Chapter 32 Yan Yu has a fever 

Yan Yu is sick.

After Yan Dagong returned home from work on his first day, he had a fever before going to bed in the evening.

Xiao Xiang came out of the bathroom after taking a bath and crawled to his vagina. When he was about to give his baby some good care, he noticed that his naughty face was frighteningly red.

Xiao Xiang pulled Yan Yu into his arms and touched Xiao Yanyan’s forehead with his own, and then softly called to his little baby who was basically in a state of confusion with a distressed look on his face.

“Baby, wake up first and go to sleep later. You have a fever! Why do you have a fever? Do you feel uncomfortable? Are you cold? Do you have a headache? I saw that you were a little wilted when you ate just now. Why did you have a fever after a while? Is this it?”

Yan Yu opened his eyes a little and hummed softly: “Xiao Xiangxiang, I feel bad! I’m dizzy! I can’t sleep even if I want to! It’s a little cold and a little hot! I want to go home! I miss my dad and my mom!”

Yan Yu began to cry squeamishly at the end. In fact, this baby is not so uncomfortable as she is.

As shown in the performance, classmate Xiao Yanyan relies on someone to pamper her, so she acts coquettishly and coquettishly. As the saying goes, if you don’t act coquettishly, you’ll be a fool.

Sure enough, when Teacher Xiao heard Yan Yujiao cry angrily and said she felt uncomfortable, her whole heart immediately twitched with heartache.

Xiao Xiang held Yan Yu in his arms and asked her anxiously: “Baby, what did you do during the day? How come you have a fever?”

Yan Yu squeezed his head into Xiao Xiang’s arms and said pitifully: “Today at work, the manager brother brought a little boy. The two secretaries told me that he was the manager’s only son with autistic tendencies. Humph, since Why are you shutting up? I think he is as happy as a crazy monkey! He is an only child, so he is basically a brat! Then the manager brother asked me to help him take care of the child for a day. I think I don’t have much work to do on my first day at work anyway. Yes, originally I was thinking about asking Huo Yun to bring me a small towel… Ah, the small towel, it was the sanitary napkin that I purchased online with her, quack… Anyway, later on I had nothing to do, so I agreed to babysit for him. But this kid insisted on playing with me with a water gun. Just play with me, what’s the big deal. But he also insisted on playing with high pressure. Then I struggled with him. After the morning, my whole body was wet

Click. snort! That prodigal kid didn’t take advantage either. I sprayed him even more wet than me! Baby, you are a man, but I am still an adult! Fight with me and you will have endless fun! Xiao Xiangxiang, I’m amazing. Don’t look at all the clothes on me, but I used my body temperature to dry all the clothes in the afternoon. When you picked me up in the evening, didn’t you even notice that I had all the clothes on me? It’s all been washed once! “

After hearing Yan Yu’s words, Xiao Xiang wanted to vomit blood! All over my head are lines representing the inability to live, in various colors, and so tangled!

Where can I find such an innocent and perfect stupid wife? It’s out of stock on Mars! She used water guns with her boss’s kid during work hours, and she didn’t know how to change her clothes when she went home. She even boasted to others that her body had the function of a dryer, and she was worried that no one would notice that there were large water stains on her clothes. Be smug. She didn’t even know what season it was now. How could she not have a fever after all this trouble?

What a stunner! A pure beauty! Bringing joy and happiness to other people’s little brats in the splashing water, but after returning home, he hid in bed in obscurity and had a fever, and then provoked the most innocent and caring young man in the world to waste his family. My daughter-in-law felt so distressed that she wished I could feel the fever for her!

Yan Yu found that after she finished speaking, her little Xiangxiang remained silent. Yan Yu quietly lifted his little head from Teacher Xiao’s arms to expose his two eyes, and then let them peek at Xiao Xiang’s face. This glance didn’t matter, Xiao Yanyan found that his little Xiangxiang was staring at him with an unhappy face.

Yan Yu stared at Xiao Xiang with a guilty conscience. After blinking his eyes, he whispered to Xiao Xiang: “Xiao Xiangxiang, you are so beautiful when you are angry!”

As soon as Xiao Xiang heard Yan Yu’s pitiful and flattering remarks, all his anger was immediately gone. One thing brings another, this silly girl was born to defeat him.

Xiao Xiang sighed and said helplessly to Yan Yu: “Baby, you are already such a big person, you have to learn to take care of yourself. You will be a mother in the future. If you can’t even take care of yourself, how can you take care of our little one?” Baby!”

Yan Yu sniffed and murmured softly: “I’m just learning to take care of a child today. It’s so tiring to take care of a child! Let’s have beautiful little girls in the future, don’t be stinky! She’s so naughty!”

Xiao Xiang was completely speechless.

Okay, let’s just let her be a daughter. She can be put together with his wife and they can be raised together as sisters!

After Xiao Xiang gave Yan Yu antipyretic medicine, he hugged her and lay on the bed to sleep together. In the middle of the night, Xiao Xiang woke up Yan Yu from the boiling heat all over his body.

