Chapter 42 The in-laws meet together

Before Yan Yu called her parents, she first announced to her think tank that she had Xiao Beibei.

Yan Yu said to Huo Yun, “I have it.”

Huo Yun widened his eyes and asked, “What’s there?”

Yan Yu ignored it, turned to Cui Min and said, “I have a child.”

Cui Min opened his mouth and stammered: “No… I didn’t do it!”

Yan Yu couldn’t help but let out a cry of sorrow, and adopted an attitude of ignoring him. He turned to Wang Shuangyan and said, “I have Xiao Xiang’s child!”

Wang Shuangyan rolled her eyelids and sang passionately: “It’s not that I’m careless, it’s just that true love is irresistible…Yangguang Hospital provides painless abortion, easily relieving you from the worries of unexpected pregnancy!”

Yan Yu can no longer speak! These are really a bunch of weird thinking monsters!

Just when Yan Yu was feeling sad on his own, three lecherous monsters suddenly surrounded him.

Huo Yun pulled out a stack of papers from behind with a “swish” and put it under Yan Yu’s eyes and said, “What’s going on? Aren’t you happy yet? We were just teasing you! I knew you had Beibei. Well, this is what I got from the Internet.” The maternity guide and prenatal education guide below is a great study. Now that you have a second generation in your belly, you should stay away from pornography. Do you know that having sex should be avoided? Don’t let your baby be in your belly. It hasn’t taken shape yet, but the thinking is already flowing in advance.”

Yan Yu opened his mouth and asked, “How did you know I had it!”

Cui Min handed out a plastic bag and said: “I don’t know which idiot put the medical notebook on the table and then disappeared. We are all good young people with a strong thirst for knowledge, so we took it and opened it. Well, then I saw that our second generation has been conceived! Congratulations! I have to say that our teacher Xiao’s reproductive ability is really powerful! Here, this is a radiation protection suit for pregnant women, for our baby’s future beauty If the bubbling is not deformed and you don’t have three arms and six fingers or anything like that, you can live your life wearing it from now on!”

Yan Yu took the plastic bag with a complicated expression.

. She was moved and angry. There is no need to explain why when I am moved. She was angry because her baby was not even as big as a finger, so she asked her aunt to curse the six fingers on her three arms that were deformed, which turned out to be a crow’s mouth with a gap!

Wang Shuangyan finally handed over a square box and said, “Sleep, I can’t think of anything else to give. This is a PHS. Green communication has no radiation and is the best choice for pregnant women. Give it to you!”

After Yan Yu accepted the gift from the three lecherous monsters, his heart felt so soft that he almost turned into water. Yan Yu delivered a speech of thanks with a heart-moving speech: “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much?! Good people! You are all good people!”

The three lecherous monsters laughed evilly and said, “Thank you, no need! Just give us Shota Ge Ge’s phone number!”

Yan Yu turned around and pretended not to hear that he was running to the hospital to raise his baby.

If I call you carefully, he won’t even die. The hearts of those who have become mothers are soft. How could she put a small, unbroken little ram into the mouths of three huge and invincible female color wolves? How dishonest…

Yan Yu called the baby’s grandparents at night. Yan Yu En’en said to Yan’s mother graciously: “Mom, um… um… um… um… you are going to be a grandma…”

Yan’s mother responded with her instinctive reaction: “Baby, the gift we brought to Xiao Xiang last time was not enough?”

Yan Yu decisively denied: “No! There are quite a few. It’s useless on purpose!”

Dad Yan was a little bit confused at this time, so he couldn’t help but interjected and asked: “Baby! How old is the baby? Boy or girl? Can he be called grandpa?”

Yan’s mother slapped Pia, a famous doctor who was slightly insane due to excitement.

Mother Yan was puzzled: “Baby, why are you deliberately not using it? You haven’t graduated yet, you haven’t gotten married yet, and now you have a baby, isn’t it inconvenient?”

Yan Yu was gracious for a while and said, “Xiao Xiang’s mother doesn’t agree with him being with me. Xiao Xiang said that with a baby, her mother can’t help but disagree!”

