Chapter 38 The second confrontation

The group got off the car at the Chacha high-end villa community.

Yan Yu asked Xiao Xiang in a low voice: “Where is this place?”

Xiao Xiang replied in a low voice: “It should be your husband’s family.”

Yan Yu then asked: “Don’t you already have a property in your hometown?”

Xiao Xiang answered responsibly: “Isn’t that in my hometown? Should I go back to my hometown to live and then commute by plane every day?”

Yan Yu finally sighed: “Xiao Xiangxiang, are your family engaged in diplomacy? I think your family is actually engaged in real estate!”

Xiao Xiang poked Yan Yu’s forehead and led him into a villa.

After entering the house, Yan Yu whispered again: “I thought it could be Qingshui Building. When was this house renovated? It’s so beautiful!”

Xiao Xiang replied in a low voice: “You little fool, why don’t you buy ready-made ones?”

Come on! “

The two of them were muttering in a low voice when Pei Sisi came over and said to Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang, “Aunt Xiao asked you two to come over!” Before leaving, she gave Yan Yu a secret glance.

Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang said in a voice just right for Pei Sisi to hear: “Xiang, Sisi just rolled her eyes at me! My heart hurts so much! I don’t understand why she did this to me!”

Pei Sisi lost her footing and stumbled forward hard!

Xiao Xiang suppressed his laughter without saying a word, and the flesh on his face began to twitch slightly. He didn’t expect that his little Yanyan’s innocence could make people angry, and he could really make them angry to death.

Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang walked into the back room together. Xiao Xiang’s father was not there, probably because he was specially arranged to stay in another room by the mistress of the Xiao family. Currently, only Yan Yu and her teacher Guan were in the room.

After Teacher Guan saw the anti-inflammatory group making their debut, he cooed at the two of them and motioned for them to sit down.

Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang were sitting on the sofa on one side

Xiao Xiang’s mother is sitting on the sofa on the other side, and Pei Sisi is like a foreigner throwing a javelin? (Do people outside the Northeast understand this? It’s just a bitch talking about others, thinking that she is recruiting people. Strange, bah!) sat next to her Aunt Xiao.

After everyone was seated, the first family meeting was held solemnly. Xiao Xiang’s mother cleared her throat matter-of-factly, and then said to Yan Yu: “Yan Yu, I heard that you and Xiao Xiang have already lived together?”

As soon as this embarrassing question was thrown out, Xiao Xiang was not very happy before Yan Yu could speak first.

This is a privacy issue within the family. Why are we discussing it in front of Pei Sisi, an outsider?

Xiao Xiang said to Pei Sisi with a cold face: “Sisi, our family has some private matters to discuss. You can go to the living room and sit for a while.”

Pei Sisi was startled, looked at her Aunt Xiao next to her, and called out in a long voice hesitantly: “Aunt Xiao…”

Xiao Xiang’s mother patted Pei Sisi’s hand to comfort her, then turned to Xiao Xiang and said: “

Sisi is not an outsider, so it’s okay to just sit here for a while! “

Xiao Xiang was holding his breath and didn’t know what to say. After all, he was an educated intellectual, so he couldn’t do anything about contradicting his parents.

Yan Yu saw that Xiao Xiang was so angry that his face was starting to turn blue, so he quickly smoothed things over and said, “Teacher Guan, I do live with Xiao Xiang. But the two of us are in love but have to be polite. Teacher Guan Please rest assured that our three views are still very upright!”

Classic Quote 1 from The Ultimate Guide to the Three Monsters of Perverts: When you encounter embarrassing problems, you must have the tenacious spirit of “I won’t admit it even if you beat me to death”!

Yan Yu thought: I will never say that we are living together, I will just say that we are in love but not polite, what can you do to me! Besides, I’m not lying, we just have uncontrollable emotions… We want to stop at Duke Zhou’s gift! After the chicken jelly is cooked, let’s go to bed together! Everything you tell is the truth, whoever lies is not a good boy!

As soon as Yan Yu finished speaking, Xiao Xiang’s face gradually turned from green to red.

hold back. very

hold back.

Xiao Xiang thought to himself: It seems that if a person meets a suitable partner, his potential will burst out quickly and easily.

Obviously, Teacher Guan is the most effective target for Yan Yu to unleash her unlimited potential.

Every time his little Yanyan collides with his mother, it brings unexpected surprises.

Xiao Xiang’s mother frowned slightly after hearing Yan Yu’s words. She wasn’t sure whether she should believe this or not.

Trust me, it’s unlikely. Two young men and women spend a long night together in the same room, and they still have an adulterous feeling in each other’s hearts. How could it not happen? !

