Chapter 35 Chaos is very confusing

The next morning, Xiao Xiang specially made some more porridge in response to the indirect and excessive request of the child Meng Doudou, and put it in a thermos for Yan Yu to take away.

When Xiao Xiang was serving porridge, his mental activity was more complicated. It felt like a tape that was turning back and forth to sing. Side A sang: He is just a baby. If you take him seriously as your opponent, Then you lose, you lose; the B-side sings: Although he is just a big-ass kid, he is so precocious that it is ridiculous, should I be serious? Side AB kept singing and singing alternately, singing and singing, with a “pop” sound!

The belt is tied.

No, I guessed it wrong. Qianqi Monkey.

The rice spoon fell to the ground. Teacher Xiao was overthinking too much and was instantly possessed by Wu Laoer.

After serving the porridge, Xiao Xiang handed the thermos to Yan Yu and said with an extremely cold and unhappy face: “Tell that boy that I made the porridge. See if he still drinks it.”

Yan Yu chuckled and said, “It’s better if he doesn’t drink. I’ll drink at noon!”

Xiao Xiang was speechless. It’s very touching to have such a big-hearted girl as your wife, and it can make you want to cry at every turn.

After Xiao Xiang and Yan Yu went downstairs and before going their separate ways, Yan Yu waved happily and said “bye” to Xiao Xiang while holding a thermos bottle, and then turned around to clear the way; Xiao Xiang just turned around when Yan Yu He grabbed Yan Yu’s arm and pulled her back.

Xiao Xiang looked at Yan Yu and frowned slightly and said, “Baby, what happened so early in the morning that made you so beautiful? You are not like this just because you can see that little brat, right?”

Yan Yu was stunned for a moment by Xiao Xiang’s words. He blinked and replied incredulously: “Teacher Xiao, the pit in your mind is so deep and vast! Why did I miss him so early in the morning? I I just thought, if that little guy doesn’t drink this porridge, I can drink it at noon! Hoho~”

Xiao Xiang suddenly felt better. He kissed the tip of Yan Yu’s nose and said softly: “Silly! Baby, if you like to eat what I cook, I will eat breakfast every day from now on.”

I’ve prepared it and put it in a thermos for you, so you can take it to the company and keep it for lunch, okay? “

As soon as Yan Yu heard Xiao Xiang’s words, her eyes immediately lit up, and she gave her Xiang Lang flying little lightnings from the inside out. Yan Yu smiled an absolutely standard flattering smile and said sweetly to Xiao Xiang: “Xiao Xiangxiang, you are so good-looking!”

Xiao Xiang was amused by Yan Yu’s classic shitty reply, pinched her nose and said, “When you get to the company and see Meng Doudou, just drink porridge and just talk, tell him not to touch him, don’t worry about him. He hasn’t grown up yet, he’s still a man, don’t let him get close to you all the time, you know!”

Yan Yu’s chin almost hit the ground. Her brother Xiang has a very deep realm! A little kid can come up with so many taboos for men and women!

Yan Yu first let his chin rest, and then said to Xiao Xiang seriously: “Xiao Xiangxiang, let’s go out on the street on Sunday. You can help me buy a set of clothes. I want something exotic, from Iran. Women’s clothing, the kind that can’t be seen without digging holes in the body!”

Xiao Xiang poked Yan Yu’s forehead with his finger and said, “Just follow me!

Yan Yu smiled and turned around to leave again. Xiao Xiang pulled Yan Yu back again.

Yan Yu looked at Xiao Xiang with a puzzled face and asked, “Xiao Xiangxiang, are you particularly reluctant to let me go? But let me tell you sincerely, we are both almost late!”

Xiao Xiang pinched Yan Yu’s cheek and said, “Why are you leaving in such a hurry. Come, say goodbye first, and then leave.”

Yan Yu asked inexplicably: “Haven’t you been suing me all the time? Still suing! If we keep suing like this, believe it or not, we can sue for a whole day! Okay, I’ll sue again: Goodbye, Xiao Xiangxiang!”

