Chapter 34: Lying will make you wet the bed 

Yan Yu was recuperating at home and was so happy that he was so happy.

Why not feel good about it? She is really enjoying herself with this fever! As soon as she opened her mouth and said the word “hungry”, a virtuous and beautiful man rushed to prepare delicious lean meat porridge for her. After it was done, he used a full set of kneeling services to pick her up from the vagina. , holding her in her arms like a darling, feeding her spoonful after spoonful as if she had no arms.

This is the kind of treatment that makes you hungry. If he had nothing to do, he would shout “boring” or something like that. The virtuous and beautiful man would immediately say nothing. No matter what he was busy with at that time, he would put it all down first. Even if he was squatting to defecate at the critical moment, he would hold it back first. You have to coax his baby out of boredom before you can do anything else.

This is treatment that screams “boring”. Later, when Yan Yu was lying on the bed trying to think of something to shout out so that her little Xiangxiang could continue to interact with her, the little girl suddenly rolled her eyes and looked coquettishly at the person sitting on the edge of the bed. Xiao Xiang from the newspaper said: “Xiao Xiangxiang, I’m so hot!”

Xiao Xiang thought Yan Yu had a fever again, so he was extremely nervous. He put down the newspaper with a worried look on his face.

Frowning worriedly, he raised a hand to touch Yan Yu’s forehead.

No fever?

Teacher Xiao asked his little sweetheart gently with a puzzled and puzzled expression: “Baby, where is the heat?”

Yan Yu continued to call out coquettishly: “My whole body is feeling hot!”

Xiao Xiang let Yan Yu’s sweet little cry make him feel numb all over. He suppressed the trembling in his voice and continued to ask: “Baby, are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you want to take another antipyretic medicine?”

Yan Yu raised his fair little arms and hugged Xiao Xiang’s neck and said, “I don’t want to take medicine, I want to take off my clothes!”

Xiao Xiang’s ears were buzzing and he started to call. This little girl is obviously seducing him!

Teacher Xiao put his hand into the quilt, and while unbuttoning Yan Yu’s pajamas, he said seriously: “Okay, let’s take off our clothes first, and then see if it’s still hot!”

A set of pink women’s pajamas and pajamas were thrown aside by pia??pia twice…

Then a pair of panties with floral prints flew to the side by Pia…

Immediately following, a set of light gray men’s pajamas also flew to the side with force…

Followed by, followed by, a pair of boxer briefs couldn’t wait to be flown further by Pia…

Then, Teacher Xiao lifted up the quilt and “sneaked” in, took Yan Yu into his arms, and said to the little girl in his arms in an almost sexy voice: “Baby, let’s exercise together.” Sweat a little, and your illness will be cured!”

Yan Yu blinked his eyes and said coquettishly: “Xiao Xiangxiang, when the critical moment comes, you must remember to say: I love you, baby. You never said I love you!

Xiao Xiang sipped Yan Yu’s little red lips hard and asked in a hoarse voice: “Silly, I still don’t love you, hmm? Baby, can you call me husband later?”

Yan Yu said with a smile: “Then you say I love you!”

Xiao Xiang smiled and said “Okay” to the baby in his arms, then immediately covered the bright red and moist little mouth and kissed her passionately and deeply.

Xiao Xiang ****, kissed Yan Yu’s lips, and said to his baby in a hoarse and low voice: “Baby! I love you! Baby! My husband loves you!”

Yan Yu stretched out her arms and hugged Xiao Xiang’s neck tightly, and ***** called softly to the man who was caressing her affectionately: “Husband!”

After the fierce storm, Yan Yu fell lazily into Xiao Xiang’s arms. Xiao Xiang held his little Yan Zi dotingly, with an expression of “I love you, love, love, love, I can’t get enough” on his face.

The two of them were like Siamese twins who grew up together, and neither one could bear to leave the other for even a little bit.

Suddenly, Yan Yu’s cell phone vibrated crazily on the bedside table. Xiao Xiang picked up the phone and took a look. It was Meng Jin calling.

A slightly sour smell floated on Xiao Xiang’s face. He handed the phone to Yan Yu and said, “Put it on the speakerphone and let me listen too!”

Yan Yu said “Oh”, took the phone with a smile, and connected the call through the speaker.

As soon as the call was connected, the sound of a child crying for death came from the speaker.

Child Meng Doudou felt as if he had been abandoned.

Crying loudly and shouting: “Yan Yu, you are a big liar! You are lying! You said you would bring me porridge today, and you also said you would come and eat my good food. I have been waiting for you all day and you didn’t come! You I’m lying to you, you’re a pee on the bed! You’re going to pee on the bed tonight!”

Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang looked at each other and couldn’t say a word.

Lao Meng’s little Douzi is so explosive! This cry is so full of tears that the listener is crying with a big nose and the listener is heartbroken!

Yan Yu said to the phone flatteringly: “Doudou, am I not sick today? I have a fever again. It’s so hot that I can’t even get out of bed. I’m tossing and turning in my vagina and screaming! You said I’m like this? , Why go to work!” Damn, this is so true! Especially when the baby was tossing and screaming, it was so specific and realistic! It’s just who is calling, who knows who is calling!

Child Meng Doudou yelled reluctantly: “Anyway, you are the one who peed on the kang today, so you have to pee on the kang!”

Yan Yu said hurriedly: “Okay, little ancestor, why don’t you pee on the bed? I’ll pee on the bed. Please stop making trouble. I will definitely bring you porridge tomorrow, okay?”

! What, you should bring all the delicious food with you! “

Teacher Xiao couldn’t bear it and looked down on the little wife in his arms.

Meng Doudou muttered: “I’ve been running away from kindergarten for two days, and my dad doesn’t even ask for leave for me! It’s all up to you! You’re pissing on the bed! You tell my dad that I won’t go to kindergarten tomorrow.” ,OK?”

Yan Yu said cheerfully, “Okay, just ask your dad to answer the phone!”

Meng Doudou said excitedly: “Wait a minute, I was in the bathroom, and I secretly took my dad’s phone to call you! Wait a minute and say I didn’t call you, just say you missed me.” Yes, let me not go to kindergarten tomorrow!”

As soon as Meng Doudou finished speaking, there were two white stone statues on the other end of the phone.

After the two statues became demented for a while??

Yan Yu: This kid is really thoughtful!

Xiao Xiang: He has a six-year-old body, a sixteen-year-old mind, and a twenty-six-year-old personality! How difficult!

Yan Yu: Will we have children in the future?

Xiao Xiang: Yes! must!

Yan Yu: How many do you need?

Xiao Xiang: It’s best to have both children!

While chatting, Teacher Xiao caressed Yan Yu’s belly as if nothing had happened.

Teacher Xiao thought: I have to hurry up and put a little baby in it. When my mother comes, she can let her grandson deal with her. Then for her grandson, she will have to nod even if she doesn’t!

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