Chapter 36 Who is the outsider?

In the afternoon, when there was still a long time before getting off work, Xiao Xiang called Yan Yu and asked her to take a leave and leave early.

Yan Yu pushed hard with one hand to block the lingering Doudoujing while asking doubtfully: “Why? I’ve just started working and I’m so slow, isn’t it bad?”

On the other end of the phone, Xiao Xiang felt as if he had been hit by a hailstorm, his face alternately turning blue and purple.

His girl is so talented! Generally speaking, she can’t do anything else. As for pretending to be a big-tailed wolf, she can take on at least three of them by herself!

I think she worked for three days in total, and her work achievements during these three days were: on the first day, she played with a kid playing with a water gun; on the second day, she took time off to chat with her man at home; on the third day, she brought rice porridge to the workplace. The kid continued to work as a daycare secretary.

To sum up, after these three days, Yan Da

There’s not a day when she’s not doing anything serious! But she was able to confidently say such a lofty and progressive declaration as “people who have just joined the workforce should not be lazy.”

Xiao Xiang felt that he was really, completely convinced. Anyone who says he’s not convinced will risk his life with the person he talks to!

Xiao Xiang weakly said to Yan Yu: “Baby, it’s okay, I won’t talk nonsense. You quickly ask for leave and take a taxi to the airport. My dad and mom are back! I’m going to the airport now, and we’ll meet at the airport gate!” “

As soon as Yan Yu heard that the reason for asking for leave was that Xiao Xiang’s parents had returned to China, he immediately asked Comrade Meng Doudou for leave without saying a word.

When Yan Yu had packed his things and carried his bag and was about to shamelessly leave early, little Doudou finally took advantage of Comrade Yan Yu’s distraction and carelessness, and stubbornly broke through at arm’s length from the lover of his dreams, successfully reaching the point where he was shameless and shameless. The fundamental goal of hugging your thighs.

While Yan Yu was picking at the little cub’s hands and paws hard, he was coaxing, begging, and threatening to get Meng Doudou to let go; but Meng Doudou, the indomitable warrior, refused to let go of his hands and hugged his thigh tightly. , Just hug, just hug, don’t let go, don’t let go, Qian Qi Monkey!

These four and one monkey were not mentioned by the author, but by that little lunatic Meng Doudou while holding the big one

The legs were screaming crazily.

Little boy Meng Doudou’s face was sunken and his mouth was raised as high as the sky. He looked as if someone had been extremely angry with him.

Yan Yu looked up to the sky and sighed deeply, “Oh my God! How can this be done!”, then lowered his head and begged Doudou Jing, “Little ancestor, what on earth are you going to do! Can you let go!”

Child Meng Doudou said as faithfully as an oath of alliance: “If you promise to marry me tomorrow, I will let you go!”

Yan Yu was extremely surprised and asked: “Why did you change tomorrow again? Didn’t you just say that I would wait for you to grow up?” The child’s words are really unreliable. This fickleness is not just a little change, it is simply shocking. Big changes!

Child Meng Doudou replied very seriously: “If I don’t marry you, it will be too late. You will have to meet my love rival’s parents!”

Yan Yu didn’t hold his chin up and opened his mouth so wide that his bones almost broke.

After finally getting rid of the “Three Spirits” Meng Doudou kid who was clingy, annoying and annoying, Yan Yu quickly ran out of the company, jumped into a taxi and headed straight to the airport.

Arriving at the airport gate, as soon as Yan Yu jumped out of the car, she saw her Xiao Xiang’s beautiful tree standing in the wind at the airport gate, looking anxiously at the guests coming from all directions.

Yan Yu flashed himself in front of Xiao Xiang’s eyes at the fastest speed. When Xiao Xiang saw Yan Yu appear, his anxious expression finally eased. While dragging Yan Yu and running quickly towards the airport, he said to Yan Yu: “Baby, why did you come here! If it’s a little later, I’ll Can be killed by a banshee!”

Yan Yu trotted to keep up with Xiao Xiang, and asked in confusion: “Being attacked by a banshee? What? It’s a bad day today, so it’s not a good time to go out?”

Xiao Xiang, in his busy schedule, looked down at Yan Yu in a funny way and said, “What are you talking about! Look at your memory. I’m talking about Pei Sisi. From what I know about my mother, she must have asked Pei Sisi to pick her up at the airport!”

After Yan Yu was silent for a few seconds, he grabbed Xiao Xiang’s arm and said, “

Xiao Xiangxiang, did your mother let me come? I just came here all by myself, how annoying it is! No, no, I’ll ask you for leave! I think you’d better let me go home! “

Xiao Xiang said angrily: “Okay! You can go home. Pei Sisi and I will have dinner with my parents and have a good time.”