Xiao Xiang frowned and said, “Wrong farewell, please tell me again!”

Yan Yu was dumbfounded. Is there any right or wrong way to say goodbye? The realm of people who are teachers is different from that of ordinary people!

Yan Yu rolled his eyes and said: “Xiao Xiangxiang, goodbye, bye, Sanyunara, see?? you!!”

Xiao Xiang still frowned and said: “It’s still wrong!!”

Yan Yu pursed his lips and said aggrievedly, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Xiang put his face close to Yan Yu’s ear and said softly and ambiguously: “You are not allowed to call me Xiao Xiangxiang, you have to call me the two words you used last night!”

Yan Yu’s face turned red. He looked into Xiao Xiang’s eyes and muttered shyly, “Then I said those two words. Do you want to say those three words?”

Xiao Xiang smiled lovingly and said, “Say!”

Yan Yu smiled and said coquettishly to Xiao Xiang, “Bye bye, hubby!”

Xiao Xiang kissed Yan Yu’s forehead and said softly to Yan Yu in a voice as gentle as two basins of water dripping out: “Well, bye! Baby, my husband loves you!”

Yan Yu happily set out on the road. As she walked, she recalled the words Xiao Xiang said to her. After thinking about it, Xiao Yanzi started counting on his fingers.

. After checking, Comrade Yan Yu decisively took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Teacher Xiao Xiang: You can’t read! What you said was four words!

Xiao Xiang almost flew up from the ground! Not towards the sky, but towards the bottom of the steps!

When Yan Yu arrived downstairs in the company, the child Meng Doudou was standing motionless against the large glass door like a shrunken door god. Seeing Yan Yu coming, Meng Doudou immediately jumped three feet high and ran over to him.

Seeing that little Meng Doudou was about to hug the beauty’s thigh, Yan Yu stretched out his arm and directly fixed the old Meng family’s little Gadou at an arm’s length.

Meng Doudou glared at Yan Yu and said aggrievedly, “What are you doing!”

Yan Yu replied with a smile: “Come on! Your little trick of pretending to be pitiful won’t work with me! My husband and I

I told you to keep a distance from me. Little monkey, don’t treat me like a big tree and climb on me all day long! “

Meng Doudou was so angry that she said, “My dad said you are not married! You don’t have a husband. You are a liar!”

Yan Yu curled his lips and ignored Meng Doudou. This kid has a special liking for urine on the bed, just like someone else, he deserves to be kicked!

The author is making a fuss here: She didn’t talk about me, she was actually talking about Yu Ji’s man… carrying the pot and crawling away…

Yan Yu spent the entire morning in confrontation with Meng Doudou. Yan Yu was very, very puzzled by Meng Xiaodou’s father, Comrade Meng Meng, how could he insist on saying that his son had autistic tendencies! Yan Yu thinks this statement is too ridiculous. She thinks that the child Meng Xiaodou simply has ADHD or mania!

Too bad

To be honest, I have been trying to break through her at arm’s length all morning. Yan Yu thought to himself that after practicing this for a few times, I will be invincible!

In the afternoon, a customer representative from another company was so surprised that he almost fell to the ground after seeing the heroic scene of a little boy entangled with his eldest daughter outside the general manager’s office. He secretly pulled a secretary over and asked, “You, Mr. Meng, are such a tough person. If you see your employees working improperly right under your nose while coaxing children to play during working hours, you will be so angry!”

The secretary whispered mysteriously: What are you bombing? The child was his son, who had autism. He just talked to the new secretary and never paid any attention to us!

The client is very curious about knowledge: Where does the new secretary come from?

The second secretary said as nervously as if she had just seen a ghost: At first, I thought she was the stepmother that Mr. Meng found for his son; but now my whole heart feels extremely confused. Mr. Meng’s son wants to marry that girl. It’s morning!

The customer was really stuck this time.

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