Chapter 40 Messy, really messy

The next day, Xiao Xiang’s mother specially set up a table in the big restaurant to celebrate her son’s birthday. In the luxurious private room, there were only five people sitting at the big table. Xiao Xiang, his parents, Yan Yu, and the living fairy Pei Sisi.

Xiao Xiang admired his mother’s perseverance to make trouble. He told his mother several times, explicitly and implicitly, that Pei Sisi was not the porridge and side dishes that would appetize him. He couldn’t bear the strong smell of her body while she was still thousands of miles away. The smell of perfume was already hitting my nose.

But her mother said: “Son, getting married now is not about feelings, it’s about reality. Finding a woman who matches your family and status as your wife will help you get twice the result with half the effort in your future.”

Xiao Xiang feels that the corrupt culture of capitalism can indeed kill people. I remember when he was still losing his teeth, his mother followed his father on a trip to a foreign country. What a simple oriental woman she was at that time. But now, after being immersed in the material life of highly developed capitalism, his mother has become so snobbish.

While Xiao Xiang was fighting against his parents’ arranged marriage, he formed a comradeship with his mother.

A very strange balance: no one is at odds with each other; the two are competing for each other’s endurance. Comrade Xiao’s mother smiled softly and never forgot to take Pei Sisi with her wherever she went; Xiao Xiang and Xiao Gege didn’t yell or go berserk about this, but when Pei Sisi was around, he would always find Yan Yu and take him with him. . In this way, the love between two people turned into an entanglement between four people because of one person’s opposition. This is a bloodless war.

After finally finishing the long meal, Xiao Xiang asked his parents to go home first as an excuse to send the two eldest girls back to their place of residence.

After his parents got into a taxi and drove away, Xiao Xiang waved his hand and called a taxi, then let Pei Sisi into the car, closed the door with a “snap”, said “bye” to Pei Sisi and let the driver drive.

Yan Yu saw Pei Sisi’s incredible expression before driving. He smiled so hard that he said to Xiao Xiang, “Xiao Xiangxiang, you are not kind. This little girl thought you could get in the car and take her home.” , you are so naughty, please shake her!”

Xiao Xiang grabbed Yan Yu and couldn’t wait to pull him into his arms. He lowered his head and started to nibble. After nibbling, he panted and said, “Baby, let’s go get a room!”

Yan Yu’s breath was also a little unsteady, and he blushed and panted slightly: “It’s so ugly to open a room~ From now on, let’s call it a meal! You agree or not!”

Xiao Xiang said funnyly: “Okay, no matter what, I will listen to you!”

Yan Yu laughed loudly and shouted: “Oh yeah! Let’s go have dinner, little Xiangxiang!”

Xiao Xiang put his arms around Yan Yu and kissed her endlessly.

While Yan Yu was enjoying the handsome guy’s proactive kiss, he said coquettishly: “Xiao Xiangxiang, don’t be obsessed with me, she is a legend!”

Xiao Xiang chuckled and retorted: “It’s still exciting. Don’t be pretty. We are not familiar with each other. It was just an accident that I got involved with you!”

Yan Yu wasn’t happy when he heard that, he raised his foot and stepped on it hard

He touched Xiao Xiang’s instep and then asked with a charming face: “Does it hurt? If it hurts, I’ll step on it again and it will go numb and it won’t hurt anymore!”

Xiao Xiang pinched Yan Yu’s nose and said lovingly, “Let’s see how I deal with you later!” I’ll let you get married with a big belly!

Xiao Xiang took Yan Yu to the “Hoo Tai Oh” that had been set up in advance, and then called his mother to tell him that there were graduates from the school who wanted to celebrate his birthday, and that Haipi couldn’t go home at night.

Mrs. Xiao had no doubt that he was there. Xiao Xiang is indeed not lying.

His wife is a graduate, and he wants to have sex with his little girl tonight, oh oh oh~

After hanging up, Xiao Xiang and Yan Yu entered the preparations as quickly as possible

Use pinch, don’t say the word **, hahaha! But how can a living person choke to death from urination? We still have explanations outside the brackets).

Chapters here are harmonized)

After the night. the next morning. (Pfft… vomiting blood! Crabs, I can’t help you.

After Xiao Yan and the two played in the M-Zone all night, they finally felt a little satisfied.

The longings are vented, the emptiness is filled, and life becomes more vivid and beautiful.

After getting dressed, Yan Yu shyly took out a bunch of stuff from his bag, stuffed it into Xiao Xiang’s hand and said, “Xiao Xiangxiang, this is my birthday gift to you!”

Xiao Xiang held an irregular-shaped object in his hand and asked Yan Yu in confusion: “

Baby, what is this? Is it a fur apron? “

Yan Yu’s expression instantly changed from shy to majestic. He gritted his teeth and said with a dry smile, “Congratulations, you got two words right and one wrong! It’s not a fur apron, it’s a fur scarf!”

