Chapter 29 Was hired

What should be a bright and colorful picture in front of me: a building with bright and clean windows, handsome men in suits and white-collar beauties coming and going, a busy rhythm of phones ringing one after another, many young and dignified young girls sitting upright for interviews… And the weird girl Comrade Yan Yu who seriously ruins the beautiful scene.

Looking at her from the back, this girl should stand tall in the painting. She has long hair shawl, sitting upright and silent, slender and quiet. But there was a wall behind Yan Yu, so no one had the chance to make wrong sensory judgments from behind her.

But looking at this little girl from the front, she is dead. A song can accurately describe Huo Yun’s troubled state of mind at this moment:

Ali, Alibaba, Alibaba is a troubled young man…

Yes, this girl is so annoying! Huo Yun thought that Yan Yu was just talking, but he didn’t expect that Yan Xiaoniu was so innocent, so sincere, and soul-killing. She really did what she said. In the vast sea of ​​people waiting for the interview, this guy was like She is as calm as if she is in the deep mountains and old forests, and she doesn’t pay attention to the weird look that others give her, as if she is crazy from Mars.

, just sitting there with his head lowered, waving his little arms, knitting and knitting back and forth…

Yan Yu accompanied Huo Yun to the interview, and Huo Yun felt that he was really not nervous at all. All she cared about was feeling embarrassed! Huo Yun quietly moved away from where Yan Yu was sitting… just trying to pretend that he was not familiar with her at all. Seeing that he could successfully free up a place to sit alone, Yan Yu suddenly raised his head and said to Huo Yun: “Why are you so far away from me? I’m not afraid that someone will sit here later to separate us!”

Huo Yun sat back down next to Yan Yu with tears in his eyes, crying out to God and earth and my mother with all his heart!

Everyone in the audience, who doesn’t look here at this moment? Huo Yun really hated how he could let Yan Yu come to accompany her for the interview because he was so smart and so stupid! Why did you let her accompany you and let her bring her tattered ball of wool with you?

Just as Huo Yun was sighing, he heard a small restless sound starting from the crowd waiting for the interview. Huo Yun stretched his neck and took a look. The tears in his eyes immediately disappeared, and everything turned into green light!

The interview examiners have arrived and are leaving first.

The first person to be interviewed was the handsome, manly man!

Huo Yun excitedly pushed and pulled Yan Yu’s arm and kept saying: “Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, see if he’s handsome or not!”

Yan Yu let Huo Yun push and pull with great force and accidentally dropped several needles. Yan Yu was so angry that he raised his hand and slapped Huo Yun on the top of her head. While slapping her, he yelled at her and said, “You bastard, are you here for an interview or to see the male banker? Take a look. , I lost several needles, please pay me for it!”

Huo Yun covered his head, his face red and silent. Yan Yu was also careless. He was so focused on the painful injections that he lost. He didn’t notice that the entire audience was silent at this moment, and everyone was looking at her.

Yan Yu saw that Huo Yun’s head was covered by her so that she could not hit him. He simply stretched out a Xifeng finger and poked Huo Yun’s forehead in a demonic manner and said: “You unlucky child who is prodigal! You are making trouble for me. This afternoon’s work will be in vain, and all the work will be done this morning!”

Huo Yun’s face was so red, as if he had gone crazy while practicing some martial arts secrets, and steamed buns could appear all over him.

The white hot feeling when I had my head came out when I exhaled.

Yan Yu looked at Huo Yun’s half-cooked state and began to realize that something was not right in the atmosphere at this moment. She slowly turned her head and looked to the side. Then when he raised his head, he let out a muffled cry of “Ouch!” and leaned back. He was quite surprised!

Yan Yu smiled tremblingly and said tremblingly to the person who was looking down at her: “Brother…brother, what a coincidence that you can meet her here! Well, I’m here for an interview! No. , I’m here for an interview with my classmates! No! Hey, I don’t know what to say! Anyway, thank you for the popcorn last time! Hahahaha!”

The eldest brother who was looking down at her couldn’t hold it back and burst into laughter again.

It didn’t matter what he said, it shocked all the people walking behind him. You must know that the general manager is a notoriously serious stone carver during working hours!

The eldest brother stretched out his hand and pointed at Yan Yu, and then said calmly to the person behind him who looked like a secretary: “Let’s start the interview with her!”

The eldest brother led many followers into the conference room.

The secretary made a classic messenger pose, adjusting his glasses with one hand and holding a folder in the other. He said to Yan Yu expressionlessly, “Come in with me.”

Yan Yu pointed at his nose blankly, feeling at a loss. She didn’t want to find a job, her little Xiangxiang said, support her! Her only grand goal and pious wish now is to concentrate on being a Weaver Girl and focus on her scarf!

Huo Yun looked at Yan Yu’s stupid look and wished he could chop her into pieces and rearrange her to make a new Yan Yu, hoping that the new one would not be as heartless as the current one. Huo Yun pushed Yan Yu and said, “Go quickly! Why don’t you wait for the rain so that you can lie down on the window and tell people to put your clothes away quickly!”

