Chapter 25 Kicked someone else’s car 

After the movie ended, when Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang walked out of the movie, the sky outside unexpectedly changed, and the wind howled loudly, making it very exciting. Yan Yu’s long hair was blown wildly in all directions by the messy wind.

While Yan Yu desperately saved his tangled long hair from the air with his hands, he opened his mouth wide and said loudly to Xiao Xiang: “Xiao Xiangxiang, can you follow the different directions of the hair on my head?” Are you sure what direction this wind is blowing from? I think this is really an east-west, north-south wind. It blows in any direction. The wind is blowing so strangely. Let me analyze it. It must be somewhere in the land of China. Injustice!”

While Xiao Xiang helped Yan Yu straighten her hair, he led her to a parking area on the side of the road, and replied loudly: “Silly girl, shut up and stop talking. Don’t worry if the wind blows too much and you go back to have diarrhea at night.” “

Yan Yu chuckled and replied: “If you have diarrhea, just go to the toilet with me and smell it, hehe!”

Xiao Xiang pulled Yan Yu to a place with less wind and stood there, then started to eat from the remaining half of the convenience bag.

I dug hard inside, dug, dug, dug.

Yan Yu looked at Xiao Xiang’s weird behavior and said in confusion: “Xiao Xiangxiang, I’m not hungry, so don’t eat. You don’t even let me talk in such a strong wind. Why are you still giving me something to eat?”

Xiao Xiang gave Yan Yu a contemptuous look similar to “what do you know?” and then said: “Stand still, shut up and take less trouble, and don’t cause trouble for your master!”

Yan Yu made a “chee” sound and said, “Xiao Xiangxiang, is it possible that you still want to take me here to experience eating the strong wind and sleeping on the earth?”

Xiao Xiang pulled out another small bag from the bag and said to Yan Yu: “That’s called dining in the open air. Silly wife, you can explain it in four words, why do you have to say six words if you don’t feel tired?”

Yan Yu looked at the small bag in Xiao Xiang’s hand with wide eyes and asked curiously: “What is this? It looks quite soft. Is it particularly delicious?”

Xiao Xiang poked Yan Yu’s forehead with his head in a funny way and said, “Silly, you just know how to eat! I just said you wouldn’t eat here. This is a hat, come on

, bring it with you to avoid blowing your hair like a mop. “

Xiao Xiang took out a white girl’s hat with a brim from the bag. There was a particularly shiny row of small diamonds on the brim. Yan Yu’s big eyes became as bright as a hungry wolf when she saw the hat. She couldn’t wait to take the hat from Xiao Xiang’s hand and said with a proud smile: “Wow! Beautiful! Take me with you. This hat on your head is definitely more beautiful! Xiao Xiangxiang, where did you get it from? Could it be that the big plastic bag in your hand is the legendary magic bag? Hahaha!”

Xiao Xiang helped Yan Yu straighten her hair and put her hat on and said, “It started to get windy when I came out to buy snacks for you. I was afraid that the wind would get stronger when we came out, so I just bought some on the way. I’m wearing a hat. Come, let me see what my wife looks like wearing this hat! Tsk, tsk, you’re so handsome! No, how beautiful are you? I mean, this hat is so handsome!”

With a bright and sweet smile on his face, Yan Yu patted Xiao Xiang’s shoulder and said, “Go ahead and talk nonsense! It’s obvious that I am good-looking! You are so shy that even your own girlfriend is embarrassed to praise you, haha!”

After Yan Yu finished speaking, he pulled Xiao Xiang aside forcefully, and then lay down in front of a car parked in front of them.

She pressed her head against the car window and took photos here and there, turning her head like a rattle to take photos here and there. While taking photos, she made herself look unattractive, shouting loudly. Xiao Xiang said: “Xiao Xiangxiang, look, look, how beautiful the girl above is! Ah! So beautiful, so beautiful! So beautiful, so beautiful!”

Xiao Xiang chuckled and pulled Yan Yu up and said, “Okay, ancestor, don’t take the photo. You’re not afraid that someone in the car is looking at you and enjoying yourself.”

