Chapter 37 The first confrontation

Before Xiao Xiang’s parents came out, Yan Yu asked Xiao Xiang softly: “When your parents come out later, what do you think I should call them?”

Xiao Xiang raised his eyebrows and said matter-of-factly: “Just follow my name.”

Yan Yu frowned and said with a serious expression on his face, “No, okay, I’ll call you parents the first time…”

Xiao Xiang thought Yan Yu would say something like “That’s so embarrassing” or “That’s so shameless”; the result??

“…Then the money spent on changing the story during the marriage will be wasted!”

Xiao Xiang almost swallowed his own eyes down his nose and esophagus!

Shocking! How shocking!

Xiao Xiang said weakly: “Baby, when you are in front of my parents later, be careful not to say anything surprising!”

Yan Yu blinked innocently and said, “Have you been shocked? Oh, how can I be so unreliable? I saw that you were extremely nervous, so I deliberately said something to ease your mood!”

Xiao Xiang said “Huh?” “Baby, you’ve made progress and you can actually see that I’m nervous!”

Then I thought about it, that’s not right, why have the roles been reversed? The person who should be nervous is obviously Yan Yu, and the one who advises people not to be nervous is Xiao Xiang!

Xiao Xiang looked at Yan Yu seriously and asked, “Baby, are you nervous?”

Yan Yu shook his head calmly and said, “I’m not nervous.”

Xiao Xiang frowned and said, “Why aren’t you nervous? I’m a little nervous. I’m afraid that Pei Sisi will talk nonsense in front of my parents and make you feel wronged!”

Yan Yu patted Xiao Xiang’s shoulder and said confidently: “Xiao Xiangxiang, I am actually a big white swan buried among the ugly ducklings. I used to be too low-key, but today I will let you see me. The gorgeous transformation is so stunning. Master Xiang, just take a look!”

After hearing these words, the look on Xiao Xiang’s face was not ordinary astonishment!

Could it be that his girl got so nervous that she started talking nonsense?

Just when Xiao Xiang and Yan Yu were whispering with their ears to their mouths and their mouths to their ears, Pei Sisi, who was left alone, suddenly shouted: “Dear Uncle Xiao and Aunt Xiao! You are back!” I miss you so much!”

When Yan Yu heard these true confessions from Pei Sisi, he almost laughed! In her busy schedule, she quickly asked Xiao Xiang: “Don’t Pei Sisi particularly like Feng Gong?”

??Dear audience friends, I miss you so much!

Xiao Xiang suppressed his laughter and quickly replied: “Stop being ridiculous! Behave well and go ahead!”

Yan Yu walked up to Xiao and his wife with Xiao Xiang generously. Pei Sisi held Xiao Xiang’s mother’s hand affectionately

He raised his arms slightly and looked at Yan Yu with a provocative expression.

Yan Yu smiled generously, bowed politely to Xiao Xiangzhi’s parents, and then took the luggage from Xiao Xiang’s mother’s hands and called out crisply: “Hello, Uncle Xiao! Hello, Teacher Guan!” “

A surprised look flashed across Xiao Xiang’s mother’s face, and she asked Yan Yu, “Why did you call me teacher?”

Yan Yu answered crisply: “Because of the book “A Brief Talk on Interpreting Skills”! To be honest, this book is really a good teacher and helpful friend who has benefited those of us who learn foreign languages ​​a lot. To be honest, Teacher Guan said , I almost worship it as a god! If I hadn’t read this book, I wouldn’t have passed the interpreting exam at all!”

As soon as Yan Yu finished speaking, everyone had different expressions on their faces.

Xiao Xiang’s father’s face showed a bit of approval; the expression on Xiao Xiang’s mother’s face was more complicated, seeming to be proud and excited, but at the same time she tried her best to appear indifferent and indifferent; Xiao Xiang’s The naked face showed extreme surprise and admiration.

The banshee Pei Sisi felt very uncomfortable when she saw that Yan Yu’s nonsense words could actually make her Aunt Xiao’s stern face suddenly soften into a kind one. She suppressed her unhappiness and asked Xiao Xiang’s mother with a sweet smile: “Aunt Xiao, what is “A Brief Talk on Interpreting Skills”?”

After Pei Sisi finished asking her question, she saw her Aunt Xiao’s expression change suddenly. Pei Sisi immediately realized that she seemed to have asked something she shouldn’t have asked.

After she finished speaking, the expression on her Aunt Xiao’s face slowly changed from the softened kindness to the initial chill.

Xiao Xiangzhi answered Pei Sisi without any fluctuations in his native tone: “Sisi, that book is a reference book on English translation skills that I compiled a few years ago. It has been so long, I think I am young Some people, like you, don’t know this book anymore, but I didn’t expect that there are still people reading it!”

