Chapter 41 Capture the old woman

Xiao Xiang put a lot of thought into how to let his mother know that in this world, she already had a grandson as big as a finger.

Not only should Mrs. Xiao be happy to accept her grandson, but also she should love her house and accept her grandson’s mother without being too harsh on the child for being unmarried. When doing this, Xiao Xiang was very worried. It took a lot of thinking.

After much deliberation, Comrade Xiao Xiang had a clue.

First of all, Teacher Xiao collected a large number of magazines and newspapers about unwed and pregnant girls, “accidentally” read them and threw them in various corners of the house. Then, after three days, the results came out.

During dinner in the evening, Mrs. Xiao said to the Xiaos very sadly: “I haven’t returned to China for so many years. I don’t know that young people in China have become so irresponsible. I have been reading the newspapers that my son brought back these two days. Magazines, almost every magazine has a tragedy about human relations. It’s a pity. Let’s just say that in the magazine, there is a young man who lures young women to have a relationship with him. Nowadays, the society is so open, as long as you love I do. I’m used to seeing this kind of thing, so it’s okay. The key question

Yes, if you want to have a relationship with someone, you have to be responsible for them. As a result, after eating and wiping the food, the man threw his hands and left. The remaining girl has not yet graduated from college and is pregnant. I went to the hospital for surgery, but there was an accident and I will never be able to have children again. What a tragedy. One wrong move and your whole life is ruined. Today’s young people are really irresponsible in doing things. If you ask me, this man should really be sent to a correctional center for a month and a half. He should really learn how to behave! “

Seeing that the opportunity was good, Xiao Xiang took advantage of the opportunity and said to the side: “Mom, why don’t you say that girls nowadays are too casual and have relationships with others before they are married. If she had self-discipline, could something like this happen.”

Xiao Xiang knew his mother very well, she was a typical person who argued against others. If you say something is good, she will pick out the thorns for you. If you say something is bad, she will dig out the truth, goodness and beauty for you. Living in this kind of sensual world that strives to be different from others all your life is really a joy and you don’t know that you hate it.

Sure enough, after hearing what Xiao Xiang said, Mrs. Xiao retorted habitually: “You kid, it’s not kind of you to speak like this. Boys nowadays are like wolves and tigers, and they are usually affected by the discordant comments on the Internet. The influence of things, thinking about that kind of thing in my heart

Looking forward to being hungry and thirsty. When faced with coaxing with sweet words, some of the little girls must be able to hold their own and not just accept it half-heartedly. Let’s not talk about others, let’s just talk about you and that Yan Yu. I think if that girl hadn’t been in love with you and stopped being polite, you would have eaten her up. “

Xiao Xiang laughed so hard in his heart that he almost burst out of laughter, but he still said calmly: “Hey, Mom, now you don’t say that girls shouldn’t have sex before marriage, but you think that girls shouldn’t have sex before marriage. The girl is innocent. Then let me ask you, if one day a girl comes to you and tells you that you have a grandson and insists on marrying me, then do I still have to marry her? “

When Mother Xiao heard her son’s teasing and dissatisfied tone, she felt very unhappy. Her habit of refuting other people’s opinions and her menopausal tyranny and stubbornness hit at the same time. Her whole face immediately straightened up and she said seriously: “Why are you kid following me?” Arrogance! Don’t tell me, if you really make another girl’s belly bigger, you will really have to take this responsibility, and you will have to marry someone. Who said you are my son, Guan Xin! Be a human being. Be conscientious!”

Xiao Xiang screamed in his heart: Okay, this is what I’m waiting for!

Three more days passed. When Xiao Xiang estimated that his mother had basically forgotten about the magazine, Xiao Xiang felt that after he revealed the news about Yan Yu’s pregnancy, his mother would not immediately think that the previous magazine was something he deliberately put under her nose. When the bottom was lowered, Xiao Xiang took action.

After Xiao Xiang finished dinner, he quietly walked up to Xiao’s mother who was clearing away the dishes and said to her solemnly: “Mom, I drank too much on the night of my birthday. Yan Yu was also there that night, and later someone came After everyone left, I impulsively forced her to do something while drunk. She didn’t blame me, but she told me yesterday that the thing she told me about herself hadn’t come yet. I took her to the hospital for a checkup during the day. , the doctor said she was pregnant. Originally, I wanted her to abort the baby during the day, but the doctor said she couldn’t do it because she had eaten in the morning. I told the doctor that we would do the operation tomorrow. Mom, I suddenly remembered I heard you say two days ago that there was a girl in the magazine who could not get pregnant after undergoing this operation. I think if this is the case, this operation should be considered a big deal. After thinking about it, I think this matter I still have to ask you, will this kind of surgery have any impact on the future?”