After Yan Yu listened happily, he pouted unhappily and said nothing.

Xiao Xiang’s heart softened when he saw Yan Yu’s unhappy look. His voice softened and he coaxed Yan Yu with sincerity.

Said: “Baby, my mother has never seen you, so she objects to us being together. You are so cute. If my mother saw you, she would definitely like you. In fact, to put it bluntly, she is not opposed to you, but to your lack of family background. .That Pei Sisi, his parents, like my parents, are from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The four of them always feel that our two families are well-matched. Pei Sisi and I are childhood sweethearts, and they always want to tie us together. Can you bear to look at me like this? Was the pure and good Tang Monk eaten up and wiped clean by that banshee?”

Yan Yu pouted, but still didn’t speak.

Xiao Xiang decided to intensify his incitement.

“Baby, Pei Sisi has been educated in the Western style since she was a child, and her behavior is very bold. If you are not here, she will pounce on me from time to time. You have learned her pounce technique, and it is impossible to guard against it. When the time comes, I will let her give her a wolf kiss or something, Are you willing to!”

Yan Yu said angrily, “She dares! If she dares to pounce on you or kiss you, when she finds someone in the future, I will punish her severely!”

This time it was Xiao Xiang’s turn to shout angrily: “How dare you!”

Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang had just stood at the exit of the airport when they heard a rapid and extremely irritating sound of high heels hitting the ground.

Yan Yu couldn’t help but tremble violently all over after hearing this. She turned around and asked Xiao Xiang in confusion: “Xiao Xiangxiang, tell me, why does someone make such a disturbing sound on the sidewalk? I want to scratch this person’s heart!”

Xiao Xiang rubbed the large granular bumps on his arms and said, “I didn’t want to scratch her. I just wanted to tickle her.”

People’s legs are broken to avoid future troubles. “

Yan Yu was amused by Xiao Xiang’s cold humor. When she was enjoying herself to the fullest, she was suddenly hugged by Xiao Xiang.

Yan Yu asked in confusion: “What?”

Xiao Xiang gritted his teeth and said, “Do you still have to ask? Stop the evil!”

Yan Yu turned his head and saw a colorful Christmas tree that could run around the world.

Yan Yu’s eyes moved downwards slightly, then he took a breath and asked Xiao Xiang behind him: “Hey… Xiao Xiangxiang, do you think I should scratch her first, or should you scratch her legs first?” Discount?”

Pei Sisi ran towards Xiao Xiang and Yan Yu with a “da da da da” sound. It had to be said that the guy’s eyes were really poisonous. In the vast sea of ​​people, it was as if Wangcai’s nose had been transplanted, and she could smell the two Xiao Yans without any effort.

Pei Sisi opened her arms like an eagle catching a chick.

She swooped in the direction of Xiao Xiang with a long memory; but when she arrived at her destination, she was unable to control the inertia and once again forced a woman she hated into her arms.

After Pei Sisi stabilized her steps, she couldn’t wait to push Yan Yu out of her arms. Then she looked at Yan Yu and said with a smile, “Yan Yu, you’re here too! I was called here by Aunt Xiao herself. You What? Did Aunt Xiao call you too? “

Xiao Xiang was unhappy when he heard this. This noisy high-heeled shoe is obviously trying to stimulate his sweetheart with words.

Just when Xiao Xiang was about to stop Pei Sisi’s nonsense and support his precious egg, Yan Yu spoke one step ahead of him: “Me? Do I still need to scream? My family, you don’t have to be polite!”

Pei Sisi’s face showed a slightly distorted expression.

Xiao Xiang felt extremely happy being behind Yan Yu.

Pei Sisi turned her head and said to Xiao Xiang with a sweet smile: “Xiao Xiang, Aunt Xiao told me on the phone that she was particularly opposed to you being with Yan Yu because she was abroad.

They are all sick. Look, it’s not good for you to bring Yan Yu here today! “

Xiao Xiang frowned slightly and became extremely unhappy with Pei Sisi’s words.

This girl was a bit willful in the past, but that was also because her family conditions were superior since she was a child, which gave her the temperament of a young lady. But now, this girl actually learned to say bad things with a smile and give people ginseng cocks in front of them!

Xiao Xiang replied to Pei Sisi in a cool voice: “Sisi, this is an internal problem within our family. People outside the family should not worry about it. The busier it becomes, the more chaotic it becomes.”

Pei Sisi’s face elongated with just a “swipe”.

Pei Sisi felt very sad in her heart and roared angrily: You actually called me an outsider! OK! Let’s take a look. When your mother and father come back later, let’s see who is the outsider between me and this person named Yan!

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