Chapter 33 Peach Blossoms Blooming 

After Comrade Meng Jin brought his son Meng Doudou to Yan Yu’s side, Xiao Doudou without hesitation stretched out his two little fingers like chicken claws and tried to pinch Yan Yu’s face.

Yan Yu chuckled and dodged and dodged. When Meng Doudou was almost able to pinch him, he just missed it.

Xiao Xiang said helplessly to Yan Yu: “Baby, be good and don’t move around. You’ll get into trouble later.”

Yan Yu said “Oh” and calmed down and stopped moving. Child Meng Doudou finally pinched Yan Yu’s face with his two chicken claws.

After Meng Doudou finished pinching, he said with satisfaction: “Okay, we don’t owe anyone anything anymore!”

Xiao Xiang calmly raised his hand and gently wiped the place on Yan Yu’s face where Meng Doudou had pinched him.

Comrade Meng Jin saw this detail clearly. He found that the handsome young man in front of him had an unusually huge and strong desire to possess his girlfriend.


Yan Yu teased Meng Doudou heartlessly and said, “Who said we don’t owe each other anything! I’ve got a fever just because I played with you in the morning, and you owe me medical expenses!”

Not to be outdone, Meng Doudou shouted: “I have a fever too! You owe me medical expenses too!”

Yan Yu followed up and said, “Meng Doudou, let me ask you, why did we both have fever? Is it because we were playing with water guns?”

Meng Doudou replied loudly without thinking: “Yes!”

Yan Yu asked again: “Then let me ask you again, who suggested playing with the water gun? Was it you?”

Meng Doudou still answered loudly without thinking: “Yes!”

Yan Yu continued to ask: “Then answer me again, did I say let’s play something else, stop playing with the water gun? If you don’t want to do anything, you have to play with the water gun, right?”

Meng Doudou answered loudly for the third time without thinking, “Yes!”

Yan Yu asked for the last time: “Well, Meng Doudou, do you think you should get the medical expenses? Is it 123? Please answer!”

As soon as Yan Yu “3” finished speaking, Meng Doudou couldn’t wait to answer loudly: “Yes!”

After Meng Doudou answered, he thought about it carefully and realized that he had been fooled. He was tricked by the bad guy Yan Yu.

Meng Jin was laughing hard on the side, as if he hadn’t laughed for many years.

After Yan Yu’s treacherous plan succeeded, the thief smiled. Xiao Xiang held back his laughter and said to Xiao Yanyan: “Baby, why are you so naughty, making fun of a five-year-old child!”

After hearing what Xiao Xiang said, Meng Doudou became unhappy. He tilted his little head and looked at Xiao Xiang, thinking he was very imposing, and said, “Why do you call her Bao Bao? I haven’t been called Bao Bao since I was four years old. How old is she? Shy! Also, who said I’m five years old? I’m already six years old, and you’re just talking nonsense!”

Xiao Xiang was a little dumbfounded. His dignified teacher Xiao had just given a six-year-old child an in-depth education.

Seeing his son say such a long story, Meng Jin was so happy that he felt like he was worshiping a god, and he couldn’t close his mouth.

Yan Yu felt that her boss’s state was really strange and different from normal people, so she couldn’t help but ask: “Brother, that’s not right, um, Mr. Meng, you are weird, we are both sick.” , how can you be so happy about yourself? We have no grudges, right?”

Xiao Xiang pinched Yan Yu’s nose and scolded her: “Baby, don’t talk nonsense!”

Meng Doudou looked at Xiao Xiang and said, “You imitate me! I just told you that nonsense!”

Xiao Xiang was petrified… He had been in love for many years, and he was always in front of Yan Yu, but he didn’t expect that he would be defeated many times today by a prodigal little bastard who claimed to be six years old but looked only five years old!

As soon as Meng Doudou finished his last sentence, Meng Jin’s state of beauty immediately went up to another level.

Yan Yu looked at Xiao Xiang with an innocent face and said, “Xiao Xiangxiang, Mr. Meng seems to be better at spoiling children than my parents, right?”

Xiao Xiang didn’t say Yan Yu was talking nonsense this time. He chose default.

Meng Jin looked at Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang and said happily: “You two don’t know that my son has been silent since his mother passed away. Others say he has autistic tendencies, but I don’t think so. He just hasn’t met anyone who can make him want to talk. The day I met you at the cinema, the person waiting for you was actually my son. But then my son and his kindergarten had an impromptu event and couldn’t come. Yan Yu, from that day on Ever since I saw you, I felt that Doudou would definitely be willing to talk to someone as fun and interesting as you. Sure enough, he said more today than he has in the past year!”

Yan Yu said with a surprised look: “I still have this ability! It’s amazing! Meng Doudou, let me ask you, why do you like to talk to me instead of talking to others!”

Child Meng Doudou replied very seriously, seriously and seriously: “Because I like you. You can be my girlfriend!”