When Yan’s mother heard that this was the reason, she became angry without saying a word. She roared loudly and said to Yan’s father: “Her dad! Xiao Xiang doesn’t want to see our baby! Hurry up and pack your things, we’re going to Beijing right now!”

Dad Yan was sure that his baby bump had caused the future old woman to wear small shoes and pull her pigtails. He immediately became angry and roared: “The people who don’t want to see our baby are all old Montenegro monsters! Her mother, we will go to Beijing to subjugate the monster right now. go!”

After Yan Yu hung up the phone with his parents, he immediately called Xiao Xiang’s Niwai hotline. As soon as the call came through, Yan Yu hurriedly said: “Xiao Xiangxiang, my parents are coming to see me, but this time I think I can have a fight with your parents. I said your mother doesn’t like me as a wife. , my mother and father are both angry! What should I do!”

Xiao Xiang pondered for a moment and said: “Baby, just take care of the pregnancy. The soldiers are coming to cover up the water and the soil, the mother-in-law is coming to kill, and there is a good son-in-law with a gold medal!”

Yan Yu chuckled and said, “Your mother doesn’t like me, just watch, my mother will definitely deal with you too, ho ho!”

Xiao Xiang was filled with emotion after hanging up the phone.

He just wanted to get married to his beloved little girl so that he could have sex every night, so why was it so difficult? well……

In order to suppress his mother’s self-centered noble lady’s fault, Xiao Xiang turned his elbows outward and said to his mother: “Mom, Yan Yu said that his parents were in Beijing today. Her parents heard that I She got pregnant and was very angry. Mom, what do you think I should do?”

Xiao’s father sighed in a helpful manner and said quietly: “Oh, son, any girl’s parents will be angry if this is done to them. They are their parents’ darlings. How can you not feel bad for letting you get pregnant like this?” Is this a girl who is not even married yet? If you tell me this, it will make the girl and her parents unable to hold their heads up. Oh~

You’re not doing this right~”

Xiao Xiang looked at Xiao’s mother with a reluctant expression. As expected, Mrs. Xiao fell deeper into the pit. This time, there was another husband digging the hole, so she couldn’t help but fall deeper into it.

Mother Xiao also sighed and said: “Oh, son, it’s useless if you don’t want to give in. What were you thinking about when you drank too much? Just focus on having fun for a while, and then forget about it? After all, you don’t care? That’s not a good thing. As the saying goes, it’s the father’s fault if the son doesn’t teach. If you do such a stupid thing, your dad and I also have a certain responsibility. Let’s do this. Tell Yan Yu to make an appointment with her parents. Your father and I will go with you. Then we all sit down in a friendly manner and choose a date for you to get married as soon as possible. Anyway, don’t you like that girl Yan Yu?”

Xiao Xiang had to act cheaply, and continued to act with a long face and said with a grimace: “Mom, aren’t you, this is the end of the world? Just because of a child that has not yet formed, will you decide on your son’s lifelong happiness? You don’t plan to What if I find a rich girl from a famous family and become rich? What if I think it’s better to be a girl from a famous family in the future?”

Mother Xiao struggled with pain on her face.

When Xiao’s father saw it, he knew that his son had to dig a hole. If he continued to behave, it would be counterproductive. He quickly said to the side: “You have the nerve to say it! Now, don’t think about anything, just clean up and prepare to get married and become a husband.” Be a dad!”

After listening to her husband’s words, Mrs. Xiao’s wavering heart finally firmed up her final position. Mrs. Lao Xiao also said enthusiastically: “Who told you to have sex while drunk? This is a lesson! Let’s see if you dare to do it again!”

Xiao Xiang secretly said: Dare! My biggest wish now is to treat my child’s mother ruthlessly and mess around again!

How could the word “suffocate” be used when there is no female companion to accompany you!

Usually when the in-laws meet, it is either a family-like harmony or a bloodless war.

Xiao Yan’s parents meet each other

Before, both Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang felt that this would be a war.

