Chapter 27 Become the best female banker

It’s Xiao Xiang’s birthday in more than ten days. Ever since Yan Yu bought a couple’s sweater with Xiao Xiang, she has developed an indescribable love for knitted wool, so she made a special decision to give it to Xiao Xiang. Knit a sweater as a birthday present. If you talk about it carefully, it should be like this:

On a bright and sunny day in autumn, Xiao Yanyan suddenly discovered that her lover was born more than ten days later in his early twenties; Xiao Yanyan thought that she must give her husband a good gift to make him feel sweeter. It’s still sweet, so that I can have the opportunity to get high on the other side of the attack that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Xiao Yanyan thought and thought and finally decided to give Xiang Langlang a sweater she knitted, and then she thought of Wang Shuangyan, who could knit sweaters. So Xiao Yanyan rushed back to the dormitory as fast as the wind and lightning. She walked up to classmate Xiao Wang with excitement and excitement, and her sweet and flattering smile was already spread all over her face before she opened her mouth. She stepped forward and took Yanyan’s hand and spoke with enthusiasm…

I just heard the little girl ask sweetly: “Sister Yan, I want to knit a sweater for your brother Xiang, please teach me how to stitch!”

Wang Shuangyan raised her eyes lightly and replied calmly: “Sister Bie Yan, pick Brother Xiang up as soon as she finished speaking.

Brother, it’s as if your old man and I are a couple. How many days do you plan to finish your work? “

Yan Yu said firmly and confidently: “I don’t have high requirements. It will take about ten days to finish the weaving.”

After Wang Shuangyan listened to Yan Yu’s words, she threw Yan Yu’s hands and paws aside expressionlessly, then turned to Huo Yun and Cui Min and asked: “Hey, you two, heard that we were sleeping with ancestors.

Did you say anything? Quickly see if I heard correctly! Did she just say that she wanted to spend ten days knitting a sweater, but then she felt that this time was actually quite boring (s1o1y)? “

Huo Yun turned his head to Yan Yu, and said with a plain face: “Ancestor Sleepy, don’t come back every eight hundred years. After practicing the long-lasting scriptures for thousands of years, you will die just once.” Lei, can we do it? It’s only ten days to knit a sweater. I think as long as you can knit a sweater collar, you’re already pretty good!”

Yan Yu answered Huo Yun with an extremely serious expression: “Dashou, you are wrong. I will definitely be ahead of this schedule. Because what I plan to knit is a sweater without a collar. Thank you!”

Cui Min answered the call

Said: “Sleep, not everything in the world is beautiful. You have to take into account your own natural factors of stupidity. Maybe others are so naive that they will not eat or sleep for ten days.” In addition, her boyfriend has an advantage in congenital conditions and is thin and small. Maybe this woman can hope to knit a beautiful sweater in ten days; but you are not Huizhilan Xin, you are You don’t care at all. Don’t say you can knit a sweater in ten days. If you can figure out the needle in ten days, you have already exceeded the limits of human imagination.”

Yan Yu finally understood. What these three fairies actually meant was: if others can’t finish knitting a sweater in ten days, you can’t; if others can finish knitting, you still can’t!

Yan Yu thought for a while and then asked: “You said, if you can’t knit a sweater, what should I be able to knit in these ten days?”

Huo Yun seemed to think about it very seriously, and then said: “Scarf? I don’t know, I have never knitted such a simple thing.”

Yan Yu asked in surprise: “You know how to knit with a big voice?”

Huoyun looked calm

He continued: “…and I have never knitted anything more complicated.”

Yan Yu took off a shoe from his foot and flew towards Huo Yun without thinking.

Yan Yu turned his expectant gaze to Cui Min with one bare foot. Cui Min answered seriously: “Why don’t you knit a mask? The scarf is too long and it’s just for covering your face anyway. It would be easier to knit a mask.”

Yan Yu asked in surprise for the second time: “Are masks also made of wool?”

Cui Min replied calmly: “No. But Yan A-Gump, apart from a mask, I really don’t know what else to use to accurately identify your extremely limited abilities and wisdom.”

Yan Yushun quickly took off the other shoe from his feet, and “swooshed” it flew towards Cui Min’s face.

Yan Yu stood on the stool and placed all his last hopes on the reincarnation of the spider spirit in Pansi Cave, the Weaving King.

Yan Yu asked Wang Shuangyan with infinite emotion: “Sister Yan, you and I are really

Let me tell you, what can I knit in ten days? “

Wang Shuangyan didn’t even want to raise her head, but she was lying on her chest and said two words: “Shoelaces.”

Yan Yu took off his socks this time.

Yan Yu later decided to knit a scarf.

Yan Yu first went out and bought thread, then stayed in the dormitory and let Wang Shuangyan teach her the easiest knitting method.

Seeing Yan Yu transform into the Weaver Girl, the three lecherous monsters thought with infinite emotion, the power of love is indeed great! In their impression, Comrade Yan Sleepy was a little more honest when she was lying on the bed and sleeping (that would only be considered honest if she ignored her unconscious gestures in her sleep), but they had never seen her the rest of the time. She could sit for a whole afternoon and just concentrate on one thing.