If you don’t believe it, it’s not good to be so sure. This little girl said the sentence “It’s all about emotion but it’s all about etiquette” and said it clearly and resonantly, word by word. It didn’t look like she was lying.

After thinking about it, Teacher Guan not only failed to come up with a clear answer to the problem, but instead let himself

I have fallen into a state of confusion where I can’t find my way around.

Pei Sisi smiled like a piece of shit that fell into a dyeing vat. She looked very beautiful and pure, and she said unkindly to the side: “Wow, plug, you two are so innocent~”

Yan Yu said to Tianshi with a serious face: “Sisi, you are abroad, maybe you have seen more open-minded people and things around you and have more experience, so you feel that Xiao Xiang and I are very innocent. In fact, the folk customs in China are still the same. It’s very simple, we have to believe that there is still true love in the world!”

Classic Quotation 2 from the Ultimate Guide to the Three Monsters of Perverts: You must try every means to throw the enemy’s grenade back at you, and she deserves to be killed; you must do your best to steadily lift the shit basin that others put on your head. Fall back unsteadily on the head of the person who buckled you, and let her eat her own shit. It’s endless fun!

After Yan Yu said what he said about flipping hand grenades and flipping shit basins according to the instructions given by the three lewd women, Pei Sisi could no longer laugh no matter what she said.

Pei Sisi thought angrily: It’s really a waste of money! I wanted to ridicule the annoying person for pretending to be innocent; but I didn’t expect that I would make her feel light.

Some of his words were sprayed back! Not only did she put me down, but she even stepped on me to raise herself to a new level! She not only established herself as more pure and invincible, but also brought me, Pei Sisi, into the open group! Why am I, a dignified returnee from overseas, at a disadvantage today because you are such a country bumpkin!

Pei Sisi secretly kept grinding her teeth, as if she wished she could eat Yan Yu.

Xiao Xiang’s mother didn’t say anything after hearing Yan Yu’s words. However, the scale in my heart that determines whether to believe or not is tilted to the side of “having feelings rather than being polite”, and the side of “these two children must have engaged in unmarried sex” is tilted high. got up.

And Xiao Xiang’s admiration for his wife in his heart was like a huge wave, one continuous wave after another!

Whether talent is good or not does not depend on whether it is good in normal times, it all depends on whether it can be used at critical moments!

His girl, do your best!

Then, Xiao Xiang’s mother spoke again. But this time her words were so kind, so amiable, so amiable that it was simply amazing.

Xiao Xiang said.

“Son, your dad and I are back and we have bought a house. You can quickly return the apartment you rented and move back home with us. You are not married yet and you live with Yan Yu, even if nothing happens. , the impact is not good. Don’t go back starting today, just move everything back tomorrow evening or on the weekend.”

Xiao Xiang frowned and said nothing.

He didn’t want to move back home, and he couldn’t sleep at night without holding his baby.

But just now his baby said it so brazenly that they were both in love and polite, and he couldn’t tell his mother, “No, I can’t sleep without a woman now!” That doesn’t mean he sold his wife away. !

Who is the real hero at the critical moment? Whoever dares to stand up and speak at the critical moment is the real hero!

At this moment when Xiao Xiang was troubled and unspeakable, Comrade Xiao Yanzi bravely stood up and became a true hero for once!

Yan Yu was virtuous, considerate, considerate, and said sincerely: “Xiao Xiang, please move back home. Teacher Guan and Uncle Xiao have just returned from abroad. You should go home to be with them.” Whether we are together every day or not is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that as children, we must put filial piety to our parents first! We have a long life ahead of us!”

Classic Quote 3 from The Ultimate Guide to the Three Monsters: The war with the old lady is a long-lasting war, and we never attempt to win immediately in such a war. We must learn to put a long line to catch the big fish, abandon children to trap wolves, learn to use temporary concessions to paralyze and soften the enemy, and use sugar-coated cannonballs to bombard the enemy’s soul… One day in the future, you will The waist is pointing to the sky and shouting: I’ve taken this man’s mother from me, hahahahahaha!

Yan Yu won the first sincere smile from Xiao Xiang’s mother by taking the initiative and taking the next best step.

She sincerely thought: This girl is actually quite good. She knows how to be filial and knowledgeable. The only difference is that her family background is a bit ordinary!

Xiao Xiang looked at Yan Yu’s pretty little face, gritted his teeth and agreed, “Okay! I’ll move back here!”

Bear it! Who made his baby wink at him crazily to get him to cooperate?

Anyway, didn’t his baby say: The days are long!

For these four words, he Xiao Xiangxiang fought hard!

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