The two men made complete preparations for this and tried their best to turn this war into friendship that would involve no bloodshed but could cost everyone.

Xiao Xiang told Yan Yu: “Baby, if the battle is too fierce, just complain that your stomach hurts!”

Yan Yu nodded firmly, holding his stomach and asked, “Just tell me, does it hurt?”

Xiao Xiang’s face was filled with invisible tears of sadness. This girl is so good at treating people! If his baby develops in the stomach, ten months later, the child will not be born by “birth”, but by “pull”!

After all the preparations were made, when the four old people from both sides met, what Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang didn’t expect was that the war between the mother-in-law and the mother-in-law’s family would turn into a tearful tea chat with old friends!

The moment Xiao’s mother saw Yan Yu’s parents appear, she stretched out her fingers as cold as ice, pointed at Yan’s father tremblingly and shouted: “Yan Jin!”

Dad Yan replied with the same action: “Guan Xin!”

Dad Xiao said to Dad Yan with a look of surprise on his face: “So you are Guan Xin’s first love!”

Yan’s mother secretly pinched Yan’s father’s back and said with a smile, “So this is your middle school classmate!”

Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang were completely stunned.

Yinsheng, you are so bloody.

The atmosphere of the meeting between the two parties suddenly became harmonious.

Xiao’s mother said with a smile: “Yan Jin, it turns out that Yan Yu is your daughter!”

Dad Yan suddenly remembered that the lady in front of him was said to not want to see his baby.

My daughter asked with a long face: “I heard that you didn’t agree with my baby being with your son before?”

Xiao’s mother was a little confused, glanced at Yan Yu and asked, “Who said this?”

Xiao Xiang and Yan’s father said at the same time: “Listen to me/your son!”

What a tacit understanding!

Xiao Xiang and his father-in-law looked at each other. The look in his father-in-law’s eyes was filled with praise.

Lao Yantou protects his children to no end, and blames Xiao Xiaozi for everything. But he didn’t expect that Mr. Xiao would go to great lengths to protect his daughter, and would take everything on him. Bravo!

Two men who deeply love the same woman establish a deep class feeling in the spark of eye contact.

Mother Xiao quickly rolled her eyes at her son and then explained with a smile: “I don’t know that Yan Yu is your daughter! If I knew, could I disagree?”

Yan’s father said in confusion: “You come from our small town, and your surname is Yan. It’s such a rare surname, so you don’t have enough time to ask my daughter what her father’s name is!”

Mother Xiao said innocently: “I asked! When we first met, I asked your daughter what her last name was; she said her last name was Yan, so I asked if it was Yan Xishan, and she said no!”

Father Yan let out a long sigh and said, “Thankfully, we were just a little ambiguous when we were sitting at the same table. If I really lived with you, you would have the wrong child! When did my surname become Yan Xishan’s? My surname is obviously Yan. Isn’t the language of romance novels good?”

Mother Xiao’s face turned red. Dad Xiao coughed a little awkwardly next to him. Yan’s mother stretched out her hand and pinched Yan’s father’s back again. It’s amazing. It’s actually in the same position as before. As I said, it hurts!

With painful tears in his eyes, Dad Yan said to everyone: “I was a little bit cold just now, and what I said was a bit too much. Don’t mind me! In fact, I only have my baby’s mother in my heart!”

Xiao’s mother also quickly expressed her position not to be outdone and said: “First love doesn’t understand love! I only love my family

Lao Xiao is unforgettable! “

Yan Yu looked at Xiao Xiang and said, “Xiao Xiangxiang, it seems like there is nothing going on today without us!”

Xiao Xiang rolled his eyes and said, “Baby, it seems that our marriage is a forged match. Let the four old men make a fool of themselves. Can my husband take you to watch a movie?”

Yan Yu smiled like a flower and slumped Xiao Xiang’s arms and said happily: “Husband, you look so beautiful today!”

Xiao Xiang kissed the girl he loved on her face.

In my heart, that is beautiful…

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