Yan Yu turned his head and glanced at the dark car window, then frowned and said, “No way? How about I personally confirm if there is anyone here!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yan Yu took a picture His face moved towards the car window at an extremely fast speed, and then, miraculously, it stopped abruptly when the distance was only 0.01 millimeter. Then, he glared hard at the car window with his two big eyes. Look… look… look… Then, he raised his head and said to Xiao Xiang with a pained expression: “My head hurts! This glass is so weird, I can’t see anything, I can’t say anything, and I’m even looking at myself.” !”

Xiao Xiang was so amused by Yan Yu’s innocent and silly look that he pulled Yan Yu into his arms and kissed her hard, saying, “Look at how stupid my wife is, what should I do? Let’s go. Go home, Master Xiang, and get some nutritious food for you to replenish!”

Yan Yu followed Xiao Xiang and walked home. When he reached the wheel of the car in front of him without giving up, he raised his foot and kicked it hard.

Xiao Xiang was just holding Yan Yu and walking forward, but Yan Yu’s sudden kick made him stunned. He lowered his head and asked Yan Yu in confusion, “Silly girl, are you doing this again?” What kind of disease do you have!”

Yan Yu tilted his head and looked at Xiao Xiang with a reasonable face and said, “I just want to kick the car to see if it makes any noise. If it does, doesn’t it mean that there is no one in the car!”

After Xiao Xiang heard Yan Yu’s words, a dull expression that was worse than dead water immediately appeared on his face and said: “Xiao Yanzi, your kick just now was quite cruel. However, the car didn’t make a sound. Sister, why do you think this is? Woolen cloth?”

Yan Yu opened his mouth wide and shouted “Yeah!”, took Xiao Xiang’s hand and started running as fast as he could, running as hard as if he was being chased by a ghost while shouting to Xiao Xiang: “Oh my God! Car!” There’s someone in there! Let’s run and don’t look back! Don’t let the people in the car remember what we look like! Ah, ah! How embarrassing…ahhhh!”

Xiao Xiang shook his head helplessly and amusedly while following his silly wife as he ran forward, thinking that this little silly girl could always make others emotional and perform several hilarious sitcoms of Xiao Yan’s grassroots series every day. It’s really a pleasant and pleasant place to be!

In the big car left behind by Yan Yu and Xiao Xiang, a very familiar elder brother was already lying on the steering wheel, laughing so hard that his whole body twitched. The eldest brother feels that it is true that he has seen a lot of fun people in his short life, but he has never met anyone as fun as this silly girl today. So interesting! So entertaining! Taibai shows even whiter, which is called Bailibai for short!

The eldest brother wiped the touching tears from the corner of his eyes with a tissue, and summed up two words about the classmate Yan Yu who accidentally met in the vast sea of ​​​​people in the world: Weird!

When he was sleeping soundly in the middle of the night, Xiao Xiang suddenly woke up. Then he turned his head and saw Yan Yu lying next to him staring at him pitifully with his big eyes open. Xiao Xiang understood a little bit. He was staring at the girl next to him with her wolf-like hungry eyes.

Xiao Xiang kissed Yan Yu’s cheek tenderly and said knowingly, “What’s wrong, baby? Why don’t you sleep?”

Yan Yu curled his lips and said aggrievedly: “Xiao Xiangxiang, I’m hungry! I can’t sleep!”

Xiao Xiang laughed softly. He thought Yan Yu’s greedy look was so cute.

Xiao Xiang said with a smile: “Then why did you disobey me when I asked you to eat some food before going to bed? Now you know that you are so hungry that you can’t sleep!”

Yan Yu muttered with a face full of anger: “You have the nerve to say that! It’s you who insists on taking a bath with me. You don’t even wash yourself properly in the bath, but you know how to act like a gangster and you’re still a role model! Huh! Shame on you! And then, you still act like a gangster and still act like a role model!” To act like a one-way gangster, you have to attack! You can’t let me attack once! Me! Me! I’ll let you finish the attack and you’ll be exhausted. You just want to sleep, so what else can you eat!”