Xiao Xiang was stunned, and then said with disbelief on his face: “Baby, it’s hard for you, are you exhausted? This scarf is very well knitted, and it can be used for two purposes. I tied it around my neck because it was dirty, so I tied it around my waist. It can also be used as an apron!”

Yan Yu’s face suddenly fell, and he asked pitifully: “Xiao Xiangxiang, am I really that bad at knitting?”

Xiao Xiang nodded seriously and responsibly.

Yan Yu suddenly became exhausted, feeling that he had been weaving in vain for so many days.

Xiao Xiang kissed Yan Yu’s forehead and said softly: “Are you angry? Silly! If the weaving is not good, it will be bad, or something. If I like it, it will be done!”

Xiao Xiang said as he wrapped the scarf made by Mars around his neck. Yan Yu listens

After listening to Xiao Xiang’s words and watching Xiao Xiang’s actions, my whole heart felt as sweet as if I had swallowed a dense honeycomb alive.

Yan Yu sweetly said to Xiao Xiang: “Xiao Xiangxiang, I decided to knit you another sweater next!”

Xiao Xiang’s heart boiled.

That is definitely not a birthday present. Then, why don’t you go through it after knitting?

After the two of them had had dinner for a while, Yan Yu pulled Xiao Xiang’s arm one day and said with infinite melancholy: “Xiao Xiangxiang, my relatives haven’t come to see me this month! I can’t be pregnant!” “

Xiao Xiang couldn’t help but feel a little chilled, and asked carefully: “How late is it?”

Yan Yu replied crisply: “It’s been four days!”

Xiao Xiang’s face was covered with black lines. Does being just four days late explain the problem?

Xiao Xiang went to the drugstore and bought a box of test strips for Yan Yu.

Yan Yu went to the toilet and followed the instructions in the manual to conduct practical tests.

When Xiao Yanzi came out of the toilet, he said to Xiao Xiang with a slumped face and a crying voice: “Xiao Xiangxiang, I am an official, two bars! I really have it! In total, the child is already four years old. It’s so big! What should we do, do we want it?”

Xiao Xiang was so excited! Say loudly: “Yes! Why don’t you want it? You must!” It’s hard to wait for it, why don’t you want it! And he pointed at this little baby to deal with him

Woolen cloth!

To be on the safe side, Xiao Xiang took Yan Yu to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital to register, Yan Yu went to the obstetrics and gynecology department. Xiao Xiang sat in the hospital with the words “Men’s Only” written on it.

Waiting on the bench behind the big sign.

After Yan Yu walked into the obstetrics and gynecology department, he walked to the doctor and sat down.

The doctor asked Yan Yu, “What’s the disease?”

Yan Yu replied with a red face: “I’m not sick, I just want to check whether my… is… er,… it is!”

The doctor glanced at Yan Yu and asked, “How many days late is it?”

Yan Yu replied seriously: “Four days!”

The doctor is confused!

Doctor: “Have you ever tested yourself?” If you haven’t, go home quickly, but don’t make trouble here! It’s just four days late that there’s a lot of noise, you’re the Holy Mother!

Yan Yu: “Tested! It’s two bars!”

The doctor is in a mess again!

How can this really happen!

The doctor gave Yan Yu a ticket and asked her to do another accurate test.

After the test results came out, when Yan Yu approached the obstetrics and gynecology department with the test sheet, the doctor was saying to an elder sister: “Congratulations! You are pregnant!”

The eldest sister immediately answered with tears streaming down her face: “Doctor! I just had a caesarean section for eighteen months! I can’t have this child!”

The doctor, who had a messy black thread on his face and looked wrong, filled out a hand-crossed form and gave it to the eldest sister.

After the eldest sister left, Yan Yu showed his test results to the doctor.

The doctor looked at it but said nothing. Then he lowered his head and wrote down the list sincerely. After finishing writing, he quickly pulled the newly filled out list from the book and handed it to Yan Yu and said: “Let me first tell you what are the precautions for the surgery. First of all, don’t eat in the morning, and then don’t have a cross for a month after the operation. Pay attention to maintaining hygiene and supplementing nutrition.”

After the doctor finished speaking, Yan Yu thought about it and became confused!

Yan Yu said to the doctor carefully and sincerely: “Doctor! That means I am indeed pregnant, right? So tired, this baby, I won’t abort it, I want it!”

The doctor was not only confused this time, he was almost going crazy!

What kind of life is this, why is it so crazy! Is there anyone who tortures a doctor like this? The younger daughter-in-law is pregnant and wants to have an abortion, but the older girl is pregnant but has to give birth!

Ouch! This also prevents people from becoming doctors!

Yan Yu told Xiao Xiang the final result. Xiao Xiang is so beautiful that her beauty is bubbling over.

Xiao Xiang touched Yan Yu’s belly and said happily, “I’m a father!” The biochemical weapon was finally made successfully! Mrs. Xiao, just wait!

Yan Yu said carelessly: “Yes! Our baby is already four days old. If we wait for another ten months, he will be able to go to the ground to eat!”

This time, it’s Teacher Xiao’s turn to be messy!

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