Chapter 39 Lonely Night

In the days that followed, Xiao Xiang moved out of the apartment and moved back home to spend time with his Ma Ma and Ba Ba. Yan Yu moved back to the school dormitory.

Every day during the day they both go to work separately. After going to work, Xiao Xiang called Yan Yu almost every hour. Yan Yu stopped taking care of the children and officially entered a professional role and started working seriously, so he became more sanctimonious. Every time the phone vibrated wildly in Yan Yu’s pocket, Xiao Yanzi would put down the work at hand as if nothing had happened, stand up gracefully, and walk to the bathroom with light steps without any confusion.

After entering the bathroom, this girl’s image immediately changed: she rushed into a small single room in a hurry, hurriedly pulled the phone out of her butt pocket, pressed the call button impatiently, and returned the phone without delay. Without saying a word, she held the phone that was touching her body temperature tightly to her face, and then started chattering endlessly about her lovesickness with her adulterer.

Yan: Do you miss me?

Xiao: Can I call you if I don’t want you?

Words: Guess I miss you


Xiao: Don’t you dare think so!

Xiao: Did the baby sleep well last night?

Say: (+?+) You’ve asked this for the fourth time today! good.

Xiao: You still have the nerve to say that! I’ve asked you four times, but you don’t even know to ask me again!

Words: -_-|||Xiao Xiangxiang, did you sleep well last night?

Xiao: Not good at all! Baby, I can’t sleep without you here!

-_-|||The old man is acting coquettishly with his little girl…

Yan: But your mother won’t let us live together!

Xiao: Baby, how about we do what I say.

Words: -_-#Pregnant with a baby? But your mother still thought I was…? ??If I am pregnant with a grandson for her, can she admit that the child I am carrying is her grandson?


What does this mean? ?

Xiao: Baby, I’m going to work first. I’ll pick you up from get off work in the evening and we’ll have dinner together.

This conversation is repeated once per hour.

When it’s time to get off work, the moment the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl meet at the entrance of Yanyu’s company, it will be like they finally meet each other after decades of separation. From the moment they see each other from a distance, they start running hard. , crazy acceleration, collision, tight hug, plus the woman’s whimpering because she misses you, the man’s cry and jump because of missing you, and then, fierce and completely indifferent to each other,… Sexy street kiss.

When the other two beautiful secretaries who worked in Yan Yu’s office witnessed the touching and shocking scene of the two kissing in a rainstorm for the first time, they were broadcast live on the spot.

The passionate kiss made her dizzy, face red, ears red, breathless, and heart pounding. The two of them were so engrossed in having sex on the sidelines that they almost lost their temper as if they were there, and spoke out for Yan Yu who was kissing passionately.

Therefore, it is a matter of serious educational significance for the motherland to crack down on pornographic culture. Just seeing the opponent, some people are almost unbearable and want to help the person involved. If it is really a good performance, who dares to say that someone’s heart is not trembling, his mind is not confused, and his spirit is healthy. !

The next day at work, two beautiful secretaries came close to Yan Yu and asked Yan Yu nervously??

Secret One (38 Xixi): Xiaoyan, we saw you and a handsome guy kissing each other passionately after get off work yesterday! Your boyfriend?

Comrade Xiaoyan (shyly): Yes!

Secret 2 (with endless emotion): Wow! Xiaoyan, you two are very special! Are you with someone you just met and are in love, or have you just broken up and gotten back together, and are you enjoying the second warmth?

Comrade Xiaoyan (face full of lines)

:-_-|||We have never been separated. We have been passionately in love for almost seven years!

Mi Yi (extremely unexpectedly spitting out a mouthful of water that he had just held in his mouth before he could swallow it): Pfft…

The range is very long. The arc is very full. The image is very damaged.