Xiao Xiang laughed happily, stretched out his finger and scratched Yan Yu’s nose and said lovingly: “What a fool! That’s why your man is acting like a gangster to you because he likes you!” Yan Yu twitched his nose and said: “Then, uncle, I like you too, please give me some food.

,I’m hungry! I’m hungry! I’m hungry! “

Xiao Xiang said “hypocritical girl” as he got out of bed, turned on the light and went to the kitchen to heat up rice for Yan Xiaoniu.

After the meal was heated, Xiao Xiang asked Yan Yu while eating with her: “Baby, have you finished your thesis?”

Yan Yu chewed the rice grains in his mouth to his heart’s content, and replied with his teeth and tongues clashing wildly: “I’ve done what I know how to do, but I’ve left some empty ones for you if I can’t.”

Xiao Xiang raised his eyebrows and asked, “Am I going to university, or are you going to university? Should I graduate, or should you graduate?”

Yan Yu raised his head from his rice bowl and answered confidently: “So, am I my wife or your wife? If you don’t help your wife, whose wife will you help?”

Xiao Xiang was happy, caressing the top of Yan Yu’s head lovingly and said, “My stupid wife has become smarter today! From now on, I should starve you, and you will become smarter when you are hungry. When you are full, you will become a little stupid pig!”

Yan Yu “cut” one piece

After making a sound, he buried his face in his rice bowl again. Xiao Xiang thought for a moment and then asked: “Baby, it’s time for all of you in this class to find a job, right? Have you decided what kind of job you want to find? Do you want to go home or stay here?”

Yan Yu revealed his big eyes from his rice bowl and blinked at Xiao Xiang, then raised his head and said with a guilty conscience: “Hehe! I haven’t thought about it yet! Hehe! How about you give me some advice and point it out? Point out the direction, I will follow the direction given by Teacher Xiao and think about it further, hehe!”

Xiao Xiang said with a tender face: “Baby, why don’t we do this? We will stay here and not go home. We will get married when you graduate, and then we will take your parents over after you stabilize. Anyway, they Both of them can open clinics anywhere. I only signed a contract with the school for one year. I originally wanted to accompany you. After a year, I may join the diplomatic service. By then, the money I earn will definitely be enough for our family. , so you can just find an easier job, and you won’t be asked to make money to support your family. You can just find a job that you are happy to do. If you can’t find it, it’s no big deal. Your husband will support you!”

Yan Yu looked at Xiao Xiang with excitement, shouted “Xiao Xiangxiang” in a delicate voice, put down the bowl and chopsticks, and flew into the handsome boy’s arms as if he was about to cry, and then hugged the handsome boy with both hands. The neck is crooked and said

: “You must like me very much, right? I can feel that you are spoiling me this time! Xiao Xiangxiang, you have spoiled me so much, just let me fight back, okay? I Be on top, on top, on top…”

Xiao Xiang was once again confused by Yan Yu’s off-line dialogue without any room for change. He felt that according to normal human thinking, at this moment, his girl should say to him tenderly:

“Xiang, you are so kind!”

Or: “Xiang, you are so kind to others!”

Or: “Xiang, why are you so nice to others!”

Then he had the chance to reply more tenderly:

“I love you!”

Or: “I love you so much!”

Or: “Because I really, really love you!” (Damn, the author feels a little sick at the moment!)

However, why did he forget that the direction of development of anything related to Yan Yu has never been within the scope of normal human thinking!

Xiao Xiang looked down at the baby bump in his arms, feeling a little mixed in his heart. These three words “I love you”, he couldn’t say anything. His wife is so talented. In a tender atmosphere where she was so affectionate that she could say “I love you”, she was able to come up with such an unexpected and non-classic dialogue! This is true for all mankind, all society, and eight hundred generations of ancestors and descendants:

Turning around and looking back, I saw no one like me before;

Look hard and see, no one will come after you!

Among the many magical species in the universe, only she, a silly girl like Yan Yu, could do such a shocking thing!

Xiao Xiang held Yan Yu’s shoulders tightly with both hands, looked at Yan Yu’s face affectionately, and then said to Yan Yu in a voice so gentle that it could kill people: “Baby, why are you getting so much on your face after eating a meal?” Rice grains?”

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