt that his daughter-in-law was born in vain, but as soon as she left the house, she became extremely attractive. You have a baby, but you still have big peach blossoms and little peach blossoms?

?There is a space behind it, which makes people jealous.

Yan Yu went to the company and told Meng Jin that she had a baby and was about to get married and have a baby with her boyfriend, so she wanted to quit her job. Facing Yan Yu’s request to resign, Comrade Meng Jin said with great emotion: “It’s hard to find someone who can make Doudou open his mouth, but you have to quit your job again. Otherwise, I’ll give you a big leave. Are you planning to It’s okay to get married, have children, travel, and then come back after everything is done.”

Yan Yu thought for a while and told Doudou his father: “I won’t delay things if I don’t go to work. If Doudou becomes autistic again, why don’t you just send him to my house. I will definitely make him a chatterbox!”

Meng Jin was happy when he heard it. After he was happy, he said: “When you leave, I have to recruit a new secretary. The table you sit at is simply my mother’s table. Whoever sits there will be the mother for a few days. I wonder if that table used to be I have offered sacrifices to Guanyin.”

Yan Yu rolled his eyes and took the opportunity to say to Meng Jin: “Mr. Meng, I would like to recommend someone to you. She is the girl who came with me during the interview. She has thick eyebrows and big eyes. She is currently working in a company on the outskirts of the city. As for the department, you can transfer her back to the head office to be a secretary! She can speak better than me. You can try to teach Doudou

If you put her by your side, she will definitely turn Doudou from autistic to a chatty chatterbox! “

Meng Jin thought for a while and asked: “I can’t just transfer her back, and within a month, she will be pregnant with a child and need to take maternity leave or something!”

Yan Yu chuckled and said, “Comrade Huo Yun is definitely a good comrade. She is even more of a yellow girl than a yellow girl. She won’t be able to give birth to a child for a while. Please feel free to use it, Mr. Meng!”

The three monsters of lustful women are adults who have strong knowledge and skills on the spiritual level. In reality, they are just three big yellow flowers that will wither if they are not picked by someone.

Meng Jin later accepted Yan Yu’s recommendation and transferred Huo Yun to the secretary’s office.

Yan Yu has been busy preparing for the wedding and has not bothered to communicate with Comrade Huo Yun about the feelings of the staff secretary and the experience of the non-staff nanny. However, the child Meng Doudou missed and resented her very much and called her once. Yan Yu vaguely smelled a hint of ambiguity from this call.

Yan Yu asked Meng Doudou if he had seen Sister Huo; Xiao Ga

Dou yelled: “Dad doesn’t let me call her sister, let me call her aunt!”

Yan Yu felt very tragic. Why is she the sister and Huo Yun the aunt? ! You’re a bad guy, don’t do it!

Yan Yu later called Huo Yun, and Huo Dasheng’s classmate angrily said to Yan’s mother: “Why are the current bosses so perverted! Not only do they treat themselves like cows and horses during work hours, but they also have no privacy after work.” Freedom, not only do you have to help him take care of the baby, but you also have to cook and wash clothes for their family! Yan Yu, have you done this before? Isn’t Teacher Xiao mad? I really want to put sleeping pills in their food! Make it for him Housekeeping doesn’t count as overtime work, it’s not enough for people to live! I want to resign!”

In the evening, Yan Yu learned this from Xiao Xiang. Xiao Xiang was extremely happy. Xiao Xiang told Yan Yu: “The secretary desk for delivering children in your company may be able to make Huo Yun a mother in a short time.”

Yan Yu was sleepy the night before. It wasn’t until the next morning that she finally figured out what her little Xiangxiang meant. I bet she accidentally added fuel to the flames and became a matchmaker for a while.

The wedding date is getting closer and closer, but there is a very serious problem that has still not been implemented. That’s who will be the bridesmaid.

The three lecherous monsters wanted to be Yan Yu’s bridesmaids. No one wanted to give in, and they were ready to scratch each other to death.

Yan Yu burst into tears and said with great emotion: “I didn’t expect you three to love me so much just to be my bridesmaids. You almost hurt each other’s sisterhood! How wonderful!”

The three lecherous monsters said to Yan Yu expressionlessly: “Sleep, you are thinking too much. We just want to get involved with you and Teacher Xiao’s best man.”

Yan Yu was a little bit confused, and he immediately made the final decision in an irritable manner and said: “Okay! I have decided, you three will be the bridesmaids!” Aren’t you thinking about the best man? This time I will let you three women versus one man, and you can go and grab the female silver. It’s not a crime to rob! One less one will be scratched to death!

On Yan Yu’s wedding day, the wedding scene was so weird!

It doesn’t matter if the bride and groom each have one. One groomsman is normal. But three bridesmaids showed up.

Yan Yu joked to Xiao Xiang, “If you didn’t know this, I would have thought you were marrying a daughter-in-law today and taking in two concubines at the same time!”

Xiao Xiang pointed at Yan Yu’s nose and said, “Pay attention to prenatal education! Don’t instill feudal and decadent culture into our babies prematurely through the umbilical cord!”

On the day of Yan Yu’s wedding, there came someone who wanted to make things worse and someone who really made things worse.

