Chapter 30 Sweet Thoughts

After Huo Yun’s interview ended, it was starting to get dark outside. Yan Yu called Xiao Xiang and told him that he would not go home for dinner at night, but would eat out with Huo Yun, then go back to school and then reverse the car home.

Before hanging up the phone, the extremely virtuous Teacher Xiao urged his beloved silly wife: “Baby, call me at the gate of the community, and I will go down to pick you up. It’s dark over there, so don’t come up by yourself, do you understand?”

So I saw classmate Yan Sleepy, after saying the three passionate words “You know?”, while hanging up the phone happily, he wished that the corners of his mouth could be pulled all the way to the big-eared girls on both sides (big ears) Northeast culture: that is, go to the bottom of the ear.

Huo Yun felt that it was time for the earth to explode. Taking this opportunity, human genes should be reorganized quickly to make all smart people stupid. The reason is that we have now reached an era where demons are in power, and the fate of healthy and good people is always much worse than that of the heartless Two Hundred and Five.

Huo Yun was also hired, but she was not as lucky as Yan Yu to be directly retained at the company headquarters. She was sent to a branch on the outskirts of the city to intern for a month.

Huo Yun was very angry about this. If it weren’t for Yan Yu’s comparison, this night would have been such a happy, starry and sleepless night for Dashou’s classmate! But Yan Yu’s special experience happened in front of her, which greatly stimulated her, so she felt that this chaotic night was not beautiful at all! This chaotic night definitely did not belong to her, but to an idiot named Yan Yu.

Huo Yun said to Yan Yu with a sad face: “Sleep, let me give you a test to test whether you have the common IQ of a normal person. What if I, in such a foggy night, persistently look up at the stars? ?Originally, the stars were squinting under the fog, and we were supposed to not be able to see them twinkling. But even so, I still persistently raised my head and looked at the starry sky. As a result, I could actually see twinkling lights. ! Let me ask you, why is this!”

Yan Yu thought about it seriously and said, “The fog will dissipate as soon as I look at it.”

Huo Yun’s face was filled with disdain, and he glanced sideways at Yan Yu and said, “With your intelligence, why should you be the one staying in the heartland, while I am the one stationed at the border! Sister, please open your eyes wide and look up. Look, the fog has cleared? Has it cleared? A little bit

Not even scattered! I tell you why I can see flashes of light, it’s because my eyes are filled with tears of sadness and despair! Those are my tears! It was because I was dejected that I was useless since I was born, and now only fools are favored! Sigh! Sigh! “

Yan Yu generously patted Huo Yun on the back to comfort her and said, “Dasheng, don’t get angry. In fact, my being hired has nothing to do with my IQ or anything like that. The key reason is that this eldest brother and I have known each other for a long time.”

When Huo Yun heard this, he felt like something was not quite right. This feels like saying, “Leader Hu and I know each other. He is on TV every day and I know him.” But does Leader Hu know you?

Huo Yun asked Yan Yu angrily: “Then how did you two know each other?”

Yan Yu replied seriously: “We met while watching a movie. He even bought me a bucket of popcorn.”

Huo Yun opened his mouth wide, held Yan Yu’s hand and shouted excitedly: “Sleep, I underestimated you! I always thought you were slow, stubborn, and didn’t understand the relationship between men and women, gender concepts and sexuality. Fuzzy concepts, showing a low-level idiot towards **

Looks a little cold! I now know I was wrong! I underestimated you! Sleepy, you finally have the consciousness to develop adultery! The progress of human civilization can finally advance to a new level without you holding it back! “

Yan Yu looked at Huo Yun in confusion and said to her with a puzzled expression: “Dashou, what are you talking about in this mess? What kind of adultery awakening? I didn’t watch the movie with my eldest brother and the two of us. You, Teacher Xiao, were You’re here too, what are you talking about?”

The fire cloud leaped into the sky with a startling jump, and then he roared loudly: “Oh my god! It’s a threesome! Sleep, you are a role model, you are a role model! This is a huge improvement! It’s too exciting and impulsive, I have to digest it Digestion!”

Yan Yu slapped Huo Yun on the top of her head and scolded her: “I told you, what’s in your head is all garbage! You should squeeze all the knowledge into your intestines to save it! I ask you, answer me seriously , tell me, what is 3p!”

Huoyun wanted to collapse. This tough girl doesn’t even know what 3P is, yet she dares to arbitrarily confirm that what she says is bad and bad. She is so courageous and knowledgeable!

Huo Yun salivated with an ambiguous and dirty smile.

She shouted loudly, “The so-called threesome…” While she was explaining carefully what a threesome was to the stupidly innocent classmate Yan Yu, a dark shadow began to loom slowly and slowly approach from the school gate not far ahead.