Xiao Xiang took out a thermometer to measure Yan Yu’s temperature and found that it was higher than before going to bed. Xiao Xiang panicked a little. He felt that it would be better to let his sweetheart get sick than to let him get sick.

Xiao Xiang woke up Yan Yu and asked her if she felt uncomfortable; Yan Yu had no energy to reply and was as wilted as a tender eggplant that had been hit by a big hailstone. Xiao Xiang felt his heart break when he saw that the monkey spirit that usually looked like a chicken blood was wilted like this. He quickly stood up and dressed Yan Yu. He also changed his coat as quickly as possible and then picked him up. Yan Yu planned to go to the hospital to get a hanging bottle.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor on duty told Xiao Xiang that luckily Yan Yu would come tonight and it would definitely turn into pneumonia by tomorrow morning.

Xiao Xiang took a long breath and was terrified.

When Yan Yu was hanging the bottle, Xiao Xiang couldn’t bear to let her go and kept holding Xiao Yanyan in his arms. Sometimes he trimmed Yan Yu’s hair and bangs, sometimes he touched Xiao Yanyan’s hot face with distress, and sometimes he lovingly kissed Yan Yu’s hot forehead. Xiao Yanyan made Teacher Xiao smile silly and sweetly because of the pain. The two people’s amusement made the people next to them dumbfounded.

Near Yan Yu, there was also an elder sister hanging a bottle. The eldest sister asked Xiao Xiang with a smile: “Young man, are you two just in love? This is so greasy that it almost makes people lose their teeth!”

Yan Yu felt a little embarrassed for a rare moment, and hid his hot red head in Xiao Xiang’s arms. Xiao Xiang smiled politely and answered the eldest sister: “We are both almost seven years old. This is my wife. She was not very worry-free when she was a child, but she is still such a worry when she grows up!” Xiao Xiang said lovingly. He stroked Yan Yu’s head with his hand. The eldest sister sent Xiao Xiang into a semi-stupid state. She used the conservative view of love of a middle-aged person and did not dare to think about the problem of two children falling in love before all their teeth had grown. She felt that this universe was really magical. The couple, who had been married for almost seven years, looked like Tianshan Child Grandfather and Tianshan Child Grandfather!

Yan Yu was enjoying the gentle caress of Teacher Xiao’s big hands in Xiao Xiang’s arms when he suddenly heard a little boy yelling emotionally and not letting the nurse give him an injection.

As soon as Yan Yu heard the child’s wolf cry, he looked up from Xiao Xiang’s arms and followed the little boy’s voice as if he heard a ghost’s cry!

Sure enough it was him! The prodigal little bastard who played water gun with her this morning! Next to the little bastard was his father, Comrade Meng Jin, who looked helpless.

After Yan Yu saw this scene, he smiled carelessly, and said to Xiao Xiang with great joy and excitement: “Xiao Xiangxiang, look, look, look! I mean, that prodigal little bastard doesn’t get any advantage, right? Look, that’s right That kid! Didn’t he also come here to get acupuncture, hahaha!”

How can Xiao Xiang’s mood at this moment be expressed in words? It’s so confusing! Why did he let him catch up with such a unique silly wife?

Yan Yu no longer felt uncomfortable at this time, and shouted to the little boy over there who was playing against the nurse, struggling and refusing to get an injection: “Meng Doudou! You are so old and afraid of injections?”

, what a shame! “

Everyone in the room immediately looked at the crying little boy. After hearing Yan Yu’s call, the child Meng Doudou temporarily forgot about the struggle, and everyone in the room turned their heads to look for the source of the sound. After finally discovering Yan Yu, child Meng Doudou yelled at her: “Didn’t you say you would take me to KFC tonight? You’re a liar!” During this process, the nurse was already unaware of the ghost. The needle was inserted into the capillaries on the little hands and paws of Meng Doudou. After the injection, the nurse glanced at Yan Yu with great reverence. This is her benefactor! Without Yan Yu’s cry, she might not have known when she would be able to successfully inject the acupuncture into the annoying prodigal kid in front of her!

Li Yu started to be dumbfounded after hearing Xiao Doudou’s resentful questions. Why doesn’t she remember that she promised?

Xiao Xiang glanced at little Meng Doudou calmly, and then asked Yan Yu in his arms in a low voice: “How old is he?”

Yan Yu replied calmly: “About five or six years old. What’s wrong?”

Xiao Xiang said sourly: “Why do I feel that the way he looks at you makes you look like you are in your mid-twenties!”

Yan Yu smiled sweetly and said, “Xiao Xiangxiang, you are so beautiful!”

At this time, Xiao Doudou was yelling to his father on the other side: “Put me next to Yan Yu! She pinched me this morning, and I want it back!”

In the room full of people, those who were wearing infusion bottles felt as if they were going into shock; those who were not wearing instillation bottles were also holding on to the wall and thinking seriously: How about I get an injection too? It’s too exciting and I can’t stand it. ah!

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