The person who wants to cause trouble is Zhao Zixin. I watched with tears in my eyes as my beloved girl put on a wedding dress for another man. I felt so bad in my heart that I really wanted to rush up, kick the groom away, and kidnap the bride away. However, Xiao Xin has never had any opportunity to display his ambitions. From the moment he appeared at the wedding, he was surrounded by three bridesmaids. Zhao Zixin really admired Yan Yu’s three young roommates. They were so invincible, more powerful than the thousands of troops in their army. There were only three people, but it made him feel as if he was surrounded by countless Tang Seng brothers from all directions.

The one who really came to cause trouble was the kid Meng Doudou. Meng Dou

Although Comrade Dou is small, he has great ambitions. He held on to Yan Yu’s wedding dress and refused to let go, and even instigated Yan Yu to elope with him with a serious look on his face. Yan Yu dumbfounded asked Meng Doudou whether he knew what the word “elope” meant.

Meng Doudou said very seriously: “I don’t quite understand. But last night Aunt Huo told me that if I could persuade you to elope with me, then you would not marry Xiao Xiang.”

Yan Yu’s jaw hit the ground with a click. She felt that Huo Yun, a lesbian, was really capable of poisoning the pure hearts of children. The damn girl was just a pornographic painter who painted yellow on other people’s pure thoughts.

However, Yan Yu captured another message through the words of the child Meng Doudou. Yan Yu asked Meng Doudou, “When did Aunt Huo tell you last night?”

Meng Doudou was just a baby after all, and no matter how new Yan Yu was, there was still a gap in intelligence among those in their twenties. To deal with such a six-year-old kid, her IQ is definitely that of Einstein in front of normal people.

Meng Doudou’s little boy is so innocent and innocent towards his

The first love replied: “I said it before going to bed.”

Yan Yu asked: “Aunt Huo lives in your house?”

Meng Doudou answered more innocently: “Yes. I’ve been staying here for several days.”

Then he pleaded persistently: “Yan Yu, let’s elope!”

Yan Yu felt that he was about to be buried alive by Black Lines.

It wasn’t until Meng Doudou’s father came to the rescue that Yan Yu finally got rid of the obsession of an infatuated man.

Then Yan Yu told Meng Jin that Huoyun was chatting enthusiastically with her high school classmates. Meng Jin rushed to Huo Dasheng without saying a word, smiled slightly and helped Huo Yun away with narrowed eyes.

Yan Yu thought happily: Who knows, when his baby falls to the ground, Huo Yun will still have a small embryo wrapped in his belly. When the time comes, let’s see which of the two families’ children is prettier, Ouye!

The elders on both sides considered Yan Yu

They are already possessed by the divine fetus, so they try to reduce the tedious activities of the wedding as much as possible so that the young couple Xiao Xiang and Yan Yu can enter the bridal chamber early with less hassle.

As a result, this wedding night is really like purgatory on earth for the newlyweds.

The two of them were biting the corners of their quilts, looking at each other with red eyes, looking at each other, looking at each other, and then they couldn’t bear the excitement any longer. They both let go of their quilts and jumped directly towards each other. They kissed each other.

Kiss and kiss, the more they kiss, the hotter they get; the more they kiss, the less clothes they wear; the more they kiss, the tighter they become; the more they kiss, the more they kiss, the hotter they become; the more they kiss, the more they wear clothes; the more they kiss, the tighter they become; the more they kiss, the more they kiss, until the end, the man goes to the toilet naked to take a shower. Water, naked woman scratching the wall.

After finally calming down, for the sake of the baby’s growth and development, Comrade Xiao Xiang gritted his teeth and endured the pain as he was carried to the guest room.

It’s a pity for a loving couple whose dream of getting married has just been realized, but they have to sleep in separate rooms from the wedding night.

Oh my god, it’s so speechless!

It wasn’t until the child was almost four months old that Yan Yu went to the hospital for a review. The doctor said in a vague way that he could still have sex if he was careful and took his time.

After hearing the news, Monk Xiao almost shed tears of gratitude. That night, I carried the quilt from the study to the bedroom and prepared to have a bridal ceremony with my wife in a gentle and careful manner.

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Before Xiao Xiang hugged Yan Yu and fell asleep, Yan Yu asked Xiao Xiang uneasily: “We just did bad things, will the baby learn bad things?”

Comrade Xiao Xiang unscrupulously told his wife: “No. It’s so late, our baby is already asleep.”

Yan Yu felt relieved.

But then one day in broad daylight, it was a weekend and the two of them had nothing to do, so they sat on the sofa and lazed around. As a result, it got so boring that it finally became angry again, and Comrade Xiao and Comrade Yan couldn’t control it.

After the conversation was over, Yan Yu asked Xiao Xiang in great confusion: “We did bad things in broad daylight this time. Will the baby learn to be bad?”

Comrade Xiao Xiang still told his wife unscrupulously: “No. Now is the time for our baby to take a nap during the day.”

Yan Yu then figured out his child’s routine. As long as the baby’s parents are impulsive and do bad things, then this is definitely the time when her baby is sleeping.

It’s better to sleep more. Sleeping is healthier. Get more sleep and do more things, wow!

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