Among the people in the room, those who were originally sick felt that their condition seemed to be getting worse; those who were not sick also felt that they were in a coma and fainting state at the moment.

Comrade Meng Jin directly shouted down his son for his great proposal.

Teacher Xiao Xiang’s face was covered with black lines, and the strength of his arms around Yan Yu gradually strengthened.

Boy, you haven’t even grown your hair yet, but you dare to pry someone else’s wife in front of you, you really deserve a beating! This child has moral problems. I don’t know how his parents taught him. But it’s not surprising seeing his father laughing so hard on the side. This means that the upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked!

Yan Yu teased little Meng Doudou with a smile and said, “If you know what a girlfriend is, then you dare to let me be your girlfriend!”

Meng Doudou waved her little hand and said, “Why don’t you know! Girlfriends are for marriage! When you marry me in the future, I will give you all my crushed money!”

Yan Yu laughed loudly, turned to Xiao Xiang and said, “Xiao Xiangxiang, he has seen through the essence of marriage, hahaha!”

Xiao Xiang looked at Yan Yu with a straight face, but said nothing, then turned to look at Meng Doudou. Meng Doudou tilted his head and looked at Xiao Xiang provocatively and counterprovocatively.

Xiao Xiang suddenly felt that it was too childish for him to be jealous of a big kid, so he took the lead to withdraw his eyes and ended this silent war early.

However, after Teacher Xiao ended the eye-to-eye fight, he kissed Xiao Yanyan’s face very unkindly.

The child Meng Doudou became anxious when he saw it. He yelled, “Don’t kiss her! She is my girlfriend! Yan Yu, I want to kiss you too!”

Yan Yu flicked Meng Doudou so hard that he lost his head and said, “Little pup, I can be your mother and give you your girlfriend!”

The words “I can be your mother” were said without intention, but Teacher Xiao sounded thoughtful. He glanced at Meng Jin secretly. Comrade Meng Jin was laughing happily because his son was having so much fun with Yan Yu.

Teacher Xiao felt quietly uncomfortable.

When Yan Yu and Xiao Doudou finished their injections and were about to leave the hospital, Meng Doudou took Yan Yu’s hand and said, “Yan Yu, come home with me, and I’ll give you all my delicious food! “

Yan Yu laughed and said, “I want to go back to my home. How about you take all the delicious food to your dad’s company tomorrow!”

Meng Doudou agreed and said: “Okay!”

Then he turned to his own father and said, “Then I can’t go to kindergarten tomorrow. Please ask for leave for me. I have to bring delicious food to Yan Yu.”

His dad was so happy that he agreed immediately.

Xiao Xiang raised his arm and brought Yan Yu into his arms, and said to Meng Jin, “Mr. Meng, I’m taking Yan Yu back first. She didn’t eat much at night, so I’ll take her home to drink some porridge.”

When Meng Doudou heard this, he pulled it next to him.

Holding Yan Yu’s hand, he said, “Yan Yu, are you going home to have some porridge? Then bring me some porridge tomorrow. I’ve already brought you delicious food!”

Yan Yu pinched Meng Doudou’s cheek and said, “If I don’t forget, I will bring it to you!” Then he hurriedly said goodbye to Meng Jin, pulling Xiao Xiang and walking outside first.

After walking out of the hospital building, Yan Yu looked back and saw that Meng Doudou hadn’t caught up with him. He started to smile and said to Xiao Xiang, “I pinched him again just now, but he didn’t react. Hehe, he’s just a little kid.” , and you still want to fight with me!”

Xiao Xiang also reached out and pinched Yan Yu’s cheek, and said helplessly: “Baby, that’s what you should say. You are an adult, why are you still competing with a little kid!”

He only knows how to talk about others without looking at himself.

After returning home, Xiao Xiang made porridge for Yan Yu. After Xiao Yanyan drank it, Teacher Xiao hugged her and fell asleep together.

The next morning, Xiao Xiang watched Yan Yu sleeping

She was so messed up that she didn’t want to wake her up. He found Meng Jin’s phone number from Yan Yu’s mobile phone and asked for a day off for Yan Yu.

After Xiao Xiang asked Yan Yu for leave, he thought about it and took a day off for himself. He decided to spend this day at home with his Xiao Yanyan. This girl’s big peach blossoms and small peach blossoms have been blooming together recently, which makes him feel more and more uncomfortable.

As soon as Xiao Xiang finished asking for leave for himself, his phone started buzzing. Xiao Xiang looked at the caller ID and saw that it was from abroad.

Teacher Xiao knew that this call must be from his mother.

As soon as the call was connected, Xiao Xiang heard his mother shouting loudly on the other side of the phone: “Son, do you miss your mom? I definitely do! Don’t be afraid, I will be done thinking about it for two more days! Your dad and I I’m going back to my country soon!”

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