The distance between the erratic figure and the two people in the mist was shortening little by little: there are still ten meters… and seven meters… and five meters… and three meters… and one meter… and Yan Yu There is a state of zero meters between them.

This is purely a live-action countdown limited film.

It turned out that Teacher Xiao, an outstanding young man from a family, appeared in front of the two girls at the school gate like a god of war on a foggy night. Huo Yun looked embarrassed. The pronunciation of the p word in “so-called 3p” just now made her bite it loudly and loudly. She told Teacher Xiao, who was extremely handsome and elegant, by chewing her butt with great force. I must have heard her obscene remarks! Sweating profusely!

When Yan Yu was first pulled into Xiao Xiang’s arms, he was still in a state of slight dissociation and dementia due to the surprise of his lover’s sudden appearance. It wasn’t until Xiao Xiang asked her softly: “Baby, it’s foggy. Is it cold? Come and put on this coat.” Yan Yu realized that her wise husband had brought his coat in advance because he was afraid that she would be cold. Several people enter the community

Du went straight to the school to pick her up!

Yan Yu smiled so sweetly, and while putting on his jacket in cooperation, he cooed and said to Xiao Xiang, “Xiao Xiang, you are so beautiful!”

After Huo Yun heard the disgusting expressions of the two of them, he couldn’t bear it, held his stomach and screamed: “Oh my God!”

After Yan Yu heard such a pig-killing cry that completely destroyed the harmonious and passionate atmosphere, he turned to Huo Yun fiercely and asked, “What’s going on!”

Huoyun cooperated and timidly replied: “Stomach hurts!”

Yan Sleepy yelled: “Bear it!”

Teacher Xiao next to him said “Pfft” to the two of them: “Okay, you two should stop being poor and go back to your respective places to have a good rest. Ah, by the way, Huo Yun, if Yan Yu has a few p and a few p attacks in the future, If you know more about weak feelings, I will write a sentence on the graduation evaluation of you, Cui Min and Wang Shuangyan, saying that the celebrities at home and abroad that you three admire the most are Helen and Li Yinhe.”

After Teacher Xiao said these words with great sincerity, and then told Huo Yun an annoying “pay attention to safety”, he hugged his dearest idiot tightly and walked to the station… leaving behind a tight hug. Staring at the backs of classmates who wished they could be stacked together, Huo Yun stood motionless and said to himself with a face of sudden realization: This is definitely a threat from Guoguo!

After waking up, Huo Yun lowered her head and saw Yan Yu’s little scarf still being held in her hand. Huo Yun started the following conversation about the small scarf in his hand without even thinking about it:

Pooh! The person who weaved you is a big fool, you are a second fool, and the person you want to send out in the future is a very thoughtful fool! How can you fall in love with Yan Sleeping if you are not stupid!

Sure enough, it’s a lunatic from Mars…

After returning home, Yan Yu asked Xiao Xiang: “Why don’t you let me know what p is?”

Xiao Xiang replied seriously: “Even a good girl shouldn’t know.”

Yan Yu said confidently: “Huo Yun knows!”

Xiao Xiang replied seriously: “Baby, Huo Yun was born in the wrong fetus, she should be a boy. You are different, you are a beautiful pure girl, so you can’t learn those useless things, you know!”

Yan Yu happily agreed with a “yes”. This girl sweetly smacked her lover and said to her, “You are a beautiful pure girl.” She didn’t even think about whether Teacher Xiao’s theory of “you are not allowed to learn too much porn” was reasonable. A stupid daughter-in-law is easy to cheat.

Xiao Xiang asked Yan Yu: “Baby, you said you went for an interview in the afternoon, then what company did you interview with today?”

Yan Yu was a little excited and answered the question half-way: “Xiao Xiangxiang, did you know that the big brother who gave me popcorn that day was actually the head of the company I was interviewing for, and he was the one who interviewed me? , and he also allowed me to go to work tomorrow morning! He ate popcorn for free and also gave me a free job. This brother is really a good person!”


After hearing Yan Yu’s words, Xiang’s heart pounded for no reason.

Why did he feel that the eldest brother was so interested in his wife?

Xiao Xiang suppressed the uncomfortable feeling in his heart, reached out and pulled Yan Yu into his arms. After a few soft and greasy kisses, he asked seductively: “Baby, I want you to be on top today. Is it okay to do some attacking?”

Yan Yu was first stunned for several seconds by the incredible, dream-come-true, beautiful dream. Then after carefully digesting the content of Xiao Xiangxiang’s words, Yan Dagong began to scream with excitement, while Yelling, while sucking the saliva passionately, at the same time, she violently threw her handsome little boy, Xiao Xiangxiang…

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