As Yan Yu stood up and followed his secretary to the conference room, he didn’t forget to turn around and tell Huo Yun: Help me take care of my little towel!

Under the gazes of thousands of people who were either jealous, puzzled or contemptuous, Huo Yun, with shame and anger that he wanted to die, fiercely “poofed” at Yan Yu’s scarf and said:

“It’s all your fault!”

Another lunatic on Mars is born…

Yan Yu approached the conference room and took a look, oh, my dear, this is not an interview, this is simply a three-person trial!

Yan Yu walked to the chair in the middle of the room, pointed to the chair, raised his head and asked his secretary, “Is this prepared for me? Well, then I’ll sit down! Oh, no, I forgot to ask.” Then Yan Yu said in Just when he was about to sit down, he quickly stood at attention, and then said again seriously: “Good afternoon, leaders. My name is Yan Yu. It was this elder brother who asked me to come in for the interview first.”

Everyone had different thoughts and thought to themselves: I think you are here to make fun and cause trouble!

The secretary cleared her throat and said to Yan Yu: “Miss Yan, this is General Manager Meng Jin of our company, not the eldest brother.”

Yan Yu said innocently “Oh!” and sat down, then looked intently at the general manager sitting in the middle, feeling very thoughtful.

A little unexpectedly uneasy…and a little embarrassed and shy…I remember when I made a mistake and just ate popcorn, and didn’t pay for it in the end.

Yan Yu never thought that this popcorn brother would transform into someone as soon as he put on a suit. This was also the job of an elite in the workplace. It seems quite serious.

If Yan Yu knew that the “person” she was looking at someone’s car window and kicking hard on the front wheel of their car was also the eldest brother in front of her, she would probably have to force herself to faint immediately no matter what she thought of. fall!

General Manager Meng looked up at his secretary and said calmly: “Sit down. Let’s start the interview.”

The secretary’s expression was slightly startled, then he sat down obediently. She just had the feeling that when she defended the general manager, she seemed not to be welcomed by the general manager.

A person sitting next to Meng Jin was the first to ask Yan Yu: “Excuse me, is Miss Yan married? Does she have a boyfriend? How long after marriage do you plan to have children?”

When Yan Yu heard this question, his whole body

He was stunned for a moment, then answered stupidly: “No, I’m not married, I’m having sex with my boyfriend illegally. I can have a baby anytime. Is our company… in a hurry to promote baby products or something?”

The crowd…no, the people who were interviewing Yan Yu couldn’t help but want to laugh. The secretary also felt a little embarrassed. After coughing, he explained to Yan Yu: “It’s like this. Our company is about to expand its business and will be very busy. If Miss Yan wants to have a baby in a short time, it will involve maternity leave.” problem, then we will be short of manpower. So we will give priority to those who do not plan to have children in a short time.”

Yan Yu nodded slowly, and then said with a sincere face: “This question may not be useful. Everyone needs to know that you can say that you don’t want children in the short term. After you are hired, you can’t stop me if you want children.” live.”

The people watching Yan Yu were about to collapse. I don’t know how their manager Meng would be interested in such a dull beauty.

Comrade Meng Jin, who had been holding it in very hard but could not laugh, and was trying his best to maintain his usual solemn and condensed image, suddenly raised his head and asked: “Miss Yan, what do you know about our company?”

Yan Yu was dumbfounded. What do you know? Not at all! She wasn’t the one who originally wanted to come for the interview!

Yan Yu answered bravely: “Well, your company is very good. It is a listed company. It is responsible for… sales! Research and development! Export! Wait, work!”

Everyone had three black lines on their faces.

General Manager Meng’s Qi Luck Dantian forced his smile back and continued to ask seriously: “Miss Yan, which position are you interested in?”

Yan Yu answered directly without thinking: “Clerk, secretary, sales, administrative assistant, translator! They are all the positions I am fascinated by!”

Everyone’s face was covered with black lines!

Comrade General Manager Meng coughed twice in pain to hide his overwhelming smile.

Meng Jin decided not to ask. If you continue to ask questions, you will definitely suffer internal injuries. So Meng Jin said to Yan Yu: “You start working tomorrow at eight in the morning.

Report to human resources on time and they will tell you what you need to do next. “

Everyone was a little dizzy. The boss didn’t play by the rules again. But this time, this girl has been recruited by herself. She has a boyfriend and they are living together illegally. Doesn’t the boss want to be an older second master for other young people?

Yan Yu was also a little puzzled. Is it so easy for me to find a job?

When Yan Yu walked out of the conference room, he thought uneasily: This job is too easy, I won’t be struck by lightning…

The thunder did not strike her. But Huo Yun decided to kill her.

When Huo Yun knew that Yan Yu had easily let the best general manager stay, she roared at a loud volume in complete disbelief: “Yan Shuisui, I’m going to chop you up! You’re biting like this!” You gold medal rat, you took over my blind cat!”

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