Secret 2 (covering her mouth with one hand in horror and pressing her hand down with the other?? Her heart was filled with chaos, thinking that we have been together for seven years and they haven’t broken up yet. How can we live such a happy life? Then she said three words in a trembling voice): No way…

After Secret One and Secret Two looked at each other blankly, they suddenly felt that their hearts were so messy, so messy, so messy…

She and him have been together for seven years, and they have not separated yet, and they can still live together day by day; what kind of unforgettable love this is…

Although she and him only had a brief superior-subordinate relationship for a few days, he indulged her endlessly in taking uncontrolled leave just after starting work and bringing the little kid crazy during working hours… Although the little kid was his own, he did not distinguish between public and private matters. But this is the first time? What kind of ambiguous workplace love is this…

Although there is a big age difference between her and him, although there is a huge generation gap, although he may not understand what she says, and she may not understand what he says; although to him, she may be his biological father. The bowl of tea and his coveting of his hidden stepmother will bring about a strong attack on human ethics; however, all these circumstances cannot prevent two souls that are attracted to each other from colliding in each other’s hearts; the secular world Prejudice and moral pressure cannot stop his determination to marry her! What kind of confused year-end love is this…

The two secretaries spent the whole day lying on their desks. I overused my brain and my brain shut down. When I raised my head, I felt like the ocean.

Xiao Xiang and Yan Yu, after their routine daily meeting and a passionate kiss, released their tightly entangled lips with each other, and their foreheads pressed against each other began to grow tired.

Xiao Xiang’s breath was very unstable and he said to Yan Yu: “Baby, look at the dark circles under my eyes. We want to

If I don’t get married, I will die from lack of sleep! “

Yan Yu’s breathing was still disordered and he said to Xiao Xiang: “What should we do? Your mother won’t let us live together! Your mother doesn’t like me to be her daughter-in-law. If she doesn’t let us live together, we won’t be able to live together.” If you listen to her and insist on living together, she will definitely not agree to our marriage in the end! In order to have long-term sexual happiness in the future, Xiao Xiangxiang, you have to overcome it!”

Xiao Xiang was very annoyed and pressed Yan Yu’s forehead with his own and said, “You bad girl with no conscience! I can’t sleep well when you’re not by my side. Why do you seem so content when I’m not by your side? Baby!” , I really can’t sleep without you!”

Yan Yu pouted aggrievedly, intending to defend himself, but after thinking about it, he held back and said nothing.

Who said she was content? Who said she could sleep well? Who said she wasn’t transformed from a giant panda? She borrowed the concealer from the Three Sexy Girls and applied it under her eyes, okay?

But Yan Yu said nothing. She was afraid that Xiao Xiang would feel sorry for her. In addition, she is still quietly continuing her unfinished business.

Every night when there are no men, a lonely and helpless woman carries two needles, a ball of thread and half a small scarf, moves a small bench, and sits in the corridor under the dim light, weaving and weaving… becoming a weaver girl. …Tossing and turning on the other side of the river for her? It was hard for Xiang Lang to weave his birthday gift… After fighting for several nights, last night, the little scarf finally came to the world in its entirety.

Yan Yu asked Xiao Xiang pitifully: “Xiao Xiangxiang, your birthday is tomorrow, can I celebrate your birthday?”

Xiao Xiang looked at Yan Yu’s innocent and hurtful expression. Although he knew in his heart that she was deliberately making this expression to be pretentious, he still couldn’t control his little heart and “poof” at Xiao Yanzi’s deflated appearance. Jumping around.

Xiao Xiang took a deep breath to suppress some kind of physiological fire that was surging in his body, and replied to Yan Yu in a low and hoarse voice: “Baby! I’m almost suffocated! It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I’ll finish the meal with my mother. Come on, find an excuse to sneak out, let’s go get a room!”

After Yan Yu heard the word “open a room”, his face reddened from his forehead to his chin, from his left ear to his right ear, and from the outer skin of his face to the subcutaneous tissue.

With a face full of shyness and a voice that could drip water, Yan Yu replied to Xiao Xiang, “I can’t hold it in too!”

The two beasts hit it off immediately, and each of them was excitedly looking forward to the night of obscurity the next day, hahahaha… (Nine Crazy Kavinka is so crazy!!!)

After the two had dinner, Xiao Xiang sent Yan Yu back to school. When they arrived at the bottom of the dormitory building, the two found a shady place and had another passionate kiss. It wasn’t until Yan Yu felt that his lips were so numb that he almost lost consciousness, then he struggled to escape from Xiao Xiang’s wolf mouth.