Pei Sisi’s heart skipped a beat. She knew that she had completely lost this round!

In fact, what Pei Sisi doesn’t know is not just a book, she

What I didn’t know was that Xiao Xiang’s mother actually loved to hear people call her Teacher Guan. This is what she mentioned in the afterword of the book she wrote. Most people really don’t know.

Xiao Xiang looked at Yan Yu excitedly.

His girl actually transformed beautifully!

The group of people walked outside the airport. Xiao Xiang’s mother calmly started an offensive and defensive dialogue with Yan Yu:

Xiao’s mother said calmly: “Little classmate, what’s your name?”

(Didn’t the school counselor tell you? Haven’t the devil’s claws that beat the mandarin ducks been stretched out across the mountains and seas long ago? How can you still not know their names? I have to say that the biggest difference between middle-aged people and young people is One of the obvious differences is: the older you get, the greater your ability to pretend to be confused while pretending to understand.)

Yan Yu said politely and respectfully: Teacher Guan, my name is Yan Yu!

Mother Xiao was thoughtful:

surname yan? Yan Xishan’s Yan?

(Xiao’s mother obviously fired cold arrows to embarrass Xiao Yanyan without making a move.)

Yan Yu smiled as usual: Teacher Guan, I am not that Yan. My words are the words of romance novels!

Xiao’s mother raised her lips slightly: It’s really rare for someone to introduce their last name like this! how old are you?

(Don’t you ever think about it, is it rarer for you to ask someone’s last name like that? It’s already good that you didn’t directly ask, “Is it the Yan of Lord Yama?”)

Yan Yu answered crisply: Xiao Xiang and I are both 23 when we are older. But I’m not as good as Xiao Xiang. He’s already a teacher, and I still have half a year to graduate from college!

(Xiao Xiang raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise. When did his girl become so good at attacking people’s hearts? What his mother loves to hear most is for others to praise him to death! His baby actually understands this, great job of!)

The corners of Xiao’s mother’s mouth rose wider: My son has been so good since he was a child


Yan Yu followed closely: My father and mother told me that only if parents teach well through words and deeds can their children be outstanding! Xiao Xiang has such outstanding parents as you and Uncle Xiao, no wonder he is so great!

Mother Xiao’s mouth widened completely: You kid can talk!

In the first round of the battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Yan Yu won a big victory.

Xiao Xiang was shocked when he heard this.

His mother was notoriously difficult to coax, but his girl could actually coax the Empress Cixi of the family into a happy mood with just one move. This made him feel a bit incredible.

Is this still his silly elder sister? This is simply an outstanding communicator!

After the group left the airport, they took two taxis and headed straight to Chacha Community. Pei Sisi and Xiao’s parents had one. Xiao Xiang and Yan Yu were in the same car.

After getting into the taxi, Xiao Xiang couldn’t hide his excitement and immediately took Yan Yu into his arms, sipped her little red lips and said: “Baby! You are awesome! You really impressed me! You How do you know about the book my mother wrote? It was all many years ago and I didn’t even remember it!”

Yan Yu gave Xiao Xiang a silly smile.

This smile with an extremely low IQ index made Xiao Xiang’s head buzz and scream.

He felt that Yan Yu’s intelligence and insight just now were all shattered in this smile, and the fragments of wisdom were scattered all over the ground. He knows: his girl is still his girl; his girl is not possessed by some goddess of wisdom!

Sunny said: Nine crazy people are still nine crazy people in Beijing.

Xiao Xiang thought: If Yan Yu is dragged back to his hometown from Beijing, he will still be Yan Yu and will not become Athena.

After Yan Yu gave Xiao Xiang a silly smile, he rummaged through his bag and took out his cell phone.

Then open the inbox and let N number of text messages scroll in a row on the screen. Xiao Xiang took it and took a look. The sender was either Huo Yun, Cui Min, or Wang Shuangyan.

The content of the text messages was either some information related to his parents, or some methods and techniques that told Yan Yu how to deal with his boyfriend’s parents.

Xiao Xiang exclaimed in surprise: “I think the three of them are about to become sperms!”

One of the famous quotes that Yan Yu replied to Xiao Xiang: There are no questions in the world, but there are too many answers, and the questions are confused. We are not wise men, we are just knowledge bases that can make problems extremely confusing.

Yan Yu returned to Xiao Xiang’s second quote: Behind a successful man, there is always a capable woman; behind a successful woman, there is either a group of lustful men; or there is a group of even more lustful women. woman.

Yan Yu said foolishly and wisely: “Behind me, I have three of the most beautiful girls in the world as my think tank, how can I not be victorious in every battle! Hahahahaha~”

Yan Yu was very proud


Teacher Xiao felt that he was a little dazed at the moment!

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