As soon as Mrs. Xiao heard what her son said, she was stunned for a moment, and then

He slammed the rag in his hand on the table and shouted loudly: “If you dare to do this to this child, I will stuff you back into my belly!”

Xiao Xiang made a victory gesture in his heart. His mother stood at the edge of the pit! All he needed was a slight push and he immediately fell into the pit!

Xiao Xiang frowned in distress and said: “What should we do? Is it possible to let her give birth? There are so many women in the world who can get pregnant. Anyone you can find can give you a grandchild, and it’s not just the ones in her belly. It’s the Xiao family’s doll.”

Mrs. Xiao successfully took the bait and jumped into the trap without thinking: “How could I teach you how to be a human being! How could you be so irresponsible! It’s a life after all! You also said that you were the one who gave Yan Yu to Forcibly or something, what do you want the girl to do in the future?”

Xiao Xiangyun said calmly: “What should I do? Is it possible that I have to marry her because of this?”

When Mrs. Xiao saw her son’s reluctant expression, she immediately jumped deeper into the big hole her son had dug for her without saying a word. Mrs. Xiao said with a heartbroken look: “Son, how can you still say such things!

Don’t you like that girl Yan Yu the most? How come you want to be irresponsible after eating her up? “

Xiao Xiang said with a look of disapproval: “I like her because I like her, but I didn’t say that I wanted to marry her. Besides, don’t you also think that her family background is poor and you don’t want her to be your wife? Let’s abort this child. . Now that medicine is so advanced, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to have children after having an abortion, don’t you think so?”

Mrs. Xiao roared: “No! How dare you give it a try! You don’t want to marry someone and still touch her! If you don’t want to get married, I have to let you get married today! I don’t believe it anymore, I can’t control you. Got it!”

Xiao Xiang walked out of the dining room reluctantly. As soon as he came out of the dining room, he couldn’t help but reveal a sly smile that showed the success of his conspiracy.

Xiao’s father appeared in front of Xiao Xiang’s eyes mysteriously and said inscrutably: “Son, hold on tight and don’t expose yourself. You are just taking advantage of your mother’s tendency to confront others during her menopause! Don’t be pretty. It’s so hard to let your mother know the clues. If she comes to her senses, I won’t be able to have a grandson!”

Xiao Xiang was slightly surprised and asked Dad Xiao: “

Dad, you know everything? “

Father Xiao winked at his son and said, “Didn’t you notice that the magazines you put at home have several more than usual for no reason? With your little tricks, you can still hide it from me! You are not I took you to the hospital today. On the day you went to the hospital, it happened that your biological father and I were also visiting an old friend. It’s such a coincidence in the world, haha~ It just made me know that I have a grandson, haha~ I think this girl Yan Yu is quite cool Okay, it’s affordable. This kid Sisi is too impetuous. Treat her well. Once your mother is over, you might as well marry that girl Yan Yu home as soon as possible. You can’t let the girl get married before she’s married. Your belly is so big!”

Xiao Xiang’s admiration for his father was like the Yangtze River flooding, the Yellow River flooding, and the Songhua River turning into a vast ocean.

Where is this still a three to one battlefield? This is obviously four to one! The advantages are huge!

When Xiao Xiang was about to hug his baby grandpa, he suddenly heard the old lady in the dining room yelling at him: “Xiao Xiang, I’m telling you, I will choose a date for you as soon as possible. You and Yan Yu can’t help me.” Go ahead and hold the wedding! Don’t show me that unwilling face, it’s useless! Did you hear me?”

Xiao Xiang shouted back to the dining room with a very reluctant voice: “I know!”

Then he sneaked back to his room in a fit of rage and called his girl to report on the battle.

Xiao: Baby, do you miss me?

Saying: …ah…

Xiao: Baby?

Words: …oh…

Xiao: Baby? What’s wrong with you?

Words: … sleepy …

Xiao: Why are you so sleepy?

Yan: …I have an embryo of yours in my belly… Pregnant women… all love sleepiness…

Xiao: Baby, my mother tricked me into a trap. She yelled like a wolf that I should be responsible for you and wanted us to get married as soon as possible!

Word:! ! !

Words: Xiao Xiangxiang! Really? Hoho! We can be together openly!

Xiao: Baby, is it time you told your parents about this?


Yan Yu fell into a semi-foolish state.

Ye Hao, there is a baby, his grandma and grandpa didn’t tell him!

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