Huo Yun felt that the eighth miracle of the world had happened, and she decided to interview the creator of the miracle.

Huo Yun asked Yan Yu: “Sleep, what does love feel like?”

Yan Yu happily replied while knitting: “The taste of love is the smell of the toilet! There is someone who can not smell the smell even when you have diarrhea, squat with you, stay with you, and persist with you until the end of the world!”

Huo Yun said the word “dirty” affectionately while fiercely returning Yan Yu’s shoe to her.

Cui Min curled her lips and said: “This girl who is in love can disgust people! It’s really becoming more and more unbearable. Let’s just say that my sister didn’t like to wash her hands before, but she still won’t have a bad stomach. This word is so naked… Naked… Naked, it’s called diarrhea!” Cui Min sighed and then asked: “Yan Suisui, let me ask you, when you are at your house, do you do housework well and diligently or not? Is your cooking skill acceptable? Are you caring enough for your man? Are your kung fu enough to stabilize your heart?”

Yan Yu asked Cui Dahun to ask the last question, and he almost broke the bamboo needle in his hand! Yan Yu raised his head and squinted his eyes, and replied to Cui Min with a groan: “He does the housework for me, good; he does the food for me.”

Do it, it’s very good;** Let’s do it together, it’s very good! “

Cui Min said the word “dirty” affectionately while fiercely giving Yan Yu’s other shoe back to her.

Wang Shuangyan finally made concluding remarks. She said to Yan Yu: “Sleep, don’t think that with a crooked scarf that flaunts your low-level IQ, you can win over our best teacher Xiao to be your house slave and food slave for the rest of your life without any regrets.” Bed slave! As a female banker, do you know what the female banker’s bounden duty is?”

Yan Yu answered seriously: “Sleep with your husband, give birth to a baby for your husband, feed the baby, and raise the baby.”

Wang Shuangyan said the word “animal” affectionately while fiercely returning Yan Yu’s socks to her.

Wang Shuangyan calmed down, stabilized her emotions, and then educated Yan Yu and said, “Sleep, you must listen carefully to my heartfelt words. Listen, let me tell you what the best female silver is. If you want to become the best female sex worker, you must do the following four things: When you go to bed, you are a woman who destroys your soul and erodes your bones.

Silver Demon, a tireless housekeeper when she gets out of bed, a noble lady in front of the hall that everyone admires, and a good model worker in the kitchen who cooks delicious meals. Can you understand it? “

Yan Yu said with a playful smile: “What you mentioned happened to be done by Teacher Xiao in my family. He did a good job and I am very satisfied!”

Wang Shuangyan stared blankly at Yan Yu’s unbeatable smile, and said a sentence with an ashen face: “The world has been turned upside down, fresh bread… I eat it every morning, and people everywhere on the street have begun to bite dogs, Yan Yu You put flowers in cow dung!”

Yan Yu returned home at night, thought about what the three goblins said during the day, and decided to try to be the best female silver again.

So when Xiao Xiang was cleaning up the room, Yan Yu followed Teacher Xiao hurriedly behind him. Xiao Xiang stretched out his hand and pulled Xiao Yanzi to the side and said, “Go, don’t make trouble, go watch TV by yourself first, don’t worry, I will go to accompany you as soon as I finish it.” Xiao Xianfu thought that Yan Yu was lonely and looking for him to accompany him.

Then when Xiao Xiang was cooking, Yan Yu stood beside him and helped.

Passing oil and salt, tinkering closely. Xiao Xiang stretched out his hand again and waited. I know you are hungry and you will eat it soon. Don’t worry. “Xiao Xianfu thought that Yu was hungry and anxiously waiting for food.

Then it was time to go to bed, and when Yan Yu was unbuttoning Xiao Xiang and pulling on his belt, Xiao Xianfu finally felt that something was not right with his girl today.

Xiao Xiang held down Yan Yu’s little hands and paws, which were busy talking in a disorganized manner, and asked her: “Baby, you seem to have something wrong today, your behavior is abnormal, what’s going on? Come, report your personal thoughts to Teacher Xiao before going to bed. “

Yan Yu vividly repeated the words of the three goblins, and then said to Xiao Xiang: “That’s right. I don’t do anything in our house. I am like a rice insect and make no contribution to life. No, no, no, starting from tomorrow. Let me cook, wash, clean the house, and serve your lover! I have to let you know that I am the best!”

Xiao Xiang pinched Yan Yu’s face and said with a doting look on his face: “How silly! Your master Xiang should be willing to take care of Xiao Yanzi’s life! You don’t need to be a housekeeper and a good model worker. Now, let me Teacher Xiao, please check how you have done with the female silver demon!”

After Xiao Yanzi heard Xiao Xiangxiang’s words, “Your master Xiang should be willing to take care of Xiao Yanzi’s fate,” Xiao Yanzi felt sweet in his heart. If there was a mouth on his belly, Yan Yu would definitely be able to do it in this free time. A belly full of cavities came out!

Yan Yu smiled so brightly that his face looked like a flowered steamed bun, and then, soft and sweet, he said to Teacher Xiao, who was poised like an arrow in the string and waiting for everything to be ready, just waiting to enter the base: ” Xiao Xiangxiang, my aunt seems to be pinching me again!”

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