Chapter 28 Interview with Huo Yun

In order to surprise her Xiang Langlang, Yan Yu asked her to knit a scarf, which was more secretive than a spy and more underground than an intelligence worker.

She followed Xiao Xiang to school on time every morning, obviously telling Teacher Xiao that she was going to the library to work on her thesis, but secretly she turned around and went back to the dormitory to work as a weaver girl. When Teacher Xiao got off work, she also finished work on time… Yan Yu actually created a miracle that could be called red rain from the sky… She actually knew that before leaving the dormitory, she had to clean the woolen foam on her body before leaving.

And every time Teacher Xiao asked her: “How did you do with your paper today? Have the tasks left for me been reduced?”

At this time, Yan Yu would always answer Teacher Xiao’s questions with a variety of expressions.

Or say affectionately: “Xiao Xiangxiang, you are so handsome today!”

Or helplessly say: “I’m so stupid! If you know how to do it, you still know how to do it, if you don’t know how to do it, you still won’t know how to do it; I still make as much as I made, and I still keep the same amount for you… …”

Or pretending to be stupid and saying: “Xiao Xiangxiang, look, there is a plane in the sky!”

The scoundrel said: “No! I have decided, and I will keep the rest for you blah blah blah!”

It’s quite silly for Yan Yu to say she’s stupid. It’s just her luck that saved her from being taken away by her two short-sighted and presbyopic elder brothers. However, it’s fair to say that she’s stupid. Sometimes she suddenly can A burst of energy comes up. For example, she has understood one thing, that is, no matter how much she Yan Yu can torment people, her little Xiangxiang will not talk about her; no matter what she says or does, little Xiangxiang will always die. She is pampered inside and loves her as much as she likes!

When Yan Yu was frantically knitting a century scarf in the dormitory, Huo Yun rushed in from outside the dormitory door like a derailed locomotive… rushed towards Yan Yu… it was too fierce and he couldn’t stop and rushed over… lying on the window sill. Stop on.

While panting heavily, Huo Yun walked back to Yan Yu from the window sill and said, “Sleep, I beg you to do something, you can say yes or no! Let’s continue to be together! No, we can’t break up our relationship! Hurry up and say yes or no! Hurry up and say yes or no! Say it! Say it

! “

Yan Yu was so shocked by Huo Yun’s loud voice that his ears almost buzzed. In order to block Huo Yun’s high-frequency vibrating vocal cords, Yan Yu quickly nodded his head like a woodpecker knocking on a tree and said, “It’s done! It’s done! It’s okay if you sell it to me! Just shut your mouth first and don’t make any sound. No matter what happens, it’s okay.” !”

As soon as Huo Yun heard Yan Yu agreed, he immediately smiled softly and flatteringly, then leaned next to Yan Yu’s legs and said with a smile like a little haba: “Sister, you are so beautiful! Sister, you are so ingenious! Sister, you You are so virtuous and gentle! Sister, calm down. I just praised you a few times and you were so excited that you dropped your pins. Can you still be successful? You idiot and ugly… Ah! Sister, I was wrong! I was talking about myself just now. ! Sister, it’s like this. You are indeed good-looking, clever, virtuous and gentle. It’s true! I’m lying to you. I’m a lunatic from Mars just like you! Sister, please come with me to the interview this afternoon. Why are you lacking in heart and lungs? You don’t even know how nervous I am, I can’t. I can’t help but tremble all over when I see a lot of people. If you can come with me this afternoon, I’ll feel better, okay? Sister, please go with me. Please, sister, have you promised me? sister……”

Yan Yu patted Huo Yun’s back and helped her calm down the tone that she almost missed, and said: “Dashou, are you going to apply for a job in the underwater world? This lung capacity is amazing! I have installed it in my lungs to pump up the bicycle. of

Like a trachea. If I don’t throw you into the sea and go to work, I feel sorry for your innate and otherworldly natural conditions! “

Huo Yun gasped and asked, “Did you agree or not?”

Yan Yu rolled his eyes at Huo Yun impatiently and said, “You kid, when did you become more annoying than our high school teacher? Go! But I tell you, I want to take my knitting project with me. Time is running out, and I have to try my best to not waste every day and night that I can. I have agreed, if you find it embarrassing, I will not go. “

Huo Yun nodded quickly and said: “Take it! Take it! You can take this! As long as you are willing to accompany me, not to mention taking your project with you, you are taking your adulterer and your adulterer’s ****?? What the fuck? Yes, I didn’t say anything, let’s all go together!”

Yan Yu followed Huo Yun’s words and thought in a roundabout way: My adulterer’s wife?? Then it’s still me! It sounds like several people said it, yeah!

Yan Yu asked Huo Yun which company he was interviewing at.

Said: “It is a very awesome listed company! It is responsible for sales, research and development, export, etc.”

Yan Yu wanted to take off his shoes again. She feels that almost half of the great companies in the country can use these few words to make a general summary.

Yan Yu asked Huo Yun again what position he was going to interview for. Huo Yun said: “This is the position I am very excited about! Clerk, secretary, sales, administrative assistant, translator!”

Yan Yu didn’t want to go with this girl. Unreliable. Comrade Huo Dasheng basically mentioned all the tasks that female humans are good at and can do. It is also worth mentioning that Huo Yun very wisely ranked the translator job that they should do after graduating from their major. This child’s four years of college were not in vain! I haven’t forgotten that I can do translation! Her parents can be content!

Yan Yu asked Huo Yun what you were nervous about, wasn’t it just the interview? What was there about you that was so silly and fun, wasn’t it a listed company.

Huo Yun said: “As a woman raised by a man, you know what it means to have a hard life! I am nervous because the treatment given by this company is so good! But it is

The central figure in our interview, the manager, looked extremely serious and intimidating. I was worried that I would not perform well when I saw him. As for silly music, Gaga, why should I worry that I won’t perform well? Because in the face of beauty, who doesn’t feel anxious? Who doesn’t have shit in his head? Whose saliva doesn’t flow in strands? ah! Why did you hit me? “

Yan Yu felt like he was about to collapse. She ordered Huo Yun to get to the point and not go around in circles talking about a stranger she didn’t know.

Huo Yun then said sternly: “Sister Sleepy, I’m serious, you might as well give it a try. They are recruiting people for several positions. You have nothing to do anyway, so just go ahead and risk it. Just in case. During the interview, you may not be able to name a manager or a high-ranking official, but he could accidentally turn into a dead rat like you, a blind cat. Then you will get an advantage, right? Let me tell you, the chief interviewer , it really tastes great! I saw it this morning when I went to that company to collect information in person. It smells so masculine! It makes me, an innocent sister who has always been fascinated by Mr. Shota, even endure it. I can’t help but fall in love with such a masculine and beautiful man like him! Sleep, you know? The moment I saw him, he made me feel like I have grown up!”

Yan Yu couldn’t bear to say anything anymore. Take off your shoes. Skip! Work hard!

Such a disgusting master, how can he kill one of them and end up in peace!

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