Yan Yu tried hard to use his nerve endings to control his two numb lips and said to Xiao Xiang: “Xiao Xiangxiang, I have a birthday gift for you tomorrow. You have to be mentally prepared. No matter what I give you, you have to be careful. Accept it happily, praise it happily, and use it every day in the future. Can you do it? If you can’t do it, I will force you to do it, and I will not open a room with you as a punishment! “

Xiao Xiang raised his eyebrows and asked Yan Yu: “Baby, are you giving gifts to others? Are you trying to be arrogant?”

Yan Yu said “Humph!” to Xiao Xiang in a very authoritative manner, signaling her to say big words.

Once you say it, you will get what you say, and resistance will be ineffective.

After Yan Yu hummed, he pouted his swollen lips. The swollen feeling always made her feel like there was something hanging on her lips that she hadn’t eaten cleanly.

So Xiao Yanzi subconsciously stretched out his tongue and licked his two red lips. As a result, those who lick are not interested, and those who look at it are lustful.

After Xiao Xiang saw that little pink tongue licking and sliding around that charming little mouth under the bright moonlight, his whole body felt like he was about to explode. The feet are the same (two kicks: one of the most common arrogant firecrackers in the Northeast. This thing is so domineering. After being ignited, it explodes in the air with two loud “ding” and “dang” sounds, howling Haipi! Even though the Nine Crazy People are still very crazy, But he didn’t dare to kick his legs for fear of being blinded!!), and with a “swish”, he pressed his big lips to the little red mouth in front of him, chirping even harder than before. Kissing and nibbling.

Xiao Xiang didn’t let go of Yan Yu until the guard aunt came out to lock the dormitory door.

When the guard aunt saw Yan Yu running out of the dark corner with a blushing face, messy hair, bright lips, and no visible clothes, she couldn’t help but smacked her tongue and whispered: “Tsk, tsk! Today’s female students…”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Xiao Xiang walking out of the corner. The guard aunt knew that he was a teacher from the school and had come to the dormitory to check on the dormitory.

When the doorman aunt saw Xiao Xiang following him out of the dark corner, she choked in her throat before she could finish her words. This handsome teacher’s eyes are so passionate, his breathing is so hurried, and his expression of dissatisfaction when he sees the little girl going upstairs is so exciting that it makes people want to hold on to the wall!

After Teacher Xiao gradually went away, the guard aunt remembered that one day she heard a crazy person say something like this on the street: Today’s female students are all open little lambs; today’s male teachers are all He is the big bad wolf; today’s campus is full of wolves falling in love with sheep. The love is so crazy!

On this birthday Eve night, in two corners of the world, there were two men and women with hot bodies, each doing the same thing in their respective private parts: tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

Yan Yu was lying on the bed holding a twisted little scarf, turning it over and over, and kept frying the pancakes. After baking for almost an hour, the other three people in the room couldn’t bear it anymore.

Huo Yun opened his mouth to beg for mercy and said, “The words are big.”

, please stop turning over, okay? You turned over so hard that I wanted to shout to God for you: Lord, give her a man! “

Cui Min said with an extremely depressed voice: “Yan Da

, I was calm at first, but what you did today was so erotic! You bitch?? Devil, you have aroused an impulse that I have not had for a long time! Lord, give me a man too! “

Wang Shuangyan wailed and shouted directly: “God, give Xiao Xiang to Yan Yu quickly! In addition, give Yan Yu a hair and a small brother to us!”

Yan Yu also shouted at the scene: “Master! I might as well not finish knitting my scarf so quickly! If I had known I would have saved some, I could have gone out and continued knitting tonight! Sisters, let’s do it together?” ?Rolling in loneliness! Either we fall asleep in the end, or the bed board wails in the end, wailing, wailing, wailing…”

Leo Tolstoy said: Happy families in the world are all equally happy, but unhappy families are each unhappy in their own way.

During the long sleepless night, Xiao Xiang stared at the ceiling with two panda eyes and thought to himself: All men and women in the world have the same sexual satisfaction when they have sex. And in the world, men and women who want to love each other so much and can’t hold back their love so much but can’t hold each other for the night each have their own characteristics of wanting to have sex but not being able to have sex.

Xiao Xiang made a heroic decision during this difficult and painful sleepless night.

Tomorrow, no matter what, he has to put the baby into his girl’s belly!

When the time comes, the three members of the family fight against Mrs. Xiao, and they still don’t believe that she won